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Tea Recommendations

The Good Earth teas...all of them.

Let's talk about Portland, Maine!

Loving all the suggestions! @Mary Phillips--the link worked this time; what a great review!

Let's talk about Portland, Maine!

@Mary Phillips-Sandy--for some reason, the link to your archived review isn't working for me. Is there another way to check it out? And thank you so much for all of your recommendations!

Let's talk about Portland, Maine!

Thanks so much for all these wonderful ideas! I knew I could rely on my Serious Eaters; y'all are the best. And feel free to keep the recommendations coming!

You woke up Serious Eats!

I'm somewhat new to the SE Community. How long has this group (more or less) been interacting on the Talk board? The more I familiarize myself with the site, the more obvious it becomes that Serious Eaters really do make up a community, with seemingly longstanding ties, and some great memories to boot. I think that's pretty unique. Glad I found you, Serious Eaters!

Craving Replacement Fail

Apologies if this is a double posting! I just finished writing a comment and rather than post, I think I deleted it. Anyways...what a great thread!

I recently discovered a way-too-addictive snack: Chickpea Snacks (sea salt flavor, please) made by a brand named Biena. I've only seen them at Whole Foods--- $2.99 for a 2oz bag. (I know.) Yes, I've always liked roasting my own chickpeas, but after eating these, it's just not the same. (Oh, and if you ever do try these, know that you'll need plenty of water along with them. They're really dry; I'd even call them mealy. For some weird reason though, it totally works.)

@Zinnia--I loved your comment! What lovely imagery. I'm savoring those memories vicariously through you!

Great food/travel writers or books?

I really enjoy Ruth Reichl's writing, and would recommend Comfort Me with Apples (is the title alone not beautiful?) and Tender at the Bone to start. I'm sure more will come to mind the moment I post this. For now, best of luck on your essay!

Food Podcasts!

MsFoodie--I've never heard of Pop of the Morning! I'll have to give that and several of the above suggestions a try!

What to do with all of these crabapples?

Thanks so much for all of the ideas! I'll pass them her way! And ACooper...really??!

Food Podcasts!

Totally agree with you, Mr Fed Up. Thanks for all the input, y'all! Keep 'em coming if you got 'em!

Taleggio Cheese and Mission Fig Tartine

I couldn't find Taleggio or Morbier and ended up using a goat's milk gouda. Delicious! Thanks, Kenji!

Food Podcasts!

Thanks, AnnieNT! Some of those are new to me; I look forward to giving them a try. Also, I really like The Sporkful--pure fun.