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How to Make Your Own Chocolate Dip (aka Magic Shell), Ice Cream's Most Magical Topping

I'm interested in making a 9" ice cream cake covered by a magic shell, is this possible? The chocolate will harden before I can even smear it around and dunking a 9" cake would require a lot of dip... Is there a trick to it or just use a more traditional chocolate glaze?

Where to Eat Outdoors in Austin, TX, 2014 Edition

I'm visiting Austin the end of summer from New England, this is the kind of thing I wanted to do while there. Thanks for this!

We Taste 9 Fast Food Vanilla Milkshakes (and Risk Permanent Brain Freeze)

I'd like to note that Sonic (at least in my state) offers shakes at half price after 8pm every day. I asked a worker and they said they usually run it all summer so although it is the priciest, if you have a hankering after 8pm the price drops dramatically.

Bake the Book: Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Desserts

a big slice of cake is best with equally big scoop of ice cream

Sweet Potato Galettes From 'Ottolenghi'

For the final bake is it still at 400 degrees in the oven?

Toasted Coconut and Lime Ice Cream

I was thinking of forming pops with this flavor and the mango sorbet recipe, do you think it would pair well? My only issue would be sweetness since I've never tried either recipe, and don't want to overwhelm.

Bake the Book: The Ice Creamists

Just a simple lemon ice cream is what I love dearly

Boston, MA: Ice Cream Sandwiches at the Frozen Hoagies Truck

I always prefer crunchy cookies over chewy, but to be fair I think for a sandwich the cookie must be chewy so you can cleanly bite through otherwise the ice cream would spew out through the sides if it's too hard and crunchy.

Scooped: White Sesame Pistachio Crunch Ice Cream

I don't even know if anyone reads this anymore, but can I swirl the pomegranate molasses into the ice cream towards the end of churning or will it have adverse effects and can only be used as a topping? Thanks!

So You Want to Make Ice Cream for 100 People?

This. is. awesome!! Making ice cream is my utmost favorite thing to do, and I've always wanted ice cream at my wedding so this post is an awesome guide. I definitely want to try it out at a party or a friend's wedding. Is it easy to attain dry ice? And how did you end up scooping it at the event? Did you provide your own dishware of sorts, adding to the cost, or did the venue take care of all of that?

Gift Guide: For Cake Bakers

I love my heritage bundt! The only thing is yes, you should warn people about getting clean edges out of that pan, it can be quite a nightmare and disheartening when the cake comes out in chunks. I butter and the flour the heck out of it.

I'm a bit surprised at how small this list is. Of course there could be a mile long list for any genre of gift guide, but this only has eight items. Mini spatulas but no off-set spatulas? Nothing in relation to frostings? It is rather lacking in detail

Gift Guide: For the Food Plush Toy Lover

Oh man this is the best and worst gift guide ever! I want so many yet need none. He's a bit of an oldie so probably hard to find, but Kogepan should be up there! He's burnt bread that no one will buy in the bakery, and he even has inspirational shorts for children to learn from. The tonkatsu reminded me of him

Food grade pipettes?

Thank you for the information! I might be confused, but to clarify you mean all lab appropriate pipettes should be more than OK for food use? Because I found some appropriate sized pipettes on etsy but they said it's only used for making essential oils and not food, so I wonder if it can still be applicable to food? And thank you very much for the link!

Blackberry Buttermilk Pie

Sorry if this is a silly question, but does it need to be in the fridge right up until serving or can it sit out at room temp for a little while? And would it need to be refrigerated if there are leftovers?

The Scoop: On Steve's

We had a Herrell's where I grew up in Allston on Harvard Ave. I remember one of the biggest blizzards we had in the '90s and my sister and I thought it was a perfect time to walk in the snow and grab a pint of banana ice cream from Herrell's. Epitomized my entire childhood right there. Loved the article!

Have You Ever Tried a Dinkie?

These pictures probably would have benefited from cutting the dinkies in half to see more of the filling. They just don't all seem varied enough.

I have an aebelskiver pan at home, so it's nice to see some filling ideas I can try to implement at home.

Snapshots from Dessert Professional's 19th Annual Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America

I like how the winner and one of the finalists of Top Chef Just Desserts S2 are in the top 10 in the nation. Shows they have some real talent.

Snapshots from Vietnam: The Best Things I Ate

These are amazing photos! My parents are from Nha Trang so it's great to see all of the photos from there. I hear it is a beautiful coastal town. Hopefully I will get to visit one day, but until then I have your lovely photos to transport me.

Congrats to the 2012 James Beard Award Winners

Paul wins Top Chef and a James Beard award? He must be on cloud nine.

AHT Giveaway: Case of Pat LaFrieda Burgers

Medium rare, potato bun, has to have ground chuck in it, caramelized onions, ketchup, mayo, and ridge potato chips smashed on it. Delish!

Cook the Book: 'How to Cook Everything The Basics'

Martha Stewart's Cupcakes..... I had a very intense cupcake phase

Scoop the Book: Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones from Bi-Rite Creamery

Banana. If I go to an ice cream shop I've never been to and they offer banana, I always try it as a testament to how they deal with flavors. It can be bland and watery meaning not enough fruit, or it can taste artificial and I feel like banana is the one flavor that is so glaringly obvious it is an extract and nothing like the real thing.