Joyyy's breakfast burritos

Thank you so much Joyyy--whaat an awesome recipe and also sounds like fun!!

Help: teenage boys arriving soon. "Sloppy Joe's" not quite right

I rarely make sloppy joe's but it's my son's 15th birhtday and wanted to make something for 9 boys to eat when they are hungry for a late night sandwich. I'm a pretty good cook and made them with good ingredients but used too much tomato paste. What could I use to balance the "too much tomato"? Other ingredients are barbecue sauce, ketchup, a little brown sugar, cream of mushroom soup, scallions, tomato paste, worchestershire sauce.

Joyyy's breakfast burritos

Saw your comments where you mentioned making breakfast burritos in volume that you could freeze. I have 2 teenage boys that "love" their breakfast. Would love to have your recipe

Best Scalloped Potato recipe

This is for "Looking for the best scalloped potato recipe ever". Check out, Goat-Cheese Scalloped Potatoes w/Chive Blossoms",Epicurious, Gourmet/April 2000. I've made this recipe several times with RAVE reviews from my guest. It can be made a day in advance. As with any scalloped potatoes, letting them set up before serving is key.

I could use some advice on what to charge for catering?

I am not a professional caterer but because I'm a pretty good cook, my neighbor/friend has asked me to cater his staff xmas party at his home. I'm only responsible for the main entree & 1 side dish.I plan to give them my receipts for the food costs but am struggling with an hourly rate for shopping time/labor prep/cooking. I want to be reasonable and possibly get return gigs so this could be setting a precedent.. I read the comments on this site but they applied more to full time caterers that incorporate food costs in the hourly rate.