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  • Location: Omaha, Ne
  • Favorite foods: NY Pizza, Nutella, roe, stinky cheeses, crusty breads, pasta, anchovies, sardines, artichokes, olives, offal bits, pork, lamb, cured meats, fresh figs, and a perfectly ripe peach.
  • Last bite on earth: Either a perfect NY pizza pie, a mess of sea urchin roe drowned in good olive with some crusty bread or a excellent bowl of pho with some tripe and other stuff in it.

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My Pie Monday: Braised Pig's Ear, Black Garlic, Tofu, and More!

@calhoun: thanks for the kind words. Regarding the crust, my stone was preheated in a 550F oven for almost an hour-my pie was baked at the same temp. The dough formula was straight forward: 500g all purpose flour (high protein), 340g water, ¼ tsp of instant yeast or 25g of sourdough starter, and 13g of salt. Outside a few advanced techniques, I use mostly a modified stretch and fold method to mix the dough. The dough is bulk risen for 1-4 days, divided, reballed, and allowed to redouble before baking.
Good luck

@all: great looking pies folks! Definitely some serious pizza making talent out there.

Pizza Obsessives: Eric Leath

Cool interview Eric and great looking pizzas! Thanks for the shout out and I do hope you make to Sicily once to try the regional pizzas of the Island. I find the bright and rustic flavors used in Sicilian pizzas to be a refreshing contrast to Neapolitan approach to pizza. The variation in flavors and the Sicilian durum crust was game changer for me, and I hope you when you travel there you will enjoy them as well.

Kenji's NY Style Pizza Dough - Trouble!

@Eroca: What are you using for flour? If you are not getting any gluten formation using the food processor, then the flour you're using is either gluten-free or has been mixed with another product, like cornstarch, that will inhibit gluten formation. Unless you're using some form of alcohol instead of water, which will also inhibit gluten formation. I would *strongly* urge you to buy a new package of all purpose or bread flour–e.g. from King Arthur, Wheat Montana, Pillsbury, etc–and see if that solves your problems. Good luck.

Ask a Cicerone: What's the Best Affordable Beer?

A BIG +1 for Lagunitas brand, the Brown Shugga, SUCKS and Little Sumpin Sumpin are my favorites. Also, Centennial IPA and Dirty Bastard by Founders are stellar affordable beers.

Paulie Gee's Planning Nationwide Expansion, a 'Brotherhood of Pizza Enthusiasts'

Very exciting news @Adam. I couldn't think of a better PG's proprietor. I've been wondering if you had something cooking on the back burner, so to speak. And it appears you did. Congrads and good luck!
PS I hope this doesn't mean your giving up on your bar pie? I know you're still formulating, but those pies you're turning out truly look amazing and I think you have something pretty special going on with them.

My Pie Monday: Manchego, Refried Beans, Kale, and More!

@Adam: Ok... this last bar pie looks amazing! Gotta try making one.

@Derricktung: Thanks! And bet you are selling quite few those pie, I can only imagine the that garlicky smell coming out of your WFO.

My Pie Monday: Parsnips, Potatoes, Pizza al Pastor, and More!

@Craig: Wow. That's the most handsome peperoni pizza I've laid eyes on. Stellar crust, beautiful char on the peperoni. Excellent job!

My Pie Monday: Radicchio, Black Olives, Eggplant, and More!

@Craig: Yeah... think I need to try out the radicchio too. Dynamite pie!
@Tupper: Thanks Tupper! Its hard to go wrong with the classics.
@Adam: Thanks for the high praise! Maybe

My Pie Monday: Bratwurst, Poblanos, Broccoli, and More!

@pauliegee: Thanks Paulie! Its a lesser known style of pizza, but just as traditional as Neapolitan pizza. And these things can get pretty long:

Book Giveaway: 'Pizza: Seasonal Recipes From Rome's Legendary Pizzarium,' by Gabriele Bonci

Brussel sprouts, good smoked bacon, young pecorino cheese, and the pie is doused with a very peaty scotch whiskey (e.g. Ardbeg, Peat Monster or Smokehead) before baking.

My Pie Monday: Artichoke Hearts, Mushrooms, Brussels Sprouts, and More!

@Adam: No problem, I can send you a vial of the yeast starter. I'll email you to get your info where you want it sent.
Yeah, I've seen that cheese frico/lattice on the bar pies you've mentioned. I have also experience that, to some extent, when I'm using straight young pecorino/kashkaval/caciocavalo/manchago cheese (young = The Famous Original A, bar pie pop-up, Really! If you can work out the logistics, as you said, I would fly out to experience that. Your bar pies seem to get better and better looking. Keep us posted if you do decided to "pop-up" in the near future!

My Pie Monday: Artichoke Hearts, Mushrooms, Brussels Sprouts, and More!

@Adam: I moved out KS about a year ago, after I finished up at KU. Yeah Im enjoying northern Iowa, its nice. I don’t know if you ever got over to the Lake Jacomo and Lottawana areas, east of Lees Summit, the looks of the Iowa Great Lakes area sort of similar to that.

The yeast starter did surprise me. It was originally cultivated for a local brewing company, and original yeast strain gave off a very nutty, malty flavor. When the yeast culture was transferred to a flour starter, it kind of gave off a buttery and bagel-y (if that’s a word) flavor in the baked products. Its not acidic (sour) or boozy at all, which is nice because the gluten seems to retain its integrity over the span of three days. And it leavens like a dream. Overall I’m pretty happy with it. Thanks for asking.

BTW… I’ve been following your bar pie progress, excellent work! They all look truly amazing. Just curious, what’s your approximate TF or ball weight?

Poll: Pumpkin on Pizza, Way or No Way?

If prepared properly it can be an outstanding topping! Pairs great with blue cheese, goat cheese, or hot sauce.

My Pie Monday: Pumpkin, Alfredo, Eggplant, and More!

Wow great looking pies everyone!
@okaru: beautiful looking crust. And I reeeeally crave an eggplant pizza after looking at yours!
@thomas: wow!!! Best looking NY style I've seen on MPM in some time. Nice job!
@Tanner: your pie sounds and looks great! How did the crust turn out? I hear mixed reviews often with 00 blended flours.
@dpernal: looks like you had success with your kettle pizza. Any tips?
@Craig & flavacrisp: thanks folks!

Neapolitan Pizza With Cherry Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Garlic, and Basil

@fwilger: to expand on what imwalkin said, doubling volume-not time out of the fridge-is key. I typically wait till my dough doubled in volume AND is >70F before preheating my oven. In fact, I find my best shaping occurs when my dough is around 76F, and my dough is more than doubled.
Good luck,

Top This: The Horatio, Featuring a Truffle Butter-Fried Egg (à la Delancey Pizzeria & Bar)

@Kelly those toppings look and sound incredible. Kinda curious, could you taste much of the crust over the rich flavored ingredients? Were any of the ingredients overkill in your opinion? I ask because I have wanted to do something similar, but have shied away, as too much of a good thing, is typically too much of a good thing. Especially with pizza :)

My Pie Monday: Charred Leek, Sicilian Sausage, Wild Mushrooms, and More!

Excellent looking pies everyone.

@imwalkin: Thanks. The recipe is below.

700g of pork shoulder, trimmed of excess fat and cubed; very cold
300g of fresh pork belly and/or pork jowl; cubed; very cold
(Optional: 100g of offal can be added to mixture)
20g of salt (I used kosher but sea salt would be more traditional)
1 large clove of garlic
1 tbsp of loose orange zest (blood orange would be traditional when in season, otherwise I use whatever citrus is accessible)
1 tbsp of toasted fennel seeds
3 tbsp of grape must, see note below*
2 tsp of toasted chili flakes or smoked paprika or any chili of your liking

To make the sausage, you will need to use a medium holed die insert for your meat grinder. In addition, try to freeze or refrigerate the grinder and bowl you will be using for an hour before making the sausage to keep the fat from warming up. Mix together the cubed meats and add in the must, fennel seeds, chili flakes and salt. Run the garlic clove and the orange zest through the grinder first so the oils will transfer to the meat during the grinding process. Collect the ground zest and garlic to be reground later. Grind half of the meat mixture. Regrind the excess zest and garlic and then add in the rest of the meat. Lightly mix the meat mixture by hand to evenly distribute all the mixture. If the fat is warm and soft, stick in the fridge for an hour to rechill. Regrind the entire meat batch again and stuff into casings. Hang the stuffed casings in the fridge to age for 3 to seven days before using.
*Note: if you do not have access to grape must, concentrate some pure grape juice by 3/4 or till syrupy.

My Pie Monday: Semolina Sfincione, Montanara Pizza, Chanterelles, and More!

Holy Smoke! There are some serious talented pie makers this week. Incredible looking pies everyone.

@Cal: Damn... That's mushroom pizza porn at its best. Excellent!

@Paul: Thanks man and nice cover shot, that pie looks amazing! Just did a fennel/salami pie the other night myself, incredible flavor combo.

@Imwalkin: You bet they are. Sicilian salt packed anchovies actually, Agostino Recca brand. I use them in about everything, from my compound butter for steaks to my Sunday Morning Bloody Mary!

Pizza peel substitute?

@Adam: +1.

The only other trick I sometimes use, if I don't have enough semolina, is to forcefully blow air under the stretched dough after its laid on the peel/sheet tray/cookie sheet. It just barely lifts the dough off the make-shift peel, like an air hockey puck. Little trick I picked up while watching my favorite hometown pizzamaker make my pie. Good luck.

My Pie Monday: Sourdough Focaccia, Crispy Pork Belly, Squash Blossom Pizza, and More!

Whooah!!! There is some real talent on MPM this week. Great looking pies folks. Keep em coming!
@Mike M: That is a handsome looking crust!

Whole wheat pizza dough?

@MadBaker: Personally, I steer clear of whole wheat in pizza for two reasons:
1.) mostly because it turns out tasting too bread like, and
2.) it can be difficult to stretch thin, if NY style crust is your thing!

That being said, I have had very good success using 50% fancy (very fine) durum wheat flour in my mix. Durum wheat is very nutritious (, is authentic to Sicilian-style pizzas/flatbreads, and adds a nutty and sweet dimension to the dough not found with straight American white or Italian 00 flours. Durum flour needs a little higher hydration, so Kenji's NY style dough formula would work just fine. If you wanted to up the water in the formula by 0.5-1.5 oz, that would be ideal. Good luck.

My Pie Monday: Python Pizza, Beets, Pork Belly, and More!

Excellent looking pies folks. Some real pizza making talent emerging on MPM.

@Jel: When I say young pecorino, I am using the term pecorino in the strict sense, in that I am using a sheep's milk cheese, preferably soft and aged less than 6 months. Think of it having the consistency and texture of a block commercial mozzarella or cheddar. While I would prefer a young (

Pizza with Pesto, Ricotta, and Mozzarella

@Fred Rickson & @candide: a big +1. Not to mention the possability of scorched nuts, which is never tasty.

Mexican Mashups?

Maybe savory churros with different dips, eg guacamole, mole, etc. Or even a stuffed churro with cheeses.