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The French Macaron?

while we're at it, and since I'm a rube, how does one pronounce "macaron"?

5 Awful Press Release Blunders To Avoid

I don't understand why this is here? Is Amex advertising with you guys?

Giving up anything for Lent?

Guess that's not food related....but you didn't say our answer had to be! :)

Giving up anything for Lent?

I am giving up facebook! Believe me, this is a big deal for me, haha. I did it a few years ago though, and it was wonderful. I didn't actually even want to go back, but I was afraid I'd "miss something", which of course I haven't.

Best bake sale recipes?

Magic cookie bars. You can make them a few days early and individually wrap them up tight and put in the fridge.

They are amazing, and not a lot of work.

Wendy's New french fries

I don't understand what "natural cut" means. Did they cut them with a cucumber or something? :)

Stories of Astonishing Food Ignorance

I probably didn't know what lentils were until I was about 22 either.

It took us about a half hour to get to the grocery store growing up. Going to college and being able to run somewhere in 5 minutes was an amazing experience for me, so I think it's understandable that I didn't know about lentils. I don't think I've actually ever eaten them!

Your most memorable meal?

I once ate in Frascati, Italy, at a restaurant with sidewalk seating (though I think most restaurants in Italy has outdoor seating- love it!). I was in college, with a bunch of friends, wine, amazing roasted pork, bread, and lots of other foods. The pork was TO DIE FOR. I can't recall what they put on it, but wow.

Being Americans, we ate a bit earlier than Italians, so we practically had the street to ourselves, looking over the Italian hills.

it was lovely.

Do You Have A Family Dinner Hour?

@timotheos - I am really enjoying your posts, you are so friendly and encouraging! :)

When I was younger and lived with my parents we would have dinner at the table nearly every night, and if my dad was at a meeting, my mom, brother and I would eat. Sometimes we'd eat in front of the tv if we had pizza or something, but that was rare.

Now I live alone, and my boyfriend and I have dinner together a few times a week.

I do hope when I have a family of my own we will eat together every night we can!

Cookie-Stuffed Cookies

This is the best thing I've ever seen.

Wendy's Spicy Asiago Ranch Chicken Club: Long Name, Small Changes

I seriously love the spicy chicken sandwich. Thanks for the review, I'll have to try it next time I'm near a Wendy's.

Where to eat along I-75?

We always stop at this terrible/awesome place in Georgia called Plantation House. It is NOT a restaurant. It is a gas station/general that looks like a plantation house, but they sell awesome divinity and other tacky trinkets. Definitely worth a stop at least once.

The Burger Lab: Cheeseburger Dip

Sorry Kenji, if you've never heard of this, you are probably a bit too fancy. (or have never been to the midwest!) :)

Pastie recipe?

@honeybaby790 and Saria- thanks, will definitely check them out. Glad to see British cooks with recipes, I would feel more authentic that way, whether they are or not, haha.

@Lorenzo- no I haven't! Just googled it though- looks cool! I will check on Netflix. I love a good British TV show.

Have LOVED Downton. I think Bates may be the servants version of Mr. Darcy? :)

WHERE THE HELL DID _ _ _ _ _ _ _ GO?!

Magic Middle missers- Found something similar at Target. Their cheaper house brand. Not good or what I remembered at least, very disappointing.

June's Milk Chocolate Pound Cake

p.s. love your comment about nuts, haha.

Is it bad form to mess with someone's family recipe?

I think the real question here is, are you gonna give us this cake recipe? ;)

Make Vegetables Interesting

I luuurrrrve roasted baby carrots.

Edible DIY: Paula Deen's Homemade Kit Kat Bars

I actually looked at this this morning, and there definitely wasn't a link to any recipe. I am pretty sure they added it later. :)


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