Jen Weinberg

Love to cook/bake. Working at the best place ever!

  • Location: New York, NY
  • Favorite foods: Ice cream and pasta
  • Last bite on earth: That's a tough one...probably the caramel biscotti gelato from Osteria Morini with chocolate on top.

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Cereal Eats: Basic 4 is Delicious

Growing up my mother used to eat this as her dessert when we watched television. She would sit there with the box and pick out all the good stuff!

Put Tianjin Dumpling House at the Top of Your Flushing Itinerary

I always keep a pack of 50 dumplings in our freezer. It's the best for a quick dinner and I LOVE drowning them in sirracha and soy sauce!

Soda: My Lifelong Fresca Obsession

Fresca was the only soda I would really drink. It was the "healthy" soda.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Brady is a Maltese and had a great visit this week. He was exhausted after all the fun and slept like a rock like that night!


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