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The simple thing Mom never made

I was introduced to the fluffernutter sandwich in the 4th grade, when one of my classmates brought it in for lunch. I was so intrigued that a mom would make a dessert-esque luch. I was used to never being able to drink soda, or candy in the house.[of course that meant buying chocolate and candy in bulk during my teenage years] My mom also never made any type of casserole, and honestly, I had no idea what a casserole even was. She never made any grilled cheeses and pastries. Or rice a roni.

What's Your Go-To Cheese?

ackkk hyperventilation~
the thought of living without all my beloved cheeses is raising my blood pressure.
heck, I'm eating a grilled cheese right now.
mozzarella, aged white cheddar, sharp cheddar, parmesan, cream cheese and brie are the cheeses I could NEVER live without.
seriously, I could live on cheese and nothing else.

If you love to cook, do your friends expect you to be thin or no

I dont really know..?
I love to cook, but I also love to eat. So I generally eat more than any of my friends at parties, restaurants, etc. But my weight never goes up or down. I've never weighed more than 105 lb, but then again, I havn't been on a scale since my last checkup. Also I'm quite short, about 5'3''.
My friends don't really comment on this kind of stuff, but when I first met them, they were a bit incredulous about the amount of food I loved to cook and eat. Now, they're used to it. :]

Dave Arnold Makes Chocolate Ketchup

Combining two yummy things is usually good. However, chocolate ketchup sounds slightly barfy.

Nostalgic recipes: What's for Dinner 1/10

~PerkyMac~ that sounds mouthwatering. literally.

do you taste as you go?

Yes, but once I get immersed in the cooking, I'm not compelled to devour the whole dish. Just sensing smell, touch, sound and sight feed my soul. Then again, when I step into a kitchen someone has been cooking in, I have to taste everything.

What to do with 2" boneless Pork Loin Chops?

Those chops would be so good in a stew made in a pressure cooker. Probably because I'm craving a warm, stewy dish.

Is sushi served on ice a good idea?

I love sushi whether its room temp or warm. Warm just means the rice was just made. Whenever I make it at home, I consume immediately so the rice is usually warm. On the other hand, I think sashimi is good cold. If its served on ice for presentation purposes then I don't mind.

What to do with four pounds of pecans!?

I would store half in the freezer. You never know when you might desperately need pecans :] For the rest: make some candied pecans, pecan butter, toss some in a salad, cookies, yogurt, granola.

Nostalgic recipes: What's for Dinner 1/10

probably some all-night snacking, mind-numbed by the paper I have to write. I have yogurt, toast, tea and chips on hand.

What to do with egg whites...

I know people think that meringues are one of the easiest desserts to make, but all the times I've attempted to make them, it turns out to be an epic fail.

Lettuce Wraps

I love ssam, Korean lettuce wraps.
Usually, I liike to put in bulgogi, galbi, or sashimi.
Then rice, and chile or fermented soybean paste.

food allergies :(

~mollykate~ that sucks. Just curious, are there any "bready" foods that don't contain gluten? I can't imagine life without pastries !

What to do with phyllo dough?

Filling phyllo cups with cheescake sounds yummy.

Does anyone else LOVE Costco's cookies?

mmm.. now I'm tempted to try the chocolate cake and the bday cake.


I usually crave cheese. Just a little and I'm all happy :]

Any Cure for Freezer Burn?

Believe it or not, I had no idea what freezer burn was until someone mentioned it and explained it to me. Before, anytime I encountered freezer burn, I just thought the food had gone bad, and I threw it out.

food allergies :(

~lemonfair~ thanks for the warning. I take care not to consume too much to cause my throat to swell, but sometimes, I just need a bite of a crisp and juicy apple! What ~jaf~ said is true too. Canned and cooked fruits don't really bother me. You're lucky! I hope I outgrow my allergies. (but a munchkin is never traveling anywhere near my mouth again)

food allergies :(

haha munchkins are little doughnut balls from Dunkin Donuts.
I used the chocolate ones, but now even seeing a carton on munchkins makes me back away in fear.

Pho Advice Needed

At the pho places I've been to, they cook the broth right on the table, and there is a dial next to it to adjust the temperature. So naturally, the meat comes out raw and everything else comes out on the side.

I need dairy allergy help.

@honeybea~ How would you make your own almond milk? I'm intrigued.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Adventurous Vegetables

Actually when I was growing up, my parents always brought home a crazy variety of fruits and veggies, so I think I've tried most everything except rhubarb.

But I remember the first time I tried I ate a perfectly soft and ripe persimmon with a spoon and a fig picked from the tree in my backyard.
mmmmm... :]

This Week in 'New York Times' Food News

I have to say, I love NYtimes for everything.

Martha Stewart's Macaroni and Cheese

I have a probably unfair bias and aversion towards mac and cheese. Its most likely because I've never eaten a particulary excellent one. But when I think of mac and cheese, I immediately associate it with artificial, bright yellow cheese covering slimy macaroni.

I know people love this "comfort food" but I cant understand them. Maybe now that I've read MS's recipie, I too can join the cult following (:


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