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Photo of the Day: Double Bacon Bomb from Sliders in Mahwah, NJ

I'm not sure where the origin of the name "Sliders" comes from. I've seen the word "Slyders" (with a y) used in marketing material from White Castle. It was always an unofficial word when used to describe picking up a bag of White Castles. "Let's go get some Sliders" etc. The grease to meat/bun ratio allowed them to slide down your throat, at least that was the implication.

White Castle was the first chain to use the specific form factor that Kuban describes as what the "Slider" archetype is. Then Krystal started to do it.

The Jersey "Slider" is a more substantial burger. Hence places like White Manna and Sliders. I prefer to use the term "Belly Bomb" for this type of a small burger.

Photo of the Day: Double Bacon Bomb from Sliders in Mahwah, NJ

But I didn't call them Sliders. I called them Bacon Bombs. The "Restaurant" is called Sliders.

Photo of the Day: Double Bacon Bomb from Sliders in Mahwah, NJ

Oh let's not get too hung up on terminology. Slider, "Small Bacon Double Cheeseburger", what's the difference? Who has codified what a "Slider" is anyway? As long as they taste good.

White Castle sold/sells the "original" Sliders and they have doubles and had bacon doubles from time to time.

'Foie You' Sandwich from Picnic Caterers in New Jersey


Christine wanted me to tell everyone that the Foie You will be available for Friday pickup if you place orders by noon tomorrow.

Picnic will offer the sandwich weekly via special order until demand subsides.

Burger King Burger Shots

Didn't they market these as "Burger Buddies" in the late 80s?

How Long Would the Large Hadron Collider Take to Defrost a Pizza?

Adam, if you fired the LHC proton beam into a pizza target, not only would it be defrosted in those nanoseconds, but it would be annihilated. Which wouldn't be a far cry from what Domino's produces on a daily basis in terms of culinary merit.

Blogwatch: Jason Perlow's Carolinas 'Cue Binge

I'm actually in RTP this week taking a training course. However, I'll probably end up at Ed Mitchell's tomorrow.

I've heard a lot of varying opinions on Bullocks, but most universally say Allen & Son is better.

Blogwatch: Jason Perlow's Carolinas 'Cue Binge

I may have been exaggerating things just a tad for comic effect, but I will say this, racism still exists in the South, and particularly in Columbia. Yes, there are many progressive people in Columbia, its a university town, but its moments like these where you get a major shiver down your spine:

This is a rail car which is permanently sitting next to the famous Adluh Flour plant in downtown Columbia, which is right off of the trendy historic "Vista" area where all the trendy bars and restaurants are in all the restored brick buildings, some of which date back to the Civil War Period. The Publix supermarket which is only a few blocks away is actually the fomer site of the Confederate Printing Press. The graffiti that is on this rail car might not be immediately recognizable to everyone, but those are the "White Knight" symbols of the Ku Klux Klan. Needless to say I was a bit freaked out when I saw this when walking around the corner to the local overpriced "Stuff on the wall" TGI Fridays clone.

Blogwatch: Jason Perlow's Carolinas 'Cue Binge

Obviously, the post has touched a chord with certain types of people. Here's a sample comment that I just received:

"Your snide, New York remarks about the South and the Southern people make me sick.

You don't like the South, the food, the Southern people and their opinions? Then keep your New Yawk, Jewish ass at home.

No one needs you and your type in the South, believe me!"

Blogwatch: Jason Perlow's Carolinas 'Cue Binge

Cod: You didn't see the two huge 300 pound plus good 'ol boy cops from the SC correctional system that were staring at me as I photographed the place. I got in and out of that place so fast you have no idea.

Blogwatch: Jason Perlow's Carolinas 'Cue Binge

In regards to the overcooked green beans... Yes, I know that's how they cook them, throughout the South and the Mediterranean. But I have been to southern restaruants where they DID NOT overcook the green beans, and I like them with a bit of life left in them. Case in point, the very excellent JCT Kitchen in Atlanta:

Blogwatch: Jason Perlow Is Smokin'

I do want to add a couple of other comments here. You will notice that on the Home Depot site, the product has a particularly low rating. This is largely because most people think that a smoker is like a toaster, in that you throw meat into it and expect it to come out perfectly cooked and smoked without having to babysit it. Barbecue is not an automatic process -- you need to monitor your meat every 15 minutes or so and make sure you are maintaining temperature. You have to stoke the charcoals every so often and add new charcoals as needed. You will need to add new wood chips every hour if you want a strong smoky flavor. You also need to use more of them than you think you do. For 3 hour smoke, you are going to go thru 5 to 8lbs of charcoal if you are using Kingsfords. You will use less if you are using lump charcoal. Also, the basic Brinkmann has ventilation issues in the charcoal bowl, so you will want to drill a whole bunch of holes in it and get a small baking sheet to catch ashes on the bottom. I also recommend you get yourself a chimney starter, because otherwise you are going to use a lot of lighter fluid.

If you can put up with these issues, the Brinkmann is a great starter smoker. Its definitely on the low end of smokers. For about three or four times the price, you can get a Weber Smoky Mountain (the "bullet") and not have to babysit it so much.

But you won't necessarily get better results in terms of the end product.

Blogwatch: Jason Perlow Is Smokin'

Actually, I looked over the receipt and I spend $59 on the smoker and $15 on charcoal and lighter fluid.

The smoker is listed online at $59.

In Videos: Celebrating July Fourth on 'Star Trek'

Which is by the way the WORST. STAR TREK. EPISODE. EVER.

Next to Spock's Brain, that is.

Chicken Noodle Soup Fails! Advice?

The chicken that you use to make the stock should not be the chicken in the end product. For soup, you primarily should use carcasses and stuff like extra wings and bones to produce the gelatin and heavy flavor of the broth. Whatever chicken is in the stock should be discarded or fed to the dogs.

I would then poach some chicken breasts or brine some chickens and roast them, then chop up the meat and put that in the soup.

Kosher Cheeseburger: Sacrilicious or Sacrilegious?

As to the "appearances" issue -- also referred to the "mar'it ayin " in the Talmud:

Bac-O's are certified by the Orthodox Union. Nobody passing by an orthodox jew eating in a kosher restaurant with a kosher salad bar stocking Bac-O's are ever going to confuse someone with eating real bacon. Same with using Soy protein on top of a burger. You can call it a cheeseburger, but it ain't.

I say they put Bac-O's or Turkey Bacon on top of the Soy Cheese and the burger and go for the triple whammy, the Kosher Bacon Cheeseburger.

Robert Irvine Fired from the Food Network

I'll tell you who I think should replace him -- Michael Lomonaco. Nobody is more personable and "real" than Michael.

What's Your Best Boeuf Bourguignonne?

The one from the Les Halles cookbook. That is THE classic.

Best of the pressed- favourite olive oils?

If you can afford it, I am very partial to the oils sold by Jim Dixon at the Real Good Food website:

Dixon is a boutique olive oil importer, I am especially fond of the Bettini which is an organic olive oil from Umbria, which is a very fruity and peppery oil.

Happy Valentine's Day, AHT Style

Yeah, I reset the timestamp this weekend. That breaks posts on WordPress.

Sadly, Rachel and I can't do White Castle anymore. We're on a health kick. These days, if we are doing burgers, we do stuff like this:


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