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lunch box lunches for 5 yr. old

to cj McD
to answer your question about how many times we have to take the lunches, the teacher said that most of the working Moms don"t participate because they are working. go figure.

How to cook an entire cow's head


the best baking cookbook?!

grown-up cookbooks please............

i bought grandson, aka "caleb", his own cake decorating kit from wilton, he decorates his cake or cupcake and i work right beside him. it's sooooo much fun.
if you have kids of your own or grandkids you must try this, time flies and we laugh and have such a good time.
plus were making memories.

How do you pronounce "grocery"?

we say gotta go to the Piggly Wiggly!!!!!!!!

Do you watch tv while you cook?

oh yeah, i watch the old movie channel. it's an automatic thing, lights, tv and action. let the cooking begin!
p.s. and i thought i was the only one doing this, lol.

Celebrity Chef Cookware?

if you ever heard the truth about something listen up. the todd english green pan is junk. oh, when you first get it an egg will not stay in the pan, it will slide right out. its the prettiest blue with black on the bottom.
well after a few months you can't fry an egg or anything else because it sticks, your food has a chemical smell and the pretty black bottom scratches all to pieces. it's junk.
i don't know what they will do when all those millions of people who bought it on hsn makes the same discovers as i did.
i also purchased the emeril stainless steel and had to send it right back because the cast iron grill pan had a big scratch in it and one of the saute pans had a piercing dent in it.
i'm still looking for a good set.

Food OCD

my dear jen, to some things there is just an art to doing it

sugar cream pie

no, its like a custard made out of heavy cream, texture is very thick and creamy tasting, very good.
Cookey, give one of these recipes a try, it looks to me like they know just what i'm talking about.

sugar cream pie

brownie i believe that just might be the recipe, i'm gonna give it a try and see.
chiffonade i thought that it was a custard pie when i looked at it. i thought it looked interesting and something i had never tried. since i have diabetes i just wanted a taste just to see for myself what it was. i was really surprise how rich. i asked the waiter and he told me the name of it.
i live in west virginia next to the kentucky borderline and we had went into ky. to dine out.
i guess you all are like me, when i see something different i have to give it a try. as kids we were raised to eat a variety of different foods and nowadays alot of kids that are my childrens friends are such picky eaters i just can't stand it.
life is too short to miss out on something you may really like and let it pass you by because your afraid to take just one bite.
thank you guys so much for your help, i love this site and i check it everyday when i check my e-mail. it's sorta like a friendship in cooking.

Top Chef - Should Jennifer have been sent home?

i agree 100% with you guys, this is the worst top chef i have seen. i think that richard will win because its so clear that they are crazy about him. spike and niki should have left weeks ago. i haven't seen a dish on there yet that i would eat. oh' and what is up with ryan, he's so weird. he has such a complex.

Don't Get Bean Boozled

hey, i love the buttered popcorn!!!!!!!!

Soda, cola, pop, coke, etc.?

pop here in west virginia but soda in virginia and maryland

This lesson I learned might help a beginner cook/baker.

remember to use all-purpose flour instead of self-rising to make home-made chicken-in-dumplins. for some reason my dumplins dissappeared with the self-rising flour and i had the thickess soup, lol.

Chef Pasquale from early 90's t.v.

you guys are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm so glad i ran across Serious Eats, with every question i've asked the people on here have been so helpful, i don't even know you and i love you. lol, lol, lol.
i have wondered about Pasquale for years and for some absent part of my brain i didn't even think about Amazon. thank you southern bella. by the way i am italian and my mom will be 86 on sunday and she has called me bella all my life. thank you, thank you

Terrible Kitchen Odors

oh no guys, i think i've smelled the one of the worst things in the world cooking and that is "chitlins", i don't even know if i spelled it right. i was 10 and i went into a carry out in washington d.c. and they had them boiling on a stove. right back out the door i remember going with my parents. AWFUL, AWFUL SMELL!!!!!

Canning anyone?

Liznyc is right, the Ball website is very good and i also have the handbook which i keep right at my side in the kitchen during canning season. you can purchase this at Wal-Mart for 5 or 6 bucks. its a great thing to have around. i love canning, its so easy, not intimidating at all and, i gotta tell ya there's something about looking up on your shelf and seeing all what you have accomplished.

What childhood food do you wish they still made?

oh my, Beemans chewing gum. do u think they still make this????????

Cook the Book: The Sweet Melissa Baking Book

about 30years ago i had an old very humble black man for a neighbor who worked as a cook in a big hotel in my hometown. of course he was well retired by the time i met him. early one morning as i was walking to work he was standing outside his home and he spoke as usual,"goodmornin young missy how u doing this fine mornin". never did i realize that this man would bake me the most wonderful pound cake i had ever had in my life and to this day i havent had one like it. oh, i've had very good pound cake but, i guess there was just what i think was kindness, friendship and neighborly love in his mix. not long after my good neighbor past away and his beloved wife passed 4 weeks later. whenever i taste a good pound cake i always think of him.

Down Home With The Neely's Dilemma!

i agree 100% with what your saying, the show is about cooking and nothing else. i turned the channel yesterday because it made my family feel uncomfortable. i just hope gina, her husband and gordon ellilot read these comments. i think if it doesnt stop it needs to be shut down.

They're Ba-ack! 'Top Chef' Gets Windy

so far i like nikki, stephanie and valerie. the guys i just dont know yet except for one, andrew. whats up with his attitude. i think he might be the bad boy.
one question i have to ask though, these guys are so stressed and they have been cooking for years, you would think it would be a little better for them. certainly they have cooked thousands of dishes and could do so in their sleep. crab cakes, shrimp scampi-please!!!!!!!!!

A Red Velvet Affair

this cake is fantastic, a keeper in my collection of recipes. if you havent tried this you must, you will not regret it. many years ago i had my first piece in west virginia and it had the crisco icing, i like the cream cheese better. surprise yourself and your family by giving this a try, you'll see what i'm talking about.

PBS Cooking Shows.

what was the name of the italian chef back in the 80's that wore the white chef's hat and coat. he was great and his dishies were so quick. i remember him using alot of orange juice in sauces. he was an older gentleman and had a little trouble with his english. i would like to know so i could try and get one of his cookbooks.
ponytailed italian chef is nick stalini, i'm sure i've spelled last name wrong.

My Lucky Day!

this is a great find for u, i have several that was my grandfathers and they work really well. no sticking. cornbread just pops right out for one. i live here in west virginia and go to yard sales often and if u happen upon (i hate to say this) a recentley deceased older family member, their young relatives get rid of this stuff. they just don't know what a prize they have. often times i try to tell them to hang on to a piece or two but they would rather have the new stuff. whats the old saying, "youth is wasted on the young". bye to u and keep searching and perserving our past in this small way.