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Chicago, IL: Kiss Your What, Poag Mahone's?

It's actually pog mo thoin (Irish guy here).

What's Not OK To Eat For Breakfast?

The best breakfast I ever had was made by my bro's missus, it was eggs benedict with bagels instead of english muffins, streaky bacon instead of canadian, homemade hollandaise and a side of salad with all the trimmings with fresh cut strawberries and a balsamic reduction, I've never had a better breakfast since.

Mexican Eats: Guelaguetza

Logging in after a year hiatus in London to say this is my favourite takeaway restaurant in New York City. If you didn't have the chorizo tacos or the sopes carnitas you haven't eaten here.

AHT Giveaway: Fatty Melt Dinner for Two at Rub BBQ in NYC

My girlfriend loves Irish pub burgers (corner bistro/JG Melon) I would love to see how to make her the perfect one.

Snapshots from Amsterdam: The Best Street Food

Also the bitterballen in Vandaag in the East Village pretty much blows the stuff I had in Dutch bars away (although that stuff was frozen admittedly and Vandaag make theirs fresh). I might have to take a trip to Vandaag now, damnit!

Snapshots from Amsterdam: The Best Street Food

As someone who lived in Rotterdam I can tell you that broodje haring (herring bread) is kind of a seasonal thing (June I think) because herring come in fresh at a certain time of year.

Not sure if you got a bad one but the pickled herring and onion rolls that I ate in Holland over the year I was there were fantastic.
You missed out on filet american (steak tartare on a bread roll) I used to love that stuff!

Chain Reaction: We Order a Domino's 10-Topping Pizza

+1 for beemoh's idea, could do that in a future episode of slice!

The Corner Slice: The Best Slice on Eighth Between 30th and 31st

Ah my hood. Pizza Suprema is definitely the best by a mile. I love how they usually have a pie hot out of the oven if you go for the plain slice.
Careful though, eating it on the street I've probably burned the roof of my mouth tens of times.

The thing about Amadeus is that they're open until some crazy hour so if you've got the munchies and you need a quick delivery at 4am they're the only option and they deliver by the slice. To be honest their buffalo wings are better than their pizza! Their burgers however are horrendous cafeteria pucks.

Where to find classic British food in London

Get a Pie Minister Pie on the southbank. Extra points if you get it with somerset cider. Oh Glastonbury you cannot come fast enough!!!

Where to buy sausages in Manhattan?

scratch that didn't read your comment properly, they're only good for italian style.

The Cheeseburger Eggsplosion, a Burger with a Fried Egg Center

quail eggs can be found in the korean market in koreatown.

What Next Iron Chef Nate Appleman Has Been Doing at Chipotle

best thing in chipotle I think are the salad bowls, still not great for you but their shredded pork and shredded beef rule with a lot of red (hot) salsa.

St. Paddy's Report: Irish Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Queens

Don't know why Shepard's Pie in America is made with beef. Surely Shepard would imply lamb, which is the trad Irish way...
It all is making me homesick though.

Irish Potato Candy?

I'm Irish and have no idea what this is.

Best place to buy scallops fresh and in the shell??

I tried Citarella in the village and they didn't have them. Guess I'll check the Chelsea market.

Thanks guys!