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Pumpkin Mousse Pie

My mom and grandmother made a version of this from The Joy of Cooking in the 70s called Pumpkin Chiffon Pie, this is bringing me back. It was nice to have a lighter version of pumpkin pie after a Thanksgiving feast. I would love to try this version, can I assume that you used large eggs?

The Burger Lab: The Fake Shack, Mach Two—The Double Shack Stack Cracked

I love Martin's potato rolls! I grew up on them. They even made my mom's little hockey puck burgers taste good (sorry Mom).

Critic-Turned-Cook Mulls Question: Worst Meal Ever?

Just wanted to mention that if your food is taking forever to come to your table, it is most likely the kitchen's fault and not your server. When I worked in the business, I always hated when the kitchen was lagging behind or if their timing was off and not everyone received their food at once. I genuinely felt bad. I also knew it would negatively affect my tip, so I would try to make the guest as happy as possible, more wine anyone? And don't even try to ask a chef where is table so-in-so's food, you will most likely get chased out of the kitchen...which might explain the cleaver yielding chef.

That being said, since I worked in the biz I also expect good service and may overly scrutinize my server. But ultimately I am very forgiving and rarely ever tip less than 20%. I really go out to be wowed by the food.

America's Test Kitchen frustrates me

Recently, I half-watched ATK making chicken stock with ground meat, saying that whole chicken doesn't really add anything to the finished product...
What about the bones adding body/gelatin to the stock? Not to mention it is wasteful to buy ground meat just for stock when you could just use a leftover roast chicken carcass.

Dinner Tonight: Kimchi Quesadillas

Tried it when the issue came out and now I'm hooked. I already have a kimchi addiction and luckily I have shiso growing in front of my house, it adds a little something extra. Perfect snack after a long night on the town. My shortened version skips sauteing the kimchi, less cheese (just the sharp cheddar) and some sliced mushrooms thrown in. Yum.

Cook the Book: 'Almost Meatless'

Lentil soup with optional bacon or chorizo