What to do with Campari

@Asaris: I guess maybe "sweet" wasn't the right word to describe it. I guess it's more the think, syrupy texture I didn't really like.

What to do with Campari

I'm drinking the Old Pal on the rocks right now (didn't realize it was supposed to be served straight up) and I think I prefer this over the Manhattan. Thanks for the suggestion.


I haven't explored gin much, but my friends recommended one called Broker's, which I paid $20 for. It's a bit proofy, though, at 94 proof. Makes good martinis.

What's Your Session Beer?

In London it's Fuller's London Pride (cellar temperature from the cask, 4.1% ABV), and here in the United States it's Goose Island Honker Ale (about the same ABV). Also, though it has a reputation as a "meal in a can", I can drink many pints of Guiness in a sitting (I prefer the Extra Stout over Draught, though).

6 Extreme Canned Beers You Should Know

Surly Furious is a great canned beer.

Stocking The Bar: Which Bottles Are Essential To You?

Here's what I currently have:
1) Jameson whiskey
2) Bacardi white rum
3) Familia Camarena Blanco tequila
4) DeKyupers triple sec (looking for something better that's not $20 a half bottle, so if anyone has suggestions I'm listening)
5) Patron Añejo tequila (my aged sipping spirit — I think Michael Collins Single Malt whiskey will be next)

And here's what I'd like to add to that in the near future:
6) Broker's gin
7) Buffalo Trace bourbon
8) Rittenhouse 100 rye whiskey
9) sweet vermouth
10) dry vermouth
11) Auchentoshan 12 scotch (I'd like to keep a minimum of two strictly-sipping spirits on hand)
12) vodka? or perhaps Campari would be more useful (never tried it, but a lot of cool sounding cocktails call for it)

What are some good Jameson drinks?

I do like Jameson and ginger ale a lot, at least with Canada Dry. I could do without the syrupy high fructose corn syrup texture, though. Have yet to try this with a stronger ginger ale.


That's sure a big grapefruit twist


I really like using tequila in these sometimes to change them up a bit

What to do with Campari

I got myself a bottle of Campari, but I'm not exactly sure what to do with it besides make Negronis, which I found a little sweet for my tastes (I'll have to use more gin next time). I kind of like it on the rocks, but again, it's too sweet. Does anyone have any good ideas for this liqueur besides the classic Negroni and Americano? I do like its flavor, but I feel like the flavor and sugar content is high enough that you wouldn't need much to flavor a cocktail, even though the recipes on Campari's website call for a large proportion of Campari.

What are some good Jameson drinks?

I do enjoy drinking Jameson neat, but sometimes I'm not really in the mood for that. When I try making drinks that call for whiskey, and not specifically Irish whiskey, the whiskey doesn't seem to come through very well. Any suggestions on drinks that showcase the qualities of Irish whiskeys well?

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