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Grew up in LA, moved to Boston, living in Chicago.

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  • Favorite foods: Peanut butter
  • Last bite on earth: Cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate shake (a table full of my favorites of each).

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Where to Buy Wine in Chicago

Love this for a post. Red & White and In Fine Spirits are always good for something new and approachable, and Schaffer's is good for Old World and higher end bottles. Getting unabashedly familiar with Vinic in Evanston, as well. Thanks for writing this, Anthony.

Meet the Maker of Burton's Maplewood Farm's Grade "B" Maple Syrup

@fleurdesel There is the writing process, and there is also the editorial process, which is not in the hands of the writer. In the end, it is the editor who decides how the piece will be finished—be it the structure of a sentence or the omission of details. It's admirable that you take the time to disseminate these points. Thank you, again, for doing so.

Meet the Maker: Coalfire Pizza's Pesto Pizza

Thanks. Appreciate your diligence and opinions.

Meet the Maker: Coalfire Pizza's Pesto Pizza

@fleurdesel Good points, and glad you brought up Dan's mention of J. Spillane. Thanks for reading. This came to my inbox from Bill Carroll after the post was submitted for editorial:

"The origin or Coalfire:

Myself and and James Spillane, who was from Worcester, MA (I was from Springfield, MA) had originally started discussing how the thin crust pizza in Chicago is not like we remember from growing up on the east coast. We were both in the bar business originally, and were looking to move away from the "Tavern Lifestyle" I guess you could say. We thought there'd be a niche in the market for traditional, artisan style pizza. The idea was to concentrate on one thing and do it well. After reading a bunch of pizza and baking books, and experimenting with pizzas out of a home oven, we finally had something that all of our friends and family all liked, and that was good enough for us. From there Dave Bonomi was also brought in as an equity partner. I had worked with Dave before and knew he could really sell, so he became the perfect partner to run our front-of-house. The reviews we get for our service certainly show the success of Dave's work. Eventually, James Spillane moved on, and the ownership is now me & Dave only."

A Sandwich a Day: Lobster Roll from GT Fish & Oyster

And they have the off-menu Connecticut style with drawn butter, too. Looks like you're gonna have to make a repeat visit. What a shame, huh?

Meet the Maker of Bleeding Heart Bakery's The Death of John Waters: The Divine Donut


Thanks, my friend. The acid in the citrus of the filling on the Punk Rock Princess really helped with the dough and frosting. Seriously good stuff. But they had Holiday in Cambodia the day I was there! And yes, I've also seen a unicorn before...

Meet the Maker of Bleeding Heart Bakery's The Death of John Waters: The Divine Donut

To mention (let alone write) about each of the donuts would be to write a novella! I wanted so badly to talk more about the Punk Rock Princess. Might be my favorite of what I've had so far.

Meet the Maker of Bleeding Heart Bakery's The Death of John Waters: The Divine Donut

2007 is spot on. And the original shop was just west of Damen where Chickpea is now. Nice to have them back down on Chicago, that's for sure.

Meet the Maker of Floriole's Ham and Cheese Croissant

Appreciate your comments, fleurdesel. Thanks for reading.

Meet the Maker of Middle Eastern Bakery & Grocery's Spinach & Cheese Pie

Thanks for the catch, @ratbuddy. Wish I'd caught the abnormality in my notes, but glad it was corrected. And thanks for reading!

And @gbania—so many things to write about in that market. The baklava one of the many. Soooo good.


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