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Good News: New Site Fonts!

This is a mess! It's so big, I can't get it on one page and this really interferes with my ability to navigate the site and read articles. I don't know if something's wrong with my computer but all other sites I visit regularly are just fine. Help. Makes me not want to come back

Cookbook authors who you wish had a show

You can see Kenji occasionally on Cooks Illustrated PBS show...can't recall the exact title right now.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I do love this site but if I have a vote...lose the dog!

Served: Health Department Hell (Part 2)

The arguments beginning with "no one ever got sick from anything coming from my home kitchen" are bogus when talking about a commercial establishment. The numbers of individuals alone in and out of a kitchen/restaurant bringing in dirt, germs, etc. from who knows where create a very different kind of environment for food borne illness. I for one am glad "the government" takes the time to inspect and protect the public.

Eat For Eight Bucks: Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili

One of the best things I've had lately. Perfect recipe...I changed nothing! I also used red peppers I'd frozen last summer when I bought way to many at Costco...worked great!

The Burger Lab: Cheeseburger Dip

Rotel +cream cheese+Jimmy Dean sausage rivals the Cheeseburger dip!

Phoenecia: The Mightiest Crust in Seattle

I think the rest of the Mediteranian menu here is as good or better than the pizza! It's a great place!

Good African Food in Seattle? Help!

Not sure why you're having trouble. There are several in the area, just Google Ethiopian Restaurants and you will get quite a bit of good information. Queen of Sheba is good but the others have some interesting reviews and information to help you decide where to go.

Equipment: Cookie Sheets

Ditto the aluminum sheet pans. I don't know if mine are Nordic ware but they are at least 10 years old and work great for so many things...cookies of course, roasting veggies, brownies and a myriad of other tasks. I do use Silpats or parchment if I'm worried about a cookie sticking, but for the most part just use the plain old pan. Thanks for the test info!

Red potato latkes?

Never! This is a link to a great article with an even better recipe for latkes. Besides, its how my mother made them! Good luck.!

Poll: Are You Making Pie or Buying It?

No better pumpkin pie than Costco...I'll never made another! Caramel apples great too. I love to cook but can't make pie crust!

Cook the Book: Turkey with Stuffing

I promise to stand corrected if anyone writes in here about getting sick from eating "undercooked" stuffing from a turkey. I have been cooking stuffed turkeys for over 30 years and I grew up eating Thanksgiving dinners with women who made the best stuffing ever and no one ever got sick. Our turkeys are/were not dry, is it really so? None of us were very so ignorant as to put cold stuffing in a turkey either. I really would be interested to hear from an opposing opinion!

One-Dish Chicken & Stuffing Bake

Is the revenue from this advertiser really worth compromising this site? I think not!

Poll: What's Your Favorite Gummy Candy?

Since I'm not able to make a comment on the actual post, I am making it here. What's with the Campbell soup "ads" masquerading as items from readers. And why are comments closed. Get this junk out of here!

Historic recipes that make you laugh

oleo is short for "oleomargarine" In Wisconsin in was sold white with the color packet to mix in so that most folks would not buy it and buy butter. It was margarine, not shortening.

Aebelskiver: The Tastiest Breakfast Treat You Can't Pronounce

No pop-up ads on my screen. I think it's because I use Firefox browser and Norton anti-virus software...not an ad, just my experience. it's made a world of difference. I recommend it.

The Food Lab: Do 'Better' Eggs Really Taste Better?

A very fun way to start my day! Thanks once more for a great article.

Critic-Turned-Cook Makes Vegetarian's First Fish In Decades

To seriousb:

Most doctors know next to nothing about nutrition and diet. Nutritionists are usually well versed in nutritional problems including related medical problems.

What I do find hard to believe is that a vegetarian for 30 years does not know how to keep protein in a diet!

But the meal looks and sounds fantastic!

Funeral grub, St. Albans, Queens

This comment makes no sense at all Madelyn. What nicer way to show you care about people who have lost a loved one than to "care" for them by providing a nice meal. I don't live in New York so can't help with a restaurant suggestion.

Equipment: The All-Clad vs. Tramontina Skillet Showdown

The Tramontina enamel coated cast iron, (e.g. Le Creuset) covered dutch oven is terrific as well and hundreds of dollars cheaper...unfortunately available only at WalMart.

Recap: Next Food Network Star, Season 6, Finale!

I am very excited about a show featuring Indian Food. Appreciate others' comments RE: Food Networks attempts to "diversify." I, for one, applaud it...we are a diverse nation and a medium such as television is a wonderful place to expose that to those who seem to want to ignore it. Kudos to Aarti and Food Network!

Madison, Wisconsin: A Disappointing Dud at The Roman Candle

I don't know who you went to for recommendations for good pizza in Madison but you were seriously misled. You ran a recent column that did not include this place. What a waste of space and time.