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What to do with Campari

@Asaris: I guess maybe "sweet" wasn't the right word to describe it. I guess it's more the think, syrupy texture I didn't really like.

What to do with Campari

I'm drinking the Old Pal on the rocks right now (didn't realize it was supposed to be served straight up) and I think I prefer this over the Manhattan. Thanks for the suggestion.


I haven't explored gin much, but my friends recommended one called Broker's, which I paid $20 for. It's a bit proofy, though, at 94 proof. Makes good martinis.

What's Your Session Beer?

In London it's Fuller's London Pride (cellar temperature from the cask, 4.1% ABV), and here in the United States it's Goose Island Honker Ale (about the same ABV). Also, though it has a reputation as a "meal in a can", I can drink many pints of Guiness in a sitting (I prefer the Extra Stout over Draught, though).

Stocking The Bar: Which Bottles Are Essential To You?

Here's what I currently have:
1) Jameson whiskey
2) Bacardi white rum
3) Familia Camarena Blanco tequila
4) DeKyupers triple sec (looking for something better that's not $20 a half bottle, so if anyone has suggestions I'm listening)
5) Patron Añejo tequila (my aged sipping spirit — I think Michael Collins Single Malt whiskey will be next)

And here's what I'd like to add to that in the near future:
6) Broker's gin
7) Buffalo Trace bourbon
8) Rittenhouse 100 rye whiskey
9) sweet vermouth
10) dry vermouth
11) Auchentoshan 12 scotch (I'd like to keep a minimum of two strictly-sipping spirits on hand)
12) vodka? or perhaps Campari would be more useful (never tried it, but a lot of cool sounding cocktails call for it)

What are some good Jameson drinks?

I do like Jameson and ginger ale a lot, at least with Canada Dry. I could do without the syrupy high fructose corn syrup texture, though. Have yet to try this with a stronger ginger ale.


That's sure a big grapefruit twist


I really like using tequila in these sometimes to change them up a bit


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