One-Pot Sausages and Lentils with Sweet Roasted Shallots

@ BKMatt - if you're concerned enough to object to the canned lentils, surely you don't need any instruction to cook some up yourself and add them at the appropriate time.

French in a Flash: One-Pot Sausages and Lentils with Sweet Roasted Shallots

I also had no idea canned lentils were an option. I always have cans of beans in the pantry, but have never seen those. Will have to look!

One-Pot Sausages and Lentils with Sweet Roasted Shallots

Thanks, Kerry - this made a great dinner last night. I aw this and realized I had close enough approximations of the ingredients at home, and ditched my (sad) plan to use up some frozen stir fry veggie mix. Subbed good sweet italian sausage, onion, added some carrots, and cooked up some lentils (didn't have canned). In any case, the method was great - lots of caramelized goodness - and the results were delicious.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

Serve them at my memorial day BBQ!

Cook the Book: 'The New Brooklyn Cookbook'

Roasting over a burner

I've tried roasting directly over a burner, but I think it's tricky. It hasn't been messy in my experience (limited to peppers). But a little hard to control. When you are working over an open flame, it is hot and your hand (even with tongs) needs to be pretty near the flame. Also, depending on the size of the grates over your burners, you might lose some veg directly into the flame (ahem, not that I've had that particular experience). And, if you're roasting a bunch of peppers, or whatever, it becomes a lot of work to monitor and turn them, and they won't all fit on one burner.

I'm a big fan of roasting peppers under the broiler. I think it's easier, everything goes on one sheet pan, come out together for a flip when needed, hands away from flame. Same roasty taste for me.

Is "Food" the next "Bubble"?

I agree there seems to be a peaking interest in food, but I can't agree that it started 10 years ago.

When I read this post, my first thought was "Restaurants are to people in the Nineties what theatre was to people in the Sixtes." (from When Harry Met Sally, 1989).

Not exactly on topic, I know. Still...

Cook the Book: 'Around My French Table'

Driving tour of small towns/villages in the south of france last summer...YUM. Unbelievably fresh fish and shellfish on the coast, amazing markets (and our own fabuloust kitchen) in Provence. And we capped it off with a few days in Paris. Delicious overload.

Cook the Book: 'Fresh from the Market'

apple pie, roasted veggies, roast chicken, and anything in my dutch oven

what to do with amok?

Interesting. I know very little about Cambodian food, but amok is the name of a very common Cambodian dish, often made with fish. I ate some delicious amok when I was in Cambodia. I wonder if the "amok" you have is the spice seasons this dish. I'm interested to hear the answer!

Why did my peppers turn red?

Thanks everyone! What about spicy peppers? Do they get hotter (or less hot) when they turn red?

Playa haters--do you secretly hate a foodie favourite?

I also do not get the shackburger. Good? Yes. Would ever wait on line for another one? No.

On a much smaller scale of foodie fandom, I waited FOREVER and starving in the chilly rain for a table at fawned over bklyn pizza place Lucali. We eventually sat to eat after 10 (arrived closer to 6). I felt like I needed to order one of everything on the meny to compensate. Ultimately, could take it or leave it.

In both instances, might have been the hype and the wait that ruined it for me.

Oh wait -- one more. I have been to WD-50 a few times and was left totally cold. I think it's interesting, but not particularly tasty. Don't mean to be a hater. Wylie seems like a cool dude. But the food wasn't really for me.

Cook the Book: 'Canal House Cooking Volume 4: Farm Markets & Gardens'

I try to make it regularly to the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket near Prospect Park (Brooklyn) on the weekends, and sometimes try to get to the summer market at Rock Center during the week for fruit. Also - I've been working on a fairly unsucessful garden this summer, although my poblano and thai bird peppers are doing pretty darn well.

Cap'n Crunch Confession

Kashi Honey Sunshine sort of looks like Capn Crunch. But I can't recommend it. I have a box in my pantry right now and can't bring myself to finish it. Not a fan.

Hey SE'ers-What do you do for a living?

lawyer...hoping to make it home at night in time to cook something tasty for dinner

Does your grocery store play boomer rock n roll?

I love this thread. And I love supermarket music. I think it runs in my family. My aunts still shudder telling stories about how my grandma used to sing in the supermarket aisles. My supermarket has a lot of "boomer rock" as well as a healthy bit of 80s music. I'm just about 30 and pregnant, and I think my Mom genes are kicking in, because I've noticed that I've started singing and bopping in the supermarket, and the dugstore, and... well, guess there's no turning back now.

Choose My Restaurant, Manhattan

Maybe ABC Kitchen? A bit tough to get a table, but it has a nice trendy, buzzy feel, the food is quite tasty, and the prices pretty reasonable.

Alternately, I echo mandycw's suggestion of eleven madison park or jean georges for lunch. Unbelievable food at extremely reasonable mid-day prices.

Recap: Top Chef DC, Episode 8

More importantly -- why did Gail ok that dress, and who in wardrobe hates her? Not flattering!

Eat for Eight Bucks: Green Pockets

Looks delicious! At what point do you recommend freezing? In the middle of step 5 when they are all assembled but not yet baked?

I think I might be inclined to add some not-so-belly-melting cheese in here too!

Serious Eats in Nantucket, MA?

Thanks! Great recs -- I can't wait!

New Yorker going to Gramercy Tavern for the 1ST TIME. Worth it?

Yes. And make sure you or someone you are dining with eats the meatball.

Would You Impose Your Dietary Restrictions at Your Wedding?

I think the wedding is about the people getting married, and they should do whatever makes them happiest and most comfortable. That said, I think it is important at a good party to feed your guests tasty food (within your budget) to keep them happy. If that tasty food is vegan and GF, so be it.

I have had lots of crappy wedding food in my day, and the cause was not dietary restrictions placed on the kitchen!

Serious Eats in Wellfleet, MA?

I LOVE Wellfleet. But haven't really had any rave-worthy restaurant experiences. I second the recommendation to shop at Hatch's fish market and the produce market next door. They add up your bill on a brown paper bag -- and quickly with a smile. Great products and very old school.

I also suggest that you swing by the Beachcomber at Cahoon Hollow Beach post-beach in the afternoon and grab a beer at the outdoor bar overlooking the ocean along with a plate of fresh-shucked Wellfleet oysters or fried whole belly clams. Not necessarily "serious eats" but for my money the epitome of summer perfection - sand and salt in your hair, cold beer, and fresh seafood. And good people watching.

The Box Lunch is a good place to pick up a tasty fresh sandwich to eat on the beach.

You're from Boston, so you probably already know not to miss P-town. Mostly for the vibe. Again, though, I've never had a fantastic restaurant meal there. But have never gone wrong with low key super fresh seafood anywhere on the cape.

You've inspired me - I'm starting a separate thread about Nantucket. I'm going for a few days for the first time this summer and need some SE recs!

Poll: How Long Would You Wait In Line?

@simon -- this made me laugh. i'm imagining a get out the vote campaign targeting people in long lines (for amusement park rides, concert tickets, whatever). i think you're on to something!

Cook the Book: 'Fiesta at Rick's'

Are my beans ok?

I started to cook some beans last night following the recipe on this site for gallopinto ( Per the recipe, I soaked the beans for 30 mins, brought to a boil, and simmered for 30 mins. Then I covered and forgot about them on the stove. It is now about 15 hours later. Can I just simmer them now to finish cooking, or is there something unsafe about getting halfway through cooking and forgetting about them? Is this all clear or bacteria city?

James Beard House

Just wondering if anyone has ever been to a dinner or event at the JBH. I just bought my friend tickets to an upcoming dinner there as a gift -- it's one of the "greens" events targeting people in the 21-40 year old age group. It sounds like a great event, but I'm curious about the atmosphere, crowd, food, etc. Anyone have an experience? If so, hope it was good, since I already paid!

Why did my peppers turn red?

Serious gardeners/ingredient gurus: I'm perplexed. I've been growing poblano peppers and thai bird chiles this summer. Both are doing great. I've had a few mature peppers on the plant that I didn't want to pick because I was not yet ready to eat them. In my experience, poblano peppers are always green. But my ripe poblanos, left unpicked, turned red. The same happened to my bird peppers (although this is less strange to me since I've seen these peppers in red, yellow and green).

Anyway, my question: is this normal? Do poblanos (and other green peppers) generally turn red? And what does this mean for the flavor of the pepper?

Red Hook vendors

I know this topic has been rehashed a million times, so sorry in advance. BUT, I'm planning an afternoon of eating in Red Hoook and haven't been in some time.

Any particular favorites in this crowd? Also - for dessert - a swingle from Steve's, or a treat from Baked? Thanks, eaters!

Oh, what a dud!

I assume that this has been covered at some point before, but I couldn't find it in the archives, and needed some group catharsis so, here goes.

Last night, my dinner was inspired by beautiful finds at the farmers market, a relatively pricey piece of fish, and a whim. I was very excited about both the preparation and how it was going to look on the plate. I made purple cauliflower puree, garlicky braised collard greens, and sauteed a nice looking mahi mahi filet. It was all very eh. And the colors, which in my head were going to be bright and interesting and fun (purple cauliflower puree!) , were just disconcerting. Like eating muppet.

So, SE'ers, lend me some support. Tell me about your most recent and fabulous dud.

Moldy Spoon Revisited. (Now with more EW!)

I posted recently about a wooden spoon getting moldy in my dishwasher. (I threw it out, you convinced me.)

On further investigation, I think I have a deeper problem. My dishwasher smells, and any food scrap on any plate left in my dishwasher for a brief period of time grows moldy. Is it possible that there is mold living/growing in the drain of my dishwasher? How do I get it out? And between now and then, are dishes washed in my dishwasher dangerous (they come out appearing clean)?

I am beyond grossed out. Help.

EW! Moldy wooden spoon!

I've been pretty busy lately and haven't cooked that much. So, a wooden spoon that I used maybe a week and a half ago had been hanging out rinsed, but not cleaned, in the dishwasher waiting to be run. When I opened this dishwasher to fill and run it last night, I was faced with a wooden spoon growing a copious amount of mold. Eww!

Has this ever happened to you? Think the spoon is ok after a good wash, or is it curtains?

Food Safety Question

I always get confused about the rules re freezing, defrosting and re-freezing, so here's my question.

I made a big batch of bolognese with some ground chuck that was in the fridge and didn't make it to be hamburgers. I immediately froze the meat sauce for later consumption. Assuming that I get tired of spag bol and want to make something else with the leftovers (lasagna, say), would it be safe for me to defrost the bolognese, use it to make my lasagna and then freeze the lasagna? Or is the cook, freeze, cook, re-freeze not safe for the meat?

Book about urban gardening?

This is the second year that I'm planting more than just a few herbs in containers on my roof. I've learned a few things, but am looking for a good book with some tips and guidelines about what an urban gardener can grow. Anyone have a book they like and would recommend?

Guinness + Chicken Thighs = ?

I've got some skinless, bone-in chicken thighs in the fridge. And that seems like a decidedly un-festive st. patty's day dinner. I also have some Guinness...but can't quite put the pieces together. Any thoughts on how the two could become one? Or should I just can the whole idea, cook the chicken and drink the beer?

Weekend Lunch (Not Brunch)

I'm not sure if this is a NYC specific phenomenon, but it's getting near impossible for me to go out somewhere in my neighborhood on the weekend and have lunch. I'm not talking about a menu with free mimosas, 4 egg options and an obligatory pasta or sandwich. Sometimes I want lunch with varied savory food options (and maybe even nice lunch) on a Saturday at 1pm and not pancakes or eggs. Enjoying a nice meal during the middle of the day seems decadent, and is something I can't do during the week because I'm at work.

Am I alone here? Does everyone else just loooove waiting around for a no reservations brunch table to have an egg that you could make just as well yourself at home for super duper cheap? Should I stop my whining and give the chefs who have killed themselves on Fri and Sat nights a break? What gives?

Help -- Meat(not so much)balls.

I made meatballs from the recipe in the January issue of Gourmet. (Here's a link if you're curious:

They tasted delicious -- I really loved the meat mixture -- BUT when I got to the browning the meatballs step, everything literally fell apart. The meatballs did not stay ball shaped at all, and some of them just totally broke apart in the pan. When I was finishing the cooking in the sauce, I was afraid to stir at all, thinking I might just end up with meat sauce after all my hard work.

So -- what am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

Can someone explain sous vide to me?

When Carla agreed to sous vide her steak last night on Top Chef (although she noted that she was unfamiliar with the technique), alarm bells went off in my head. Having perused the internet today, it's clear that I'm not I am not alone.

Although it was definitely the wrong move for Carla, the technique seems to be widely appreciated by chefs and those who appreciate good food. But I don't really get it. I don't mean the concept. I understand how the cooking happens. I'm just not sure why or when anyone would want to use it. I don't think I've ever eaten anything cooked sous vide. Does it just make your protein mush? What effect does it have on food? When is it the right technique to use?

Interesting Lobster Recipe?

I'm thinking about lobster for dinner on Valentine's Day. Lobster is always delicious simply prepared with lots of butter for dunking, but I'd like a more interesting and complex cooking project. Anyone have any great recipes or ideas?

Measuring Cups - Difference between wet and dry?

Until fairly recently I used a "wet" measuring cup (you know, the kind with a spout ideally suited to liquids) for everything. Obviously, the design is not great for dry ingredients (say, flour), which is why I went out and bought myself a set of dry measuring cups when I started making pizza dough regularly. I offhandedly mentioned my previous method while paying for my dry measuring cups, and the guy at the store looked horrified. In fact, he told me that the volume of the two kinds of measuring devices is different. (So maybe my dough and brownies would be totally different with the new appropriate equipment....)

I'm inclined not to believe him. Everything seems the same to me. Does anyone here know for sure?

Cooking without onions or garlic

I'm having a friend over for dinner who gets sick after eating onions or garlic (leeks, chives, shallots are a no go too). I'm feeling stuck. I almost always start meals by sauteeing onions and garlic with some olive oil. Any suggestions for a tasty allium-free meal?

Anyone else try the baked rotelle puttanesca?

I really liked the sound of this recipe posted yesterday, so I made it for dinner last night. I followed the recipe to a tee (unusual for me with pasta recipes) because I was unsure about cooking the pasta in the sauce, and wanted to get the ratio of liquid to pasta right. Turned out the flavors were great (though I'd up anchovies, garlic, and red pepper flakes next time), but the pasta cooked way quicker than the recipe suggested, and I ended up with a much wetter dish than anticipated.

Anyone else give it a whirl? How were your results?

Can I use old vegetables in soup (not stock)?

I've got some really limp carrots and celery hanging out in my fridge. If I use them as part of the veg base for my soup will they be gross and rubbery, or saved by souping? I know people use scraps for stock, but this would be to stay in, not be strained out....

Best Chili Recipe

Anyone willing to share their favorite recipe? Chili is my husband's request for birthday dinner/college football watching celebration. I have my standbys, but am looking for a standout. Thanks!

Tailgate Trial

I am tailgating this weekend and very excited about it. The food fanatic in me wants to do something more than throw a kielbasa on a portable grill (though I will do that, and it will be delicious). However, I am limited in that my kitchen is under construction and I can't cook anything at home. My fridge is functional, so I could potentially do some very straightforward marinating, but I have no counters, no oven/stove, everything is covered in dust and all of my appliances and everything are packed away. As I mentioned, we will have a small grill. Any suggestions serious eaters?

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