You meat head! Ever call someone a food name?

My 6th grade teacher (of whom we were all petrified) called the one kid brave enough to be a PIA a "mushy banana head" - but she did it in German and it was terrifying.

Parchament Paper

I checked the brand - PaperChef, and it says oven safe to 425. And clearly, 500 is not an issue for it. Just keep an eye on it.

Parchament Paper

I use another brand (can't think of it at the moment) when I cook pizza to transfer dough to pizza stone. Leave it in the oven for 5 minutes or so at 500 - the edges brown but other than that, I've never had a problem.

Need suggestions for southern Maine...

Earth at Hidden Pond in Kennebunkport, When Pigs Fly in Kittery, Black Sushi House, The Lobster Shack or Oarweed in Ogunquit.

Portsmouth, NH/ Southern ME suggestions?

(Lived in the area for 17 years, have worked in many restaurants, married to a chef - these are the places we eat!)

If you want to stay in Portsmouth, some great restaurants in town are Cava, Brazo, the Black Trumpet, Portsmouth Brewery, Portsmouth Gas Light Company. Breaking New Grounds for coffee and pastries. Shio for sushi (don't go to Sake in town! Venture to the outskirts to Shio if you want sushi - yes its in a strip mall, but its still really good).

If you are feeling adventurous and want to explore southern Maine a bit, When Pigs Fly in Kittery has amazing pizza and house-made charcuterie. In Ogunquit, there is Black for sushi, Five-O is pretty good, or head into Perkins Cove in Ogunquit for more traditional Maine seafood (the Lobster Shack - it looks like nothing but the lobster rolls are so good). The Oarweed is also good, and we like it better than Barnacle Billy's or Jackie's. I must also make a plug for the restaurant my husband works at, MC Perkins Cove.

Hope this helps, and have fun!

R.I.P. Mike's of Mike's Pastry in Boston

I go to Mike's ever year when I take my sophomores to Boston to walk the Freedom Trail. There are many teens in southern Maine who have been introduced to the divinity that is an Italian pastry because of Mike's. Sad to hear he has passed. Thanks for the head's up.

Serious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

Mushrooms and sweet Italian sausage.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Chef Knife

Cilantro! Tomatoes! Avocado! Onions! And a lime in half!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Baking Steel

grilled mushrooms and caramelized onions

Reversible Hello Kitty Plush Transforms Into a Burger

That's as magical as it is disturbing. O.o

Using fresh mozzarella in home oven

The last time I used fresh mozz, I was making stuffed portobello cap pizzas and I wanted it drier so they wouldn't be swimming from the moisture in the mushrooms and mozz combined. I tore the mozz balls into chunks and then squeezed the bejeesus out of them over a colander so I didn't lose any of the little bits. Seemed to work well! Unless you need it to look nice, which you probably don't since you are melting it on pizza, maybe give it a try.

Ice cream flavors that go well with pie?

My first thoughts for an apple pie are cinnamon, ginger, or salted caramel. Chai spice might also be nice - I used to work at a coffee/ice cream shop in college and it was one of our best sellers - very mild and interesting flavor. You want to make sure that the ice cream doesn't overpower the pie!

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Ice Cream Novelties

I shouldn't have read this before dinner...

14 Hot Dog Relishes Around America

Yay for Flo's! We eat it on burgers, too.

Tired of cookbook errors

What @McNormal said. My husband works for some fairly famous chefs who have several cookbooks to their names. He said that they did very little of the writing, just some of the creative brainstorming and suggesting what recipes to include. He even said that some of the recipes that he makes on a regular basis at the restaurant are flat out wrong in the book. But the book is real purty.

Foie Gras to be banned in California July 1...

I think that what is described here is far more humane than most of the beef, pork, and chicken slaughter that takes place. Unless these food items are being banned as well, I think its political BS.

Ask A Bartender: Have You Ever Kicked Someone Out of Your Bar?

I had to throw a bride out of her own after party. I worked weekend nights at a pub in the basement of kind of a ritzy inn which regularly did 2 weddings on Saturdays in the summer. Her whole family and wedding party were staying at the inn and had been on the premises drinking since before noon. She bought drinks for her obviously underage cousins, who were an usher and a bridesmaid (but couldn't have been more than 15). Their parents were present, and since they were on the "food" side of the pub, they could be there. We took the first drinks from them and warned her if she did it again we would have to ask them to leave. She then tried to order two cokes and two shots of rum, which we refused to serve, as there was a large sign behind the bar stating that we didn't serve shots. She then got someone else to order two rum-and-cokes, took them back to the table, and poured them into the water glasses her cousins were drinking out of. We took those away, got her new husband, and asked him to take her up to their room. She stumbled up the stairs and ripped her dress. Her husband came back down, sans wife, about 15 minutes later. I don't think he had a very fun first night as a married man!

Memorial Day Grilling Giveaway: Win This Delicious Cap of Ribeye

There is a local butcher shop that sells these uh-maze-ing bone in pork chops. They are an inch-and-a-half thick and so tender you can cut them with your fork. We grill up some peaches and sprinkle them with thyme. So delicious!

From Behind the Bar: In the Weeds

One of my recurring nightmares (along with the one where I am 5 and driving, only to realize that 5 year old me doesn't know how to drive and can't reach the pedals) is that I am in the weeds, only to discover that not only am I in the weeds behind the bar, I am also responsible for a section and all of their dinners are up, and I haven't been over to see them in about half an hour. I wake up in a cold sweat every time.

New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens: Which Team Is the AFC Champ of Food?

People, they ah called the NEW ENGLAND Patr'ots, not the Boston or Massachusetts Patr'ots. Ya cannot hamstring 'em because Baltimore isn't as geographically lahge as New England, bub! Obviously, theyah ah some serious miscalculations heyah, as was pointed out by the disturbing lack of lobstah in the calculations fer shellfish. I mean, only as part of a shore dinnah? That's not how most people eat 'em up heyah!

The Worst Thing I Ever Found in My Food

When I was about 8 or so, my mom was making 3 bean salad for a family get-together. She opened a can of store brand lima beans, poured them into a colander to drain, and then screamed. Sitting on top of the pile of beans was a 4 inch long horned caterpillar, the exact same color as the lima beans. She flung the colander into the back yard, even though it was dead, called the store and the manager told her to bring it back, which she refused to do. We didn't have 3 bean salad at that family dinner!

@moibec - I don't know what I would have done if that was me... I would probably never eat salad again...

Nasty outside..Cozy inside. So what are you cooking?

Well, we were forecasted 1-3 inches of snow and freezing rain here in southern Maine, but its still snowing and we are close to 6 inches! I planned ahead and got a roaster, potatoes, and carrots at the grocery store last night, knowing I wouldn't be headed out today, and I think I am going to make some banana nut muffins and maybe some brown sugar cookies too. Eating leftover broccoli-bacon quiche for lunch, too!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

A very nice and sharp Japanese chef's knife, but I have no idea the make of it. I could ask my husband, but he's playing video games atm. :)

Last meal of 2011?

Hubby's making fancy food for rich people tonight at the restaurant, so its me and the pipsqueak at home for NYE. I'm making pizza (cheese for her, pepperoni and mushroom for me) and I have some champagne chilling for later. If the hubby is lucky, there will be some left for him when he gets home around 1:00 am. :)

Leftover ham and brisket Ideas?

Ham and cheese quiche! I wish I had ham leftovers so I could make some... yummmmm!

Can't find a recipe I swear I saw here...

A couple weeks ago, maybe the week after Thanksgiving, I saw a recipe for goat cheese and cranberry tartlets, made with either phyllo dough or puff pastry. I don't read a lot of food blogs, and I was sure that I saw the recipe here - I even remember a very pretty picture of a finished product. I wanted to make them for our Christmas spread, but after looking (and looking) and looking at other websites that I sometimes frequent, I am not coming up with anything. Does anyone else remember this? Or have a similar recipe that they could point me towards? I seriously feel like I am losing my mind! Did I just make them up?!

how long does pizza dough hold?

I bought frozen dough (at the grocery store, but really from a local-ish pizzeria) a couple of days ago (Saturday), thinking that I would be making pizza yesterday. I left it in the fridge to cold ferment, which I usually do with this dough for at least a couple of days. Well, between this and that, I can't make pizza until at least tomorrow or Friday. How can I tell if its still okay? This may sound like a silly question, but I really don't want to poison my daughter. And I don't have time to make my own (and I'm not very good at it anyway).

Need a cookbook recommendation!

My husband asked me to find him a good cookbook for classic French cooking techniques and recipes. He's kitchen-taught and never went to culinary school. He recently took a new sous position and the owner would like him to rework the menu to be very basic/classic. He knows how to make a lot of things creatively, but would like to brush up on how you are actually supposed to make things, not the "Creative American Cuisine" way to do things. I am not opposed to buying second-hand, either! I appreciate any suggestions!

moved into a smaller kitchen - HELP!

My husband (who is a chef) and I just moved into a smaller apartment. Our kitchen FLOOR has more space, but our kitchen CABINETS have been reduced by more than half. The cabinets we do have are shorter (read, half my wine glasses are now too tall to fit in them), and we have no pantry. And to top it all off, we have to go to two towns over to grocery shop now - so no running to the store for that day's meals.

Otherwise, its a great place to live. ;)

Can you guys make any recommendations for what the heck to do with all of the stuff (food and equipment) that now no longer fits in my kitchen!?!?

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