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Reality Check: Burger King French Fry Burger

Seriously, this is nothing new! I know folks that have been putting fries on their burgers for decades...nice try BK!!! Waste of a $1!!!

Chain Reaction: We Try the New Chicken Waffle Tenders From Popeyes

I have tried these I wasn't impressed either..I actually preferred the regular tenders to these. My main gripe however is the dipping sauce. It is DISGUSTING!!! Way too thick and too sweet...I damn near gagged on it!!

Your menu ordering style?

I tend to order what the place is known for! If I go to a steakhouse, I'm ordering a ribeye! That's just me!

I once told someone to go a popular local seafood place near me and try any of the SEAFOOD! This idiot comes back and says "Well I didn't like my food." So I go,"Oh I'm sorry. What did you order?" She goes,"Lasagna." ._.

Taste Test: The Best Mayonnaise

Yeaa! I love Duke's...great mayo! And I hate Miracle Whip...that mess sucks!

A Sandwich a Day: Chopped Brisket at Mable's Smokehouse

For $10, that sandwich should be overflowing! No way would I pay 10 bucks for that...then again you are in NY...

Ask a Bartender: What Would Your Last Drink On Earth Be?

This is tough!!! I'm a vodka girl but love a great Scotch or cognac....I guess either one of those...straight up!

Deep Fried Chicago: Milt's Barbecue for the Perplexed

I guess you can feel good about eating here knowing your money goes to charity...because the prices are steep!! A half rack of ribs is $32!!!!

Atlanta: Brunch Burgers Worth Waking Up For at Buttermilk Kitchen

That looks delish! I would love to try that! The burger must be seasoned and cooked perfectly for a dish like this to work....

We Raise Our Glass to Managing Editor Carey Jones!

Wishing you much success on your writing career Carey!!

What dish best represents the food of your region?

I'm from Baltimore and I'm gonna say crab cakes!!! The best ones are made with lump meat, hardly no filler. It really depends on where you live in and around Baltimore....more than likely there is a great seafood place near you. I live in the Pikesville/Randallstown area and The Olive Branch on Reisterstown Rd. has great crab cakes and an AWESOME crab pretzel, their crab pretzel is the best I've come across in Baltimore...its big enough for two and PACKED with jumbo lump meat!

Ask a Bartender: What Cocktail Should Disappear Forever?

Glad to see the appletini on here...its nasty!!! But uh I must say I'm a fan of the Long Island Iced Tea...there are better versions though like the California Iced Tea or the Peach Iced Tea..

Tipping & Bad Service: What's Your Policy?

I will tip normally but you best believe I'm never coming back. If it's REALLY bad, I have been known to summon the manager...I did this a few years back when attending a birthday dinner party for 10 and the waitress was non-existent the whole meal yet there was an 18% gratuity added when she brought the check 3 hrs later! We had to summon other waiters to help us get food and drinks. I got the manager because she didn't do s**t so she didn't deserve the tip! The manager understood and agreed to waive the tip and gave us free dessert. We ended up giving the tips to the servers who actually waited on us.

Ask a Bartender: What's The Most Ridiculous Drink Order You've Ever Gotten?

I found this hilarious!!! LOL @ the double..Grey Goose and Vodka!!
That reminds me of a time when I was in a deli a few years ago and a woman in front of me ordered a BLT....without the bacon. The clerk goes," So you just want lettuce and tomato?" She screams "NO, I SAID A BLT WITHOUT THE BACON!" It went on like this for a minute or two until she got fed up, called the clerk an a-hole and stormed out! I got a good laugh outta that did the clerk!

Thanks for the laughs SE!!!

Cook the Book: 'New York a la Cart'

Spicy, hot fried chicken with delicious homemade sides...

Want Real Eggs at McDonald's? Just Ask!

I'm a McMuffin fan myself...the biscuit crumbles every damn where!!!

Cook the Book: 'Stewed'

My mom makes a mean beef stew with carrots, potatoes and onions. She serves it with piping hot cornbread w/ honey butter. Cannot be beat....

Poll: Corn on Pizza, Way or No Way?

I've never had corn on pizza, but wouldn't mind trying it for sure!

Secrets from the Host Stand: 10 Things a Restaurant Host Wishes They Could Tell You

I can get with the same-sider comment...I just don't get it! It seems uncomfortable that you have to constantly turn your head just to speak to the person...not to mention, its easier to gaze lovingly into their eyes from ACROSS the table!!! It seems like couples like this are striving to prove a point...'we are so in love' look at us! Ugh!!!

Also, I was once the next to last customer in a restaurant and the staff stood around me and the other table, literally waiting for us to hurry up and finish. I didn't like the feeling at all..we felt rushed. If a restaurant closes at 10, to most people that means the last customer can come in sometime before then. Granted, a courteous customer shouldn't show up at 9:50 but hey, the closing time says 10! If you want to be completely DONE by 10, then you need to close at 9. I'm sure owners know this....

The $66 Kobe Beef Pizza from Domino's Japan

There are definitely some food snobs on here....

Guy Fieri's S'mores Indoors Pizza Is an Abomination

This would probably work best hot and fresh out of a restaurant oven...not frozen. Shame on Guy for thinking this could even work.