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Challah help

I'm at my wits end. I bake every Friday and this time tried the two layer braid as suggested to avoid the flat loaf syndrum. Guess what? It didn't work! I'm ready to start using loaf pans!! I kneeded plenty, have a good recipe and am old enough to do this right. What gives? The six braid single level was nice, but flat. My bread tastes fine and has good texture it's just flat!!! I even make the braid as tight as I can, still no success.

Is it just the nature of the braided breads? I use 7 cups of flour and 3 eggs basically and divide the dough into three loaves. Is this the issue? Maybe it should be two loaves.

Help please.


Challah help

Thank you. I have been on a Challah quest for many weeks now. Each Friday I bake 3 loaves for myself and my sons. Mine were falling flat as well. Or should I say, failed to go up instead of out. I will try this way of braiding next week. Hopefully it will work. I had been using the 6 braid method. Looks lovely but the end product is way to wide and low.


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