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The Food Lab: Great Hummus and the Science of Smooth

To nitpick:

"Turns out allicin is highly active at a neutral pH, with peak activity at a very slightly acidic pH of 6.5. "

should say

"Turns out alliinase is highly active at a neutral pH, with peak activity at a very slightly acidic pH of 6.5."

We Taste Every Kind of Spam

"It's got 57% of your daily intake of sodium in a single serving!"

So? Don't eat it everyday. Eat foods low is salt for the rest of the day. Problem solved. Stop whining.

Asparagus and Ramp Soup With Yogurt


After spotting some beautiful freshly picked asparagus at a local store, I roughly followed this recipe to make asparagus soup. The soup was pretty good, but it smelled and tasted...grassy. Did I need to blanch the asparagus longer, or is this normal (it was my first asp. soup)?


The Food Lab: My Favorite Cooking Hacks

I just tried this out, and it worked pretty well:

After cooking your microwave burrito (everyone has a craving once in a while, and don't worry, it's all natural and organic), wrap it in foil and leave it to crisp on the coffeemaker hot-plate. It takes a few minutes, but it's definitely a textural improvement!

The Food Lab: Can You Rescue Poorly Stored Mozzarella?

@kenji cold makes mozz rubbery, warm makes mozz soft and juicy, yet hot makes mozz really rubbery? Who know fresh cheeze could be so fickle?

The Food Lab: Can You Rescue Poorly Stored Mozzarella?


Ooohhhh...I was about to ask another question along this line, when I realized that the protein structure will fluctuate with temperature, so you would have to reheat it every time you want to eat it...

Could you simply microwave the refrigerated mozz, or heat it gently by steaming (like you did in to create spreadable cheeses for burger)?

The Food Lab: Can You Rescue Poorly Stored Mozzarella?


Actually, it's due to diffusion, since the milk was salty. ;)

The Food Lab: Can You Rescue Poorly Stored Mozzarella?

Couldn't you just leave your mozz in a container of salted milk, in the fridge?

The Food Lab: My Favorite Cooking Hacks

This is along the same vein as hotel cooking:
I decided I wanted to have freshly cooked fish for lunch, and I had some frozen tilapia fillets. In the morning, I wrapped the tilapia in foil, along with thyme and a pat of butter, and stuck it in the fridge at work. For lunch, I stuck the whole package in a panini-press, and waited until I could smell the butter and thyme. A little salt, and it was great!

Check Out the Winners of Our 2012 Pi Day Baking Challenge!


major props for making apple numbers!

In Food Policy This Week: 5 News Bites


"We add chlorine to our drinking water. Chlorine is a deadly gas. Yet we accept it in water."

No, chlorine gas can be deadly. Chlorine comes in many forms, and it is not always deadly, nor is it always a gas.

Analogously, gaseous hydrogen and oxygen are both explosive, yet water is not...

In Food Policy This Week: 5 News Bites


"...because it's so prone to contamination that it has to be preemptively treated with gaseous ammonia just to kill all the bacteria living in it."

it would be more correct to say that it is treated with gaseous ammonia (or in some cases just citric acid) because there is a higher concentration of bacteria in it. it is not "preemptively" treated to prevent contamination; it is re-actively treated to kill the present bacteria.

Kitchen Apprentice: Trial by Lack of Fire


I guess that does sound more philosophical than "a smaller pain in the @ss"...

Stories of Astonishing Food Ignorance


"You weren't being knowledgeable or "kind" by telling them they were wrong, just patronising. "

THAT is much more patronizing than anything Angelique reported herself as saying.

Los Angeles: Food Truck Mediocrity from Twist Burgers

From Twist Burger's Website:

"Inspired by an interview on CNN, he took note of the "food truck revolution" movement that was developing in Los Angeles. He realized that his expertise in French and international cuisine and his passion for business equipped him to offer something new and exciting to the Los Angeles culinary community."

Then why did he chose burgers? How is that "new and exciting"?

Kitchen Apprentice: Becoming a Better Home Cook

"More than once, I've found myself frantically poking through a mound of puntarelle for a missing tip of a fingernail before tossing the bunch and starting over."

Claw grip?

The Vegan Experience Day 28: Final Thoughts As a Part-Time Vegan

Thanks for the insight that you provided over the last few weeks. While I'm a happy omnivore, I've been considering the production and source of my food more frequently over the last few years. While I don't agree with the vegan philosophy that see most often shouted at people, I think the discussions and philosophy that you shared was something that almost anyone can agree with, steak lover of not. I've been trying to eat smaller portions of meat over the last few months, and your comments on how vegan food is viewed(i.e. as vegan first, and food second) has shaped the way I view the things I cook. I like to cook for others, and to share my love for cooking with them, as a meal. When I had friends over this weekend, one of whom is an emerging vegetarian, I made a vegan meal for us. It was definitely food first, and the fact that it was vegan was trivial. Thanks again for sharing you experience, and thanks especially for sharing the wisdom you gathered along the way.

The Food Lab: Deep-Fried, Sous Vide, 36-Hour, All-Belly Porchetta (or, the Most Freaking Delicious Thing to Ever Come Out of My Kitchen)

Why do you cool the pork before removing the liquid? Why not cut open the bag and dump it into a container?

You're not worried about carryover, and it doesn't seem like 10 minutes in a water bath is going to help the belly hold onto any of that liquid (like cooling short ribs in their braising liquid does), so why do it?

On another note: OMG.

From the Blender: Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Carolyn, it looks like the same glass you used in your almond milk post on Umami Girl.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

a little bit in most everything. braised short ribs, butternut squash soup, microwave asian noodles.


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