I am a Doctoral student with a huge passion for food! I love to cook and try new recipes and go out to different restuarants. I learned most of my cooking skills from my Italian father. Check out my food blog for some of my favorite recipes!

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  • Location: Delaware
  • Favorite foods: eggplant parm, risotto, calzone, cannoli, panna cotta
  • Last bite on earth: eggplant parm for sure! Crispy, cheesy, saucy, cannot be beat!

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East Coast Seafood

go to the Lobster Hut in Plymouth, MA, its on the way to Falmouth and right on the water, they have everything, I suggest the lobster roll and onion rings. And then go across the street and get an ice cream at Peaceful Meadows!

First meal of 2011?

all sounds yummy, except for the hangovers ha! I had some egg nog french toast to kick off 2011. And now it's back to the gym...

Love the Holidays especially the food except.....

First, trying to find a parking spot at the mall is the worst.
Second, the people who sit in their car and look at all their receipts from everything they have bought and take 20 minutes to actually vacate their parking spot. Ugh, that is SO annoying.

Holiday food traditions

My aunt always makes panna cotta with pine nuts and strawberries, it is my absolute favorite dessert that I look forward to every year.

White Pizza: Garlic and Olive Oil; Garlic and Butter;Ricotta or?

I like to roast a bunch of garlic and mash it up with olive oil to make a paste, then I rub the paste on the pizza crust, top with a thin layer of ricotta, some slices of fresh mozz, fresh basil, and fresh cracked pepper. Maybe some tomato slices or spinach too, depending on what I feel like!

What's your weirdo story?

My family Christmas party is one of the best days of the year. From homemade vodka to shots of sambuca, there are endless stories. One of my favorites is from about 10 years ago. We had all traveled to my Aunt's house and after a few too many cocktails, my Aunt went to the freezer to get some ice cubes for her drink. My brother looked at her drink and asked what were the things floating in it. Turns out, she was so drunk, she had thought the frozen french fries in her freezer were ice cubes!!!!

Do you 'serious diet'?

I believe in having a balance. If I go out to dinner, I try to eat a small portion and take the leftovers home. With the Holidays here, moderation is becoming harder and harder, so I have learned to take the good with the bad. If I eat a few too many cookies, I try to balance it out with eating less the next few days and exercising more than normal. I maintain an exercise routine of heavy cardio 5x week and strength training. I love food way too much to ever be on a real diet. Food is here for us to enjoy, not avoid!

Holiday Cocktails

how about a nice hot spiced rum cider with caramel?

Winter: What's it good for?

the cold weather definitely stinks but I warmed up this weekend with risotto stuffed peppers, homemade chicken noodle soup, and homemade bread! French toast made a nice belly-warming breakfast today too. i dont ski or snowboard either but winter definitely is a good excuse to eat hearty!

Holiday work party ideas!

thanks for all of these great suggestions everyone!!! that struffoli sounds really good i think i may go with that :)

best Lobster roll in Mass.

Massachusetts has some great great food. Next time you are there you should go down to Plymouth harbor and go to the Lobster hut...amazing clam strip and onion rings. If you were in the city too you should go to the north end and go to pizzeria regina and mikes pastry. I am convinced that no better pizza or cannolli exist!

Holiday work party ideas!

thanks for all the replies everyone!

we do not have assignments - we can bring whatever we would like.
head count is probably around 30 people.
microwaves and outlets are available, also it is not a far drive for me so heating something up in my oven and driving it over is not out of the question.
tiramisu sounds yummy...i have never made one but i have always wanted to! im loving all the italian suggestions, definitely my favorite type of food :)
as far as a budget, i am a grad student so i can't spend a ton of money, but if it's something worth while i am willing to splurge a little!

What treasured food do you wish you knew how to make?

My father's meatballs. I try and try to recreate them and they are always good, but never as delicious as his.

Do you "fast" before Thanksgiving?

you should definitely have something for breakfast, if you do not eat at all, your stomach will shrink and you will get fuller faster when you start eating thanksgiving dinner. It's a day of feasting, no need to skip breakfast!