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Ski Season: Where to Eat in Whistler, British Columbia

purebread is my favorite spot in the COUNTRY for baked goods

you should have gone up the mountains and tried either Steeps or Christine's!

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

I have a molecule R kit and love it

a scale is a realllllly handy addition unless your friend is a fan of the art of trial and error lol

Ask a Bartender: What's the Worst Bar Behavior You've Ever Witnessed?

worst I have encountered -really nice cocktail bar on a fairly busy night ,girls pepper spray somehow goes off IN HER PURSE. still cleared out the whole place,took about 10 minutes of coughing and watching the cough also spread through the room before we realized what was happening and people cleared out.

Your Typical Brunch

at home it's panfried hash browns, bacon, sausages, eggs of some sort (scrambled, omelets, quiche etc). toast, or french toast, or pancakes. I'm a big fan of breakfast sandwiches - with lettuce and tomato and cheese - on english muffins or bagels. basically I love anything breakfasty.

5 Essential Rye Cocktails

my favorite bar here makes an "irish old fashioned" - it's simply jameson's whisky, a guinness reduction, and a bit or brown sugar. soooooooooooo good! it's my all time favorite drink

Serious Reads: Smart Chefs Stay Slim, by Alison Adato

hahahahahaha lose weight eating nothing but foie gras. I love that, I'm marketing it as the newest fad diet. animal rights groups will love me!

mandyeats - you are so delusional, it warms my heart to know there are such simple people in this world. calories are what matter, have you not heard of the guy who did a twinkie diet? just restricted the amount he ate and BAM lost weight. Carbs are not "evil", eating potatoes will not make you fat simply because you ate potatoes - how much you eat on the other hand, and how much exercise you get.. that's the real story.

Serious Reads: Smart Chefs Stay Slim, by Alison Adato

everyone also seems to forget that as a chef you're on your feet for at least 8-12 hours a day, standing on a hot sauna like line, constantly lifting and moving things. We naturally use more calories in the run of a day then someone who has a desk job. And while we are required to taste so many things - being surrounded by fancy fat laden foods not does mean we are cooking up massive steaks or slabs of foie gras for ourselves since we're worried about a little something called food cost.
Making it sounds like there is some huge secret to chefs not being incredibly overweight is the same as looking for any dieting secret. You want to eat like a chef and stay skinny? become a chef!! you'll soon figure out why these things work for them and not for everyone.

sorry for the rant - but I've seen alot of these stories lately, and they all seem to forget the environment that you are in when you work in this industry.

Food Jokes Anyone

A man walks into a doctor’s office. He has a cucumber up his nose, a carrot in his left ear and a banana in his right ear. “I don’t feel so good - what’s the matter with me?” he asks the doctor. The doctor replies, “you’re not eating properly.”

A Pizza My Mind: Does It Really Matter Who Makes Your Pizza?

Having worked at many many many pizzera's in my day.. I can tell you 100% I care who makes my pie. The thickness of the edge crust will differ, the spread of sauce - sometimes different people at the same place will put ingredients on differently (onions on top or bottom of cheese), so many variables in place based simply on the person stretching the dough, topping it, moving it around the oven if need be based on hotspots or leaving it in one place to char more on one side.
And it's not that the people making pies not to my exact liking aren't passionate - sometimes people just have different "ideal pizza"s in mind when they're cooking and it may differ from mine.

8 More Crazy Korean Chip Flavors

Up here in canada, one of our supermarkets has a store brand of chips that come in flavours like "piri piri" "cheeseburger" "ballpark hotdog" "loaded baked potato" "tandori" - the list goes on. I've had so many "weird" chip flavours in the past year or so nothing will make me bat an eye.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving and Seeds - What do you do?

I carved the alien from the simpsons this year, would share the pic but I need to figure out how to get it of my phone...
loooove roasted pumpkin seeds - try candying them in maple syrup!! sooo delicious

A Pizza My Mind: In Defense of Dessert Pizza

I often make a dessert pizza when I'm making pizza at home. normally I take my batch of dough then split it in half - the first half makes my pizza, the next half is again split in 2 - 1 piece for garlic fingers (please tell me the states have garlic fingers??? I was in montreal recently and couldn't get them ANYWHERE leading me to believe it's simply an east coast thing), and then the last piece is for dessert pizza - apple, or berries, or just cinnamon and icing. the possibilities for dessert pizza are just as endless as the possibilities for regular pizza!

A Pizza My Mind: The Game Changer

my first job was in a pizza shop, I was 16 - took my resume to the Syrian man behind the counter. He sat down to speak with me and I hardly understood him, I smiled when he smiled and looked serious when he looked serious. Before I knew it I was behind the counter myself, hand tossing pies. Even know 10 years later I credit alot of my cooking skills to pizza; bread making (dough), flavour balance of sweet/salty/sour/spicey (pizza sauce), knife skills (ohhh the days of chopping everything by hand), knife sharpening (keeping the blades sharp to slice donair meat from the spit ever so thinly), emulsion (donair sauce), and so so so much more. Pizza was a huge game changer for my life, it opened my eyes up to a world of cooking professionally - and I may be working in fine dining now but you better believe I make the best damn pizza when it's my turn to do the staff meal!

Ask A Bartender: What's The Worst Date You've Ever Witnessed?

basketpam - I'm saying no UNLESS it's televised in front of crowds of strangers, so there.

Best fictional foods

@hotcookies you can get Anne of Green Gables cherry cordial here in the stores (I'm out on the east coast though)

Ugh. Need restrictive diet dessert?

oh! if you use sheet gelatin (that's what my experience is with) I usually use about 3 sheets per cup of liquid for a more liquidy jello, and 5 or 6 sheets per cup for a firmer one (that can be cut into shapes using a cookie cutter! try stars :) )

Ugh. Need restrictive diet dessert?

grab some gelatin (or agar agar) and use natural fruit juice to make jello/jellies. make them firm and cut them into shapes - my mom used to set the jello in layers, you could use blueberry juice, strawberry juice, and white grape juice for a red/white/blue theme if this is for a fourth of july event!

Indoor Edible Growing

cherry tomatoes sound great

I have friends who have rigged up a similar set-up to that link - using empty pop bottles and rope. I may attempt it myself!

Are you an onion crier?

whenever doing large batches I usually peel them then let them sit in water in the fridge for about an hour. helps chill them and bleeds out some of whatever it is that gets into the air and makes your eyes water.

Romance and Tiramisu

make sure you use a good espresso, also get good quality marscapone (if choosing between two - choose the higher moisture content). Also don't be afraid of making your own ladyfingers if you can't find them at the store (I couldn't when I had to make tiramisu for a party of 50 at work, my chef said the homemade ones were way better than any boxed ones he had tried anyway)

oh! marsala is a must. don't substitue for anything!

What's your secret snacking obsession?

at work I'm guilty of grilling bread (slathered with ghee), then adding shaved park and siracha to it. guess it's not too weird.

when I first lived away from home I would put rice krispies and brown sugar and peanut butter in the microwave. kindof like a weird puffed rice pudding in the end. extra awesome if I had chocolate around to add to it.

Where is a good place to meet girls?

to make this food related - take a cooking class

What else to do with Camembert cheese?

pick up some frozen puff pastry - slather cheese with jam or throw in nuts or berries - encase all in puff pastry. bake. enjoy :)

Cheap, healthy, fast recipes with NO EGGS

i am also with you on the not-liking-plain-eggs boat! though I CAN do omeletes or scrambled eggs, but only if it involves cheese and plenty of ketchup (ahhh ketchup, the sweet sweet flavour masker)

hleathy and fast? I always have some spinach or nice lettuce around, keep a few veggies on hand and throw together a salad. pasta is cheap and easy and you can just about anything you can dream of to it! stirfry's are also a big one at this house too - look for the big bags of frozen veggies on sale - we snagged a 2.5 kilos of mixed veg (carrots, broccoli and califlower) for 5$ the other day! they can be strifried, added to pasta, simply steamed or boiled as a side. I like rice but find it time consuming.. you could always get the ben\s 5 minute stuff though.
also if you have a few free hours - do a big batch of something. soup, chili, etc. that can be frozen and reheated. Also look for sales on things like whole chickens - I\ll often have a day off where I do a roast chicken dinner, then leftovers can go in casserole or stirfry or on sandwiches, chicken salad etc! Then I use the bones to make a broth for a soup.

also - consider investing in a slowcooker. you can throw together meals in the morning and eat them later when you\re tired and don't want to bother with the kitchen haha.

quick easy breakfasts? bake a batch of muffins to have around :)

Hungry at night

my daily schedule involves waking up at noon - breakfast around 1, work by 2 and then home by midnight. So my dinner time is around midnight and yes I eat! haha. The other night we had a full roast chicken dinner at 2am


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