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Chicago witth a Gluten Intolerant Vegetarian

Thanks for all the suggestions! Looking forward to checking some of these places out.

Detroit: Elmer's Hamburgers Is An Unforgotten Classic

I'm glad to see that a family owned Detroit restaurant is getting a nod here, and even more pleased that the focus of the post was on the food, not about how Detroit is a "decaying" city like so many other Detroit-centric articles. Sure, Detroit has many problems (what large city doesn't), and there are neighborhoods that are abandoned. However, I'm continually amazed every time I visit the city at it's amazing (if slow) turnaround. Go downtown, and there is a vibrant community filled with great people, good food, entertainment, cool (and affordable) lofts, and people who really care about making Detroit great again. I grew up an hour north of Detroit, and go there a lot for work, but I only recently learned that the Downtown area alone has more than 130 restaurants- the vast majority are local joints. I'm definitely embarking on a food tour and adding Elmers to the list, even if it's not downtown.

Troubling Pizza Trends in NYC

Bummed to hear that the bad-pizza bug is spreading through NYC. I live in mid-Michigan, and most of our pizza is pretty dismal. A chain recently opened up promising coal-oven pizza, but alas it delivered $16 soggy pies with cheap canned toppings. Our only 1$ slices around here comprise of microwaved gas station pizza...I'd still probably take the worst NYC dollar slice over one of those.

Anyone making anything for the "Royal Wedding"?

Seriously considering making the groom's cake along with so I can get up early and eat it with some tasty coffee!

Suggestions for vegetarian weeknight dinners?

My go-to veggie dinner is a salad with whatever sliced veggies I have on hand, some beans tossed on top, and a homemade vinaigrette (which I make in those small washed out jars that artichoke hearts go in) which I make to go with whatever toppings I have.

I also like to make quick sandwiches and soup. Last night I made a gruerye, sage, and granny smith panini that was awesome! Pair it with a small salad, grilled asparagus, or butternut soup (homeade if you have the time, boxed stuff in the health food aisle isn't bad in a pinch) and it's a very filling and quick meal!

Shopping you stick to it ???

I try, but I almost never succeed. I am notorious for going to the store to buy ingredients for one dish and then changing directions completely if I see a ingredient that looks better.

United States of Pizza: Michigan

Some of the best pizza from my childhood is from the Chippewa One Stop outside of St. Clair. It's a gas station shop, by the pizza is cheesy and gooey and quite tasty! I've thought several times about making a two hour trip out there to see if the still make it the same!

Tomatoes Apizza (Farmington?) is pretty tasty as well. Also Pizza Pi (relatively new) in East Lansing!

Grilling Pizza

While gas is not as tasty as charcoal, I've had good luck with the Weber Baby Q grill. It's small and portable and the open spaces in the cast-iron cooking grate are relatively narrow, so the dough doesn't fall or get stuck between them.


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