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Help! Need family friendly brunch suggestions downtown!

OR-- go a little further downtown and hit chinatown for dim sum!

How old were you when you first started cooking?

for reasons too complicated to explain-- my brother and I were pretty much on our own from 7 and 8 onwards. So cooking was survival! My favorite meal was leftover chinese take out rice cooked in alot of butter with ground beef and cheddar cheese. i cooked this standing on phone books from 8 years old on at least 3 times a week!

I have a 10-pound bone-in Picnic Shoulder

I made a paste with about a dozen cloves of garlic, fennel seeds, dried chiles and S + P, cut slits in the shoulder and rubbed/stuffed it my paste all over. I squeezed some lemons over it and poured about a cup of chicken broth into the pan. Then I put in the oven for 30 minutes at 450 at 11 30 last night. At midnight I turned it down to 200-- its still there! The skin is an amazing dark brown and the meat is starting to fall off the bone. I did not cover it and I didn't turn it (kept it fat side up--) though I did baste it every few hours (or when I remembered) --at 6 or so I am taking it out!

I have a 10-pound bone-in Picnic Shoulder

Pooch -- I'm going to try your method! This isn't really over cook-able, is it? and do you brown it first or just save that til the end?


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