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Scooped: Root Beer Sherbet

SO is there anything you could used to replace the corn syrup or will the sherbert get too grainy without it?

Eat Turkey More Than Once a Year: 12 Great Turkey Sandwiches in NYC

The fresh roasted Turkey, homemade mozz and gravy at Mama's of Corona

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: David Schuttenberg's Greenpoint

Amen about Peter Pan. I was in there 2 times within a couple hours on a Sunday before 10, and they had nothing out yet.

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Adam and Max's Astoria

I need to get back to Vesta. Had a solid meal there months ago. Need to try it again to see if it holds up. Ornella is in the que for an upcoming night.

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Adam and Max's Astoria

Adam, enjoyed the Anthony S. remark. Guy seems to be the mayor of Astoria on Foursquare. I held the Rose and Joe's Mayorship until he stepped up his game. It's ok though, the pizza and bread still taste as good. Also, I think Ornella requires a mention for Italian.

A Sandwich a Day: 'Panini Sandwiches' at Rose & Joe's Italian Bakery, Astoria

got a ham and cheese today, they're back on the counter in all their glory.

Red Rooster: Well Designed But Still Finding Its Legs

You can make reservatons on Opentable and the restaurants website.

Eddie's Pizza Truck: What to Expect

Has anyone been back recently? They're near my office today, and want to see if its improved.

Paulie Gee's Opening Tonight in Greenpoint

Went there around 8 last night, place was full. Had the Parma D'or, Regina, and the Kuban...all were delicious. Leftovers for dinner tonight. Good luck Paulie, I will be there alot.

Restaurant Take-Home Treats

Colicchio & Sons was giving out carrot cake muffins last week. Was a nice Saturday breakfast.

Astoria: Best Yet Market, an Awesome, Awesome Grocery Store

Im going to Jersey this weekend, and plan on stocking up. I should start a blackmarket in NYC

Astoria: Best Yet Market, an Awesome, Awesome Grocery Store

I always get my throwback at Walmart or Targets in Jersery. Its impossible to find in the 5 boroughs

Best Pizza in Rego Park?

Dee's on Metropolitian Avenue in Forest Hills is the way to go.


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