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Date Night: Dressed Up Hawker Fare at Singapura

Some call what comes out of the kitchen at Singapura "Asian fusion." While the dishes do draw on ingredients and preparations from a wide swatch of the continent, including India, Thailand, Malaysia, and the provinces of China home to the Hakka people, they represent, according to the menu, what's made by housewives and hawkers in Singapore. Singapura offers an excellent introduction into this multifaceted cooking culture. More

Date Night: Silk Rd Tavern

They say the devil's in the details, but at Silk Rd Tavern, a restaurant in the Flatiron district specializing in Asian and American comfort foods, the devil's in the abbreviation. It's "Rd," not "Road," and the lack of the two letters lets the Asian-American comfort food get away with a lot. Things get swapped, substituted, mashed up, the familiar gets reimagined and rendered un-. More

Date Night: Kiwiana, New Zealander Cooking from 'Top Chef's' Marc Simmons

Being on TV is a little like being in prison. Do either, and for the rest of your life people will find a way to work it into any bio. Kiwiana's chef-owner Marc Simmons appeared on season 4 of Top Chef in 2008 as the goofy guy who took a semi-clothed bath with one of his housemates. That Marc may be gone, but even as he's grown up, the food at his New Zealand restaurant in Park Slope shows a determined tendency toward the sweet earnestness of youth. More

What We Ate on the Trans-Siberian Railway

What We Ate on the Trans-Siberian Railway

@Kenji: Lots of good Chongqing chicken in Beijing, thankfully, including the cafeteria of the office of the Sichuan government.

@Lorenzo: Our train was shorter due to the lower demand in winter: it only had first- and second-class carriages.

@phillamb168: If you travel independently, it's not all that expensive. A second-class Moscow-Beijing ticket can be had for around $600 in winter, and a first-class ticket for around twice that.

@Grisha: Quark and tvorog are the same thing.

Oh, the Places We Went! Favorite Foods from Around the World in 2012

Dnyanesh, we actually put a few slideshows of food in India on SE this year. Here's one on vegetarian street food, one on Rajasthani eats, and one on street sweets.

Date Night: Kiwiana, New Zealander Cooking from 'Top Chef's' Marc Simmons

Sorry for the confusion. The dish is called “manuka and marmite braised baby back ribs,” but “manuka honey” is what goes into the braise.

Good Bread: Dean & DeLuca's New Beaujolais Bread is an Autumnal Beauty

The Vegetarian Option: Himalayan Flavors at Mustang Thakali Kitchen in Jackson Heights

A Himalayan thali? Looks (and sounds) great!

Date Night: Cozy Argentinian at Porteño in Chelsea

Thanks, all.

@samanthaalison: interesting point about the salteña.

Date Night: Beyond California Rolls at Momo Sushi Shack in Bushwick

The gyoza are under that shell, forming a sort of spine. And yes, the pork betty does come with a fair amount of soy sauce and sake.

Date Night: Chote Nawab

@simon: Minced lamb, but it did kind of look like a flattened chicken breast.

Snapshots from El Salvador: Best Things We Ate in Juayúa

An Introduction to Singaporean Food

What a great guide this is, Max --- amazing stuff!

Afternoon Snack: Potato Chips from Mountain Sweet Berry Farm

Yes, definitely. Between these chips and Martin's Pretzels, our junk food needs are just about covered.

Date Night: Anjappar

Thanks -- that was exactly what we did when we were in India last year, and it was wonderful!

Date Night: Convivium Osteria

@KateN: It's a perfect rainy night place. Very cozy.

@parkdope20: The ribeye does sound great. Maybe next time.

Thanks for reading!

Bronx Eats: Celebrating the Cambodian Buddhist New Year at Wat Jotanaram in Bedford Park

Very cool--had no idea. Thanks for posting about this.

Date Night: Calyer

Snapshots from India: The Best Vegetarian Street Food

Thanks for reading, everyone -- glad to see so many other Indian street food fans!

Snapshots from India: Street Sweets

Thanks for reading, everyone!

@KarmaFreeCooking: Looks like you've had some great trips. Aamras and ice cream sounds fantastic.

@henry.gomes: Where do you recommend in JH? For sweets in the neighborhood we generally go to Rajbhog or Maharajah, but we're always on the hunt for more.

The Vegetarian Option: Balkanika

@howard, @hunrgy: they were out of the "sexy balls for him" and "sexy bites for her" when we were there recently, sadly.

Get to Know Us: Jessica Allen and Garrett Ziegler, 'Date Night'

@KateN: Thanks so much!

@FromtheFuture: Indeed it is--we were there just a few days ago. The food is as good as ever.

@HW: The gratitude is all ours.

Date Night: 26 Seats

@xbklynh8r: Nope, we didn’t derive any thoughts about her abilities from her appearance. The subject of the verb “belied” is “touch,” so that phrase indicates that her traditional gesture was out of keeping with the casual contemporary style of her clothes. Hope that answers your question, and thanks for reading.

Date Night: Franchia

Hmmm . . . according to the DOHMH site, their most recent inspection (November of last year) netted them an A, with 13 points, not a C.

Date Night: PT

@sahiba, Thanks!

@RobertoRX, Indeed. We're looking forward to a return trip.

A Look at Dekalb Market in Brooklyn

Date Night: Abistro

It is! Thanks for the help with proofreading, @bookmonger.

The Vegetarian Option: Katashe's

If you ride the 5 train almost all the way to its northernmost stop, and get out at Gun Hill Road, you will find yourself surrounded by Jamaican and West Indian restaurants and grocery stores. Walking past the eateries hawking chicken, and markets offering such popular cuts of meat as "cow cod" (look it up), you might dismiss Katashe's as just another store, and one that doesn't look particularly well-stocked. In the back, though, you'll see a variety of patties piled up in a hot box. Behind the counter you'll see some steam trays, and you'll get a whiff of allspice. Ask the counterman what's available for lunch and he'll gladly lift the lids up to show you. More

Date Night: Mombar

We loved Mombar, an Egyptian restaurant in Astoria, immediately. The DIY decor, kaleidoscopic and kinda crazy. The owner's banter with his son, who neglected his homework in favor of a device that went ping and beep. The chef who read a pulp paperback in Arabic during downtime. We found the atmosphere eclectic and inviting, the food similarly welcoming and impressive in its depths. Good place, this. More

Where To Eat Near Yankee Stadium

In anticipation of the Yankee's Opening Day 2011 on Thursday, we've put together this list of inexpensive and easily accessible local haunts near Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. From Ghanaian to Dominican food, they represent the changing demographics of the borough. While there are a handful of decent vendors at Yankee Stadium, why not skip the lines for a $7 Nathan's hot dog or $8 garlic fries and venture a little further afield? More

Video: DOUGH in Clinton Hill for Hibiscus, Chai, Lemon Glaze Doughnuts

"I tell him to handle the dough like it was a woman—gently, softly," says Fany Gerson of DOUGH, a new doughnut shop in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. In this video from Food Curated with Liza de Guia, we go behind-the-counter with Gerson to learn about her doughnut experimentation. After over 50 trials, she found the winner recipe: a not-too-sweet batter with a smidge of nutmeg that, when fried, gets those crispy outsides and light insides. They're also about as big as your face. "You don't want to have it end too soon!" More

Behind The Scenes With The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, After Hours

Signs of spring are beginning to show—perhaps most welcome among them, the Mister Softee trucks roaming the streets. And at Serious Eats, our favorite of those is the The Big Gay Ice Cream truck. I spent an evening with BGICT frontman Doug Quint in his usual Union Square spot when he brought his truck out for one preview day last week. Even more interesting? I tagged along as he was closing up the truck. More

The Vegetarian Option: El Tapatio

A rudimentary knowledge of Spanish will come in handy for anyone eating at El Tapatio, nestled into a dark, narrow space on a busy street in Spanish Harlem. There's a bit of English on the menu, but the waitstaff doesn't speak much. Somehow between my high school Spanish, our server's patience, and some pointing at the menu, we were able to put together a nice little vegetarian feast for lunch. More

Behind The Scenes At Fatty Johnson's

You've just read about Fatty Johnson's—a pop-up restaurant from the Fatty crew in the old Cabrito space. Rather than the restaurant-bar that Cabrito was, Fatty Johnson's is set up more as a cocktail bar that serves food to help soak up the alcohol, like their Big Johnson's Burger and Fried Chicken stuffed with ham and cheese. On some nights you will find Adam Schuman, the cocktail guru of the Fatty empire, running the bar; while some nights you'll find a bartender from some other spot in the city mixing a drink for you. More

Snapshots from the Flushing Mall Grazing Experience

The choices were dizzying. Pork and chive dumplings, fried squid balls, hand-pulled noodles, stinky tofu, lamb burgers and shrimp noodle soup lined tables for the Flushing Mall Grazing Experience, an instant potluck where attendees spent $10 at the food court and brought dishes back for all to share. Jeff Orlick, of Jeffrey Tastes, organized the Feb. 19 event along with a $5 Chili Sauce Tasting Table. He encouraged everyone to graze and try food they've never had. More

Date Night: Le Grand Dakar

Le Grand Dakar brings the spirit of the Sahel to an ordinary, brownstone-heavy block in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. The restaurant exudes warmth, from the tan and blond wood used throughout the dining area to the photos of smiling schoolchildren in uniforms lining the walls to the gorgeous, all-Senegalese waitstaff to the world jazz playing on the stereo. More