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  • Last bite on earth: It would all depend on the time of year. In the summer, a fresh picked tomato with sea salt. In the fall, anything with butternut squash. Winter, lamb chili with goat cheese. Spring, rack of lamb.

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Mexican Food in Monmouth County?

Just got this info from my friend at

Mexico Lindo is about as real as it comes around here. It's a byob on the Burnt Tavern extension in Brick, NJ.

Mexican Food in Monmouth County?

Hi Chisai,

This is Deb Smith from Jersey Bites. Sorry I'm so late in my reply. As you can see I'm a "she" not a he but I don't mind. I love the referrals. You are going to have a very difficult time finding authentic Mexican food here in NJ. it's just not something we're known for. Like you said, we do a lot of other cuisines very well, but when it comes to Mexican we definitely put our own spin on things. There's a tiny little place in Point Pleasant Beach that opened up next to a Mexican grocery store, I think its called Mi Cucina. They are known for their authentic Mexican cuisine.

If you find a place you really enjoy in NJ, please send me a tip through the website. Thanks.

Deb Smith

Cook the Book: Chicken Liver Pate

I use my MIL's recipe and all it calls for is chopped onion, butter and chicken livers. I think its delicious, but I see a lot of recipes calling for chopped hard boiled egg. Comments on the egg addition?


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