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  • Location: California
  • Favorite foods: I loooooove rice. and all pastas. add chicken to it and i'm set. I'm open to try anything once though...

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California Travel Suggestions

Where are you from? For sure take the 101 down Cali then get on the Pacific Coast Highway for some more awesome will run into great places to eat along the way. Also Solvang (about 30 miles north of Santa Barbara) is a great little danish town with delicious food and it is so gorgeous during the holidays- a must see

sexy food suggestions

Chocolate covered strawberries-- which leads to chocolate covered anything...

Video: A Cheese Platter, as Assembled by The Office's Andy Bernard

OMG! I love the office...and cheese. Thank you so much for this post :)

Beer me five!

What Was Your Favorite School Cafeteria Food?

In elementary school i loved the cold triple decker PB&J's... Also i loved the taste of the sloppy joes with melted kraft cheese but i didnt like the chunkiness of it so i would scrape it all out and eat what became a sloppy joe flavored cheese sandwich mmmmm.....i've tried to recreate it but to no avail.

In H.S. we had open campus so i always left for lunch. lucky me

I met Rick Bayless! (And I still can't believe it)

seriously! Thats truly a one of a kind event.....I'm so jealous.

did my topic get deleted?

@donnie--actually I did....look again & I didnt have a problem with your thread at all. Thats why i said I've seen similar postings that were not necessarily about food. My comment was i like this site the way it is. That it always makes me laugh.

Dove recipes?

When i saw dove i immediatly thought of the ice cream......poor birdie. Its all good though..... to each his own :)

Best food for a stomach ache?

For a sour stomach i'd say toast but for a hngover i'd go with Mexican food!!! yum, always makes me feel better :P maybe its the spice....

did my topic get deleted?

That sucks. I see non-related food stuff all the time here. Like the one where someone started a thread called "whats up with all these one word postings?" or something like that.

I thought it was a common food dillema you were facing...sorry

Healthy snack for your kids

Those pics look delish. I have a watermelon thats been on my counter for a while. seems like a good way to use up the rest. Once we open it up i know we wont be able to finsh it all. Thanks for the idea ;)

Lunch with a coworker who you don't like

Thats a tricky one because you obviously dont want to offend a co-worker that you have to see on a daily basis... but you also dont wanna dread lunch everyday. That would suck. I love it when lunch time rolls around :D
Are you going out to lunch with her or is she in the break room the same time you are? If your stuck in the break room with her then I would just listen to an ipod or read a book, anything to start sending out a stronger "leave me alone vibe" and for sure I wouldnt be giving her any more baked goods. Thats just steering her right towards friendville.

Does Burnt Toast Cause Cancer? Maybe

This sucks. I love a lot of things burned and well done....


What's Up With All These One Word Answer Postings?

@happyeats- then dont waste your time posting in increments


What's Up With All These One Word Answer Postings?

@bitchyfoody- HA.... man your too cool for school. I'm gonna take it one step further and go for 3 screen names. That'll have me in the ultra state of cool for sure.

@therealchiffonade- obviously that person did not know if cornstarch could be subbed for cornmeal. thats why they asked the question, so that people like you could answer it. CHILL

I love this site the way it is.....makes me laugh

Cook the Book: 'What We Eat When We Eat Alone'

Oh I have to add this one-----my co worker makes taco salad with all the fixings and then she binds it all together with French dressing and salsa verde. So basically a big bowl of madness, at least thats what I think....maybe thats why she's alone....j/k :P

Cook the Book: 'What We Eat When We Eat Alone'

I'm a military wife, therefore always alone. last night I made blackbean soup and crusty bread. It was so good and something my hunny would have not liked to eat with me for dinner.

When Is It Socially Acceptable to Share Food?

For the Anti Camp---Put a buffer of an order of fries in the middle of the table that way theres a distraction......

Pro Camp--Lets get together and try some new stuff!

Hottest Food Network chick?

Giada looks like a lolipop

Paula deen maybe a lil up there but her eyes still sparkel***

For the laddies- Hottest Food Network Dude?

Curtis Stone can come home with me anytime-I know he's not from FN but maybe thats why he's so yummy........

Tyler Florence back when he used to host Food 911 for he looks a lil weird :/

Serious Heat: How Do You Gussy Up a Tostada?

This sounds like something i'm gonna have to try...
Growing up I had the typical toppings, mashed pinto beans, meat, cheese, lettice, tomato...etc

I make this one version where its topped with a sort of chicken salad mixture. You combine shredded chicken, peas, carrots, corn. green beans, mayo, salt & pepper. And then eat it with hot sauce sprinkled on top. Sounds weird but its sooooooo good.

What do you go "out" for?

PIZZA-- because the only kind I know how to home-make are the kind you make with english muffins (dont judge) and cooked in the toaster oven. My excuse every time is that the kids like em but i'm always the one finshing em off!! ....

Oh and Pad Thai-- I wish I could make that at home since the only good place in town has a forever wait time.......

Headed to Santa Barbara

I know I didnt start this post but thanks to stefp16 for doing it ...
I seriously go to SB all the time and have never been to any of these places, well except for Rose cafe which is really good. I think I'll have lunch out there tomorrow and I wont go to the Habit like I always do ;)

Why is it that people (me) take things that they have for granted so often?? I hate that......for example its already what practically August and i've only gone to the beach once so far this summer! Sad.

Red Velvet Cake questions.

I'm no expert baker........ but I would make the cake on Friday like you want and cover it after it cools....... then on Saturday put it in the freezer an hour before your ready to cut and assemble. Good luck. I just made one last night that didnt involve any freezing :) recipe from Paula Deen---very delish!

Would you bring your dog to a restaurant?

how lame- comparing dogs to children.


Headed to Santa Barbara

I'm waiting for responses on this one too....ha ha! I live just a hop skip and a jump away from S.B. and I dont know the answer to this one ;)

I have heard that La Super Rica is great time I go i'm gonna hit that spot up for sure.