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Manner Matters: Should You Tattle on Kids Sneaking Food?

So let me get this straight - fat shaming her as a child is bad but calling her out as an adult is perfectly okay? What do you think that the average overweight adult was a size 0 and then adopted a Paula Deen diet at 25 causing massive weight gain? I count down to the "and this is why all Americans are overweight" comments on posts about fast food as if only overweight people in America eat Pizza Hut. The fact is that good eating habits should start young and if this girl is sneaking food, then she might already be developing a bad habit. I agree that given her behavior the dad at least might already be aware, but a gentle reminder wouldn't make this woman the scum of the earth. Yes she should be very careful about how she addresses it and I also wouldn't say anything after the incident, but if I were having dinner with them again and witnessed this behavior I would gently mention something to the parents. Given that overweight people have become this generations smoker in which it's perfectly okay to openly judge their perceived bad habits/life choices you'd think more people would be willing to speak up about a poor kid who feels the need to sneak food for whatever reason. Simply speaking up by focusing on her table manners, the focus of the column, would be an unobtrusive way of doing so without focusing on the girl's weight.

We Taste 9 Fast Food Vanilla Milkshakes (and Risk Permanent Brain Freeze)

Say what you will but Chik-fil-a's banana pudding milkshake is pretty amazing. What-a-burger also has really good shakes and I'll second Culver's as well. Now I want a milkshake!

How to Make Chicago-Style Italian Beef at Home

I would love it if Portillo's went national. Oddly enough the chopped salad is my favorite item on the menu and I have one whenever I'm in town.

On another note I heard that Hot Doug's is closing. Any truth to that?

Weekend Baking Project: Hummingbird Pudding Cake

Thanks both it is indeed not showing up on the mobile version.

Serious Eats Magazine and Android

I think the comments here kind of answer the question posed; my guess is that there's no android version because attempting to optimize content for android devices is a pain in the ass. Every device is different although they all carry the same OS. I am accessing the site right now from my Samsung Note III without issue, but my S5 doesn't load the pages well. I'd agree though that it would be nice if a simple PDF version of the magazine was released to at least give everyone access.

Culinary land mines

I strongly dislike mustard; all varieties and brands. I've never met a mustard that I've liked so I'm one of the weirdos who prefers ketchup on hot dogs. I hate it when mustard is included in anything especially potato salad. I'm also not a fan of cilantro and will find any dish containing even a trace amount inedible.

Poll: What's the Farthest You've Gone for Pizza?

When I lived in Scottsdale AZ I used to drive all the way to Flagstaff AZ (4 hour drive) for pizza. The place was based out of a gas station but had really good Chicago style thin crust pizza. I definitely miss that pizza!

Introducing Our New Etiquette Column, Manner Matters

I agree that this can be tricky especially for those of us who don't drink alcohol. I had dinner a few weeks ago with 5 other people and our total bill was over $600 with most of the cost being the result of several mixed drinks and 3 bottles of wine. I was pretty peeved when the bill came and my friend started calculating an even split until someone else chimed in for me. It sucks to have to be "that person" but I had a salad and water, which was less than $20 so it's a little presumptuous to assume that I'd be willing to subsidize everyone else's alcohol. It is hard to speak up because you don't want to look like a cheapskate, while in my case I'm just trying to avoid getting cheated.

The Top 10 Burgers in Melbourne From The Burger Adventure

@dinuc not in San Francisco I'm sure that the burger is not only preservative free but from a cow that was hugged every night before being tucked in. The chef probably has a photo of said cow with his old buddy farmer John displayed proudly in the dining room to justify the $20 price tag. The cheese is also probably superior as it's also a product of Dolly, I mean the cow.

Alinea and 'Babygate:' Should Babies Be Allowed in Fine Dining?

It's a tough position for the restaurant because if they booted the couple they would have found themselves on every morning talk show attempting to save face. But I agree that management should have addressed the issue instead of ignoring it, and asked the couple to take the baby out until quiet.

Mission Cantina: Danny Bowien's Foray Into Mexican Falls Short

I actually thought that the chicken dish was reasonable. It was the $5 taco that made me do a double-take.

What is beef summer sausage?

Lol @ Bob I remember it being a cheap gift for coworkers. It would usually come in a small gift box with cheddar and honey mustard. I would pick up 4 or 5 of them for $10 each (or less) and being in the midwest, look like the best coworker ever.

Slow-Cooker Chicago-Style Italian Beef and Sausage Combos

I grew up on those Italian beef kits that you could buy at grocery stores all over the area and most of them came with deli roast beef. IMO the Scala kit we bought often tasted as good, or better, than most of the beef sandwiches I had at restaurants. I really don't think that there's a hard and fast rule when it comes to any dish. I mean if it tastes good who cares?

Does The Doughnut Vault Serve the Best Doughnut in America?

Maybe I went on an off day but I thought that the donuts were a bit too sweet. Probably just my sugar tolerance, but I couldn't make it through half of a glazed.

Tasty Burgers and Terrible Service at Gordon Ramsay BurGR in Las Vegas

Lol it is kind of funny that 40 people feel the need to whine about the writer's annoyance with one word. Like your butt hurt trumps the writer's. But I guess you all are right - given what you could be called in the south "ma'am" probably isn't that bad. Bless your heart...

dishwasher vs. hand-washing dishes?

I haven't seen a dishwasher that requires rinsing in years. My dishes, pots and pans included, go straight in without being rinsed. I never have leftover residue on my dishes. I like it because I can load the dishwasher throughout the week as opposed to leaving a bunch of dishes in the sink, which I find to be extremely gross. Of course I hand wash, if needed; however, the dishwasher is always preferred. I also feel like my dishes are cleaner then when I hand wash. My dishwasher has a steam option and is HE so it requires very little detergent and water, but cleans thoroughly.

Ask the Critic: Here's How Tipping Actually Works

I find it odd that I've seen several recommendations for dealing with poor service, but no mention of talking to the server directly. I manage a large department and nothing annoys me more than someone coming to me to discuss an issue with one of my reports without having discussed the issue with that individual first. That behavior is so juvenile. If I have issues with my service I first address it with the server and if I don't get anywhere, then I bring it to management. I've found that 99% of the time the issue was calmly and quickly resolved with the server without involving management or having to short change the waiter for something in which he probably wasn't even aware. We all have a different definition of "good service," so I imagine that it has to be a pain to anticipate the individual needs of every person who walks through the door. Just a couple of nights ago I was at dinner and watched a man dress down the server for constantly interrupting him (the server was just refilling chatty Cathy's drink). So how many refills are too many and conversely what's too few? It's one of the reasons I switched from the vendor side of my industry because I grew tired of dealing with every client's requirement for personal attention as if they were my only client regardless of how much they contributed to my company's profit (I imagine it's also the same in that the people spending the least amount of money are the most demanding).

Ask the Critic: On Restaurant Critics and Expense Accounts

I agree that a professional reviewer not funding the meal can create a bias when considering value, but I think that's where peer reviews can actually be useful. I actually do this often for electronics. The professionals are often fan boys of manufacturers and also basing their reviews off of free samples provided by the manufacturers, so sometimes I question their opinions. I'll then refer to the comments sections of the reviews or even go to Amazon and check out what others (who've actually spent their money and so who are potentially better judges of value) have to say. Food reviews are similar; I'll often seek out professional reviews for opinions on the quality of the food and then check Yelp to see what others have to say about quality. No, none of the opinions will actually force my decision but they can help with making the decision. So as much flack as Yelp and similar sites get, for some of us they do have a place.

Building Trust in a Restaurant Setting

I also go to a restaurant with the dessert menu in mind. I'm a fairly decent cook but a terrible baker, so the only time I eat sweets is when dining out. My problem is that I usually dine out with folks like meatntaters who finish their entrees and want nothing more than another glass of wine. I usually stick to a salad to save room for my main course: chocolate cake. So I'm often the only person having dessert, which sucks. It's always nice when restaurants offer desserts that lean more to the savory side for those who aren't huge fans of sweets, or desserts that are lighter so that they're tempting after a large meal (other than boring standbys like ice cream, sorbet, or fruit). I also like simplicity. Living in San Francisco I see a lot of restaurants offering these deconstructed versions of popular desserts that require instructions from the waiter or a manual to figure out how to combine the components on the plate to get them to taste like bread pudding. I really don't want to work that hard for bread pudding. So variety is nice as well; 2-3 items that showcase the pastry chef's talent and that offer something to suit most palates.

Fast Food Workers Strike for Higher Wages

Five years ago I too would have said that a fast food restaurant is a summer job for a 16 year old, but given the unemployment rate I guess work is work. Maybe that's the real problem; the complaints are coming from individuals who would have never considered the fast food industry when they had other options, but now that their options are limited and they feel stuck (when compared to past experiences) they also feel underpaid. Maybe it's unrealistic expectations that are the problem, and not wages.

The Food Lab: 3 Ways to Grill Corn

I've never had a problem getting grill marks and grilled flavor from corn in the husk. However, I use a charcoal grill and not a glorified hot plate (i.e. gas grill).

Staff Picks: What's the Best Pizza in Chicago?

+1 cpd007 How did Villa Nova in Cicero not make the list? I'll also take Giordano's over Lou Malnati's any day. Lou's pizza always tastes under-cooked unless you ask them to damn near burn it.