Love food, love eating, love pork, beef, duck, chiken, fish, etc
married with 3 kids that love food also...

  • Favorite foods: anything with pork and pho
  • Last bite on earth: pig

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Paella night

The banana leaves are just to cover the paella, instead of aluminum foil or a metal cover... It gives a very distinct flavor

Paella night

check here for a paella photo from the party

A Sandwich a Day: Hawallan Tortas at Puebla Mini Mart

O my good this torta looks wonderful, I love tortas specially tortas ahogadas, mainly of pork with tomatoe and avocado, with an oregano a tomato sauce then dipped on a very hot sauce made out of chile de arbol(tree chile) after the torta is dipped in the sauce you put heave cream on top and enjoy...

A Sandwich a Day: Pig's Ass Sandwich from Caselulla

Pork Butt is very good I use pork butt for carnitas before and tasted very good

Paella night

Yes I like to fusion with foods a lot, the essential ingredients were Spanish, since I like carnitas and beef a lot I said why not give it a try

The Nasty Bits: Venison Heart Tartare

I had heart once and it was good, in mexico we do a dish named chanfaina is pork liver, splean, kidnees, heart and tripes... is all cooked at once and is just spectacular good

Paella night

We fed around 60 people, we did not had a side dish. Yes we did had cake a very nice cake, I will post pictures soon, and yes lots of beer very important


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