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Where to Find Duck Fat French Fries Across the Country

The Grey Plume in Omaha, NE (Also the greenest restaurant in the U.S.)

People of the industry

I guess the two restaurants that I work at, the kitchen staff is treated really, really well. At both places they make pretty good money (twice as much as my last kitchen job as saute cook) and the head chefs of each are really good about how many hours the cooks work, injury time, ect. They also make just a little under what I normally average serving, between 15-20 an hour. (I'm not sure how insurance works at either place, but I know that both places pay for medical bills if anyone has a serious accident on the job and give them time off to recover, no questions asked). And the cooks at both are praised just as much as the head chefs. So I guess it really just depends on where you work. (I am kind of bitter towards you all because you get to cook on the line. I miss it terribly, but from a financial standpoint, I have to serve so I can make enough to cover culinary school. So I have to put up with people telling me things like 'servers don't deserve to be paid,' which unfortunately, a woman actually told me a couple months ago... so until I get the next year of school paid off, no line for me and putting up with some people that really shouldn't eat out.)

14 Things To Make with Oreos

What about Oreo fluff: One package prepared vanilla pudding, one tub of Cool whip, and oreos to taste. The salad is at every buffet, graduation, or party and really is considered a salad, not a desert...

Dinner Tonight: Bocadillo de Tortilla

@SilvaS I totally agree with the pan con tomate, but I would add a bit of olive oil and some salt.
Also a chef while I was in Barcelona said her mother separated the eggs and beat the whites then folded the yolks and potatoes/onions in. It really makes something that can be really dense a bit lighter. And I think the tortilla tastes even better if you make it the day before and leave it a little bit underdone in the middle...

Enter to Win a Copy of the 'Alinea' Cookbook

I am planning on trying that chickpea chocolate "cake" that was posted on here a while back while I am home for spring break!

Barcelona food/restaurant recommendations

I am currently studying in Barcelona and have been here about 2 months. First there are a few things to stay clear of:
1. Restaurants directly on las Ramblas. Most are not very authentic, or very good (price, taste, or quality wise)
2. Only get paella on Thursdays. That is traditionally the day it is served in restaurants. If you aren't there on a Thursday, go to a restaurant in Plaça del Rey which is near las Ramblas. There is a restaurant in the left corner (when your back is towards las Ramblas) that had pretty good food and a Menú del día.
3. Avoid the "touristy" places to eat. If you want really authentic food, pick a side street and a bar or cafe that has a lot of people (preferably those speaking in Catalan or menus in Catalan will give you the best experience. You can tell Catalan because there are a lot of x's compared to Castellano (Spanish))
4. Don't buy anything from the food stands (such as the fruit or chocolate stands) in the first 2 isles of la Boqueria. They may look pretty but the quality isn't as good as some of the stands farther in and the prices are quite a bit higher.

Things to eat:
1. Tortilla de patatas or a bocadillo de tortilla de patatas. This can be found at almost any cafe or bar
2. Jamon Sarano, snails, and rabbit are seen as delicacies. Give them all a try and go to a grociery store and get some jamon sarano to take home!
3. Aceitunas o olivas (olives) in the markets. The market by the cathedral or la Boqueria are good places to get some!
4. Get some zumo (juice) from a fruit stand (near the center) in la Boqueria
5. Wonder around Barrio Gotico (the old part of town) and find get chocolate con churros (order chocolate suizo if you want nata: whipped cream) My favorite place is called Grana Dulcena and is near Plaça del Pi.

What's The Best Sandwich You've Ever Had?

I am currently studying in Barcelona, Spain, and my favorite sandwich in the world is a bocadillo de tortilla de patatas. In English: a Spanish potato omelet sandwich on a baguette. You must try one if you travel to Barcelona or make your own at home!