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16 Egg Recipes for Lunchtime, Dinnertime, or Any Time

This was about the fifth (and last) time that I clicked on a banner like this,
only to find an article cobbled together from previously posted recipes
that have common ingredients.
If I liked the recipe the first time, I have it.
Seems Serious Eats is struggling for content.........

Barolo Chinato: The Ultimate Italian After-Dinner Drink

Nice article! FYI, on the front page, white writing on a white background = unreadable headline

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Pork Dumplings

I agree. Maybe there's a lawsuit preventing SE from naming brands w/reserved reviews.

The Best Way to Cook Frozen Dumplings

@LaurieWendy: I do the same thing, -but- I put a cork into the slot that switches the rice cooker from cook to warm, keeping it on cook till the dumplings crisp up.

A Song of Spice and Fire: The Real Deal With Hunan Cuisine

We certainly won't miss someone who trashes such an excellent article. Any chance for recipes?

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Can I PLEEEZE be the dog that gets the Frida steak? Pleeze?

In Praise of a Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

I.Don't.Eat.Turkey. EVER! Took my newlywed SIL 5 (FIVE) Holiday dinners before she said to me: "I guess if we come to your house for dinners, we will NEVER get turkey."
I just smiled.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

So VERY sorry to hear that Yuba has left. Hugs & much sympathy.

A Day in the Life: Ed Levine, Serious Eats Overlord

Great Column! I agree, more ED! and - the last line of 3PM brought a tear to my eye

Win a Copy of 'Huckleberry'

Right now? Pumpkin pie. After I win this book, the Huckleberry loaf pictured on the cover.

Tales of a Cookbook Writer: What if a Dish Makes Me Gag?

I just saw this article; it made me remember that when my mother cooked tripe, she would boil it for about 30 minutes, drain it and change the water, and she would do this 5 or 6 times throughout the day. It came out extremely tender, and no odor or funk

Best stores for food souvenirs in New Orleans

701 Baronne St.
New Orleans LA
(504) 227 3838
1) My favorite store
2) Promises (and delivers) high quality local items
3) This includes liquor
Go to for more info.
Jax Brewery
Top floor has groceries, etc.

Enjoy your stay!

Curried Coconut Noodles With Shrimp

I would love to have the mussel recipe!!!!

Shake Shack is Expanding to Multiple Cities This Year (and Next)

I was so excited when they came here to Louisiana! All I can really say is they USED to be good............:-(

How Do You Make Crispy Bacon?

as an added extra when baking, brush on some maple syrup

The Food Lab: How to Make a Muffuletta Shooter's-Style Sandwich

@ vaneats: I noticed the olive salad too!
I would eat the heck out of a muffuletta with THESE ingredients for sure (these are not traditional, but probably more delicious)!

Asian Vegetables in Non-Asian Dishes

@ Mr. Nick that sounds very tasty! Thanks for the 411

Asian Vegetables in Non-Asian Dishes

@ Mr. Nick:
I'm confused; I thought beurre blanc is a white butter sauce - kombu and green tea are how did it taste?


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