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Ask A Bartender: What's Your Hangover Cure?

@CalicoPaisley Yes: context!

Also, people, you're worrying about the damage that acetaminophen may do to your liver. While you have a hangover.

There's a word for that!

Ask a Bartender: What Drinks Are Worth A Splurge?

Wow. I find it fascinating to observe the vehemence with which craft beer people seem to want to defend themselves and their products... look, we're only bartenders and sometimes we want to drink whatever we want to drink. It's no reflection on your lovely craft beers, or you or hell, even us.

Methinks the lady doth protest...

Ask A Bartender: What Was Your First Bartending Job?

@Teachertalk The legal age for drinking in Ireland (where I'm from) is 18. You are allowed serve alcohol at 16 - you're just not allowed to drink it... I realise it might be a little different in the States...

Ask A Bartender: What's The Best Tip You've Ever Gotten?

@conky @beersnob I'm sure you appreciate that one can't kiss-and-tell! :) however...

@twothirty I find that very hard to believe about Michael Stipe - he was always very nice to us here in Dublin

Where to Drink in Dublin: An Irish Bartender's Guide to Pubs and More

Oh and @ClaireV Copper's is still a notorious meat market... they've got themselves a VIP area these days too - one of the girls who runs it was in my bar last week and was telling me all about it! I haven't been in years and my memories of that place have always been hazy at best...

Where to Drink in Dublin: An Irish Bartender's Guide to Pubs and More

@nycpunk1 I'm sure you're right about some of the places you mention - I was just giving a very brief outline of some of the places I like. Grogan's though is somewhere I never go. Probably because I'm not nearly cool enough - mainly though because it's absolutely filthy. There's a smell of neglect off the place...

Oh and I'm from the North side of the city - born and bred - and still live there :)

Carey's correct about me working in The Stag's Head - I was there for years. Which is why it wasn't on my list... I never go there anymore...

@scalfin - I think you may be confusing Glaswegians and Galwegians but that's ok - the expression works for both!

What's Your Session Beer?

Well I have to say I'm with Miss Jones on this one - i have spent many sessions on the Guinness. You can drink it all day long and while it tastes good (divine if I pull your pint for you in Dublin - I hope - Carey?) it gets you to what I would call 'a nice plateau' and won't leave you in a complete heap the next day!

So now, and on the record, I am issuing a cordial invitation to any Serious Eats writers, contributors or readers to get in touch with me if you're ever in Ireland (and I know some of you already have been) and I will take you on a proper session in Dublin.

There are no time limits. You have been invited - and warned! :)

Another Kind of Irish Breakfast: Queen of Tarts in Dublin

If, that is, you can get there early enough to obtain a seat!...

Worst Meal This Year: Lucy's Cantina Royale

"If the waitresses are wearing distractingly skimpy outfits, the food's probably not very good." - I can and will disprove this one. Give me about two weeks.


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