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The Picky Eater Challenge: Helping Kids (and Adults!) Try New Foods Without Tricks

What a fantastic article! Will put forth a recommendation for "Fearless Feeding," and definitely check out the other recommendations in the comments.

Cherry Tomato, Green Bean, and Wax Bean Salad with Herbed Bread Crumbs from 'Kitchen Garden Cookbook'

Thyme is not listed in the ingredients! I used dried since that's what I had on hand, but it was too thyme-y. I also found there to be too many breadcrumbs (I measured by weight). Otherwise it was good! I made it in advance and added the breadcrumbs just before serving.

Rhubarb Pie

How long will this pie be good for? Or do you think it would be better to make the filling in advance, and then bake the pie when I need it?

Grilling: Montreal Smoked Meat

According to their website, they smoke their meat daily.

Isn't it false advertising if they don't actually smoke their meat?

Perhaps other "smoked" meat in Quebec is not actually smoked, but the success of Schwartz's is its loyalty to tradition.

You Asked The Food Lab 164 Questions. Here Are 164 Answers

My question wasn't answered :(

I do have a comment about using kosher gelatin though. I have tried it in numerous applications and I don't find that it works. Also, some kosher gelatin is made from fish (I don't know if this is the case for the Lieber's) and may not be suitable for vegans.

Got a Question for The Food Lab? Kenji Will Answer Everything

My husband and I think you're awesome. I was making an apple pie recipe based off of Alton Brown's recipe and I was wondering if I could eliminate the 1 1/2 hour time for draining the apples by microwaving them (similar to what you did for your recipe for Eggplant Parmesan). Do you think this would work? How would it change the baking time? What else do you think is necessary for an awesome apple pie?


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