I studied engineering because I think for any problem, there are hundreds of solutions, but one will be more elegant, creative, efficient, consistent, and generally cooler. I enjoy cooking for more or less the same reasons.

  • Location: San Diego
  • Favorite foods: Chicken fried steak, eggs over easy, duck fat hash browns and biscuits smothered in homemade sausage gravy. That, and pretty much anything that's just executed well.
  • Last bite on earth: Mom's beef stew....

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The Food Lab: How to Make Great Home Fries

Man, I don't know if it's because I frequent crummy diners that only stock frozen potatoes, but I automatically associate "home fries" with the deep fryer. Basically french fries, but less svelte. Little potato boxes.

Don't Passover This Tender Braised Brisket

@rodalpho Look at that big ol' piece of meat. That thing gave up plenty of gelatin.

@dagaetch 155F is gonna take days, 170F is what you're looking for iirc.

Don't Passover This Tender Braised Brisket

@rodalpho Look at that big ol' piece of meat. That thing gave up plenty of gelatin.

@dagaetch 155F is gonna take days, 170F is what you're looking for iirc.

The Food Lab: How to Make a Burger King-Style Whopper Fit for The King

So you're saying McDonald's and Burger King..... had beef...

Everything You Can Do With a Can of Chipotles in Adobo

Saw "Sponsored by Dreyers", was really hoping for a chipotle ice cream....

Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition 2013

We always feed/house at least a dozen people for multiple days. You guys are pretty spot on with ideas for leftovers, but it'd be awesome to get advanced prep leftover ideas (i.e. lets get things planned and started and shopped for before thanksgiving). As an example, I'm going to start a large batch of no-knead dough on monday or tuesday for bread (turkey sandwiches) and - gasp! - thanksgiving leftover pizza. Basically, what can you suggest to get us ready to feed people not just for 1 meal, but for the 3 days after?

The Food Lab: How to Make a Turkey Porchetta

Opening the floor for suggestions regarding cure/rub variations... this one is going to be our "untraditional" turkey applicatioin of our 3 birds, It'd be fun to surprise people with something a bit out there. I'm thinking maybe a pesto-esque cure...?

High Road Ice Cream Really Is Worth $10 a Pint

Oooh, I have relevant input! For anyone who wants to know a little bit more about the company, Keith Schroeder from High Road did a great interview on the Alton Browncast - really good listen.

Open Thread: What Do You Want to Know this Thanksgiving?

Single oven, ~20 people to feed. Last year we were able to jam 2 spatchcocked turkeys in the oven, and deep fried a third (the oven turkeys took quite a bit of attention/rotation). I'd love alternative, efficient ways to do multiple turkeys.

Erin Jackson's Top 10 Burgers in San Diego

@tjmile1 I don't think it's necessarily that a burger has to be made with all in-house ingredients to make the list, but rather the house made ingredients are a reflection of the effort these guys put into their food. as you said, all a great burger needs is bread, meat, and cheese... and yes, some on the list go over the top. But I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to do bread-meat-cheese as well as possible.... e.g. for me, if the beef isn't ground in house, I can't order it medium rare, and that means a less than ideal burger. different strokes.

Fast Food Chicken Dippin' Sauce Showdown: Popeye's Vs. McDonald's Vs. Burger King

suggestion - accept volunteers from surrounding areas to bus/train/otherrwise travel to headquarters with items from said surrounding areas that you otherwise wouldn't have time to get. I'm sure many serious eaters would love to be a part of a taste test (sourdough taste test seemed to prove that), would be happy to help, and you save a lot of time and trouble. viable for every taste test? not remotely. but for something like this... maybe?

The Food Lab: The Best Caesar Salad

Sorry Phelps, I'm not quite buying "coat with oil first so the lemon juice sticks"...

The Pizza Lab: We Test KettlePizza and Baking Steel's New Joint Pizza Oven

Copy. This looks awesome, and I understand the added cost of the production, but please convince the guys to sell this thing for under $500.

The Pizza Lab: We Test KettlePizza and Baking Steel's New Joint Pizza Oven

All the pizzas seem to have an edge that's clearly a bit more charred than the rest of the pizza, I assume that's the edge at the back of the oven... is it possible to give the pizzas a bit of a spin mid-bake? or to insulate just a bit from the back side (I'm thinking a lip on the rear of the pizza stone)?

Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes

no idea why these haven't been getting more love... this is a very cool and very elegant idea. bookmarked.

Breakfast Sandwich Hacks?

Nice, love the suggestions guys. =)

Getting up early isn't really the problem - I'm usually up between 6:30 and 7:30, and really I don't have to be at work until 9. Honestly, I just don't feel like spending a lot of time cooking in the morning. Hurrying through the house in the morning (at least at this stage of my life - I'm young and hence am always in a rush) puts me in the right mindset for work, just like cooking after work puts me in the right mindset to be able to relax. Different kinds of people, though.

@Atomic I do have one of those mini non-stick egg pans and it's awesome.

I don't know why I didn't think of scrambling the veggies in with my eggs before, but I'm going to be doing that all the time. I'm finding the real key to this is planning with your leftovers... I'm not going to buy a tomato so I can put a single slice on a single sandwich, but if I'm cooking with tomatoes the night before, I'll separate out a slice during prep for use the next morning.

Definitely going to fiddle with homemade sauces more too, I've been looking for an excuse to make a batch of dhorst's SDS anyway. Feel free to throw out sauce recipe suggestions!

Crispy Quesadilla Burger at Brisco County Wood Grill in Menomonee Falls, WI

Thank you, belinskaya... a quesadilla burger should be a burger between 2 quesadillas, held together with more cheese.

Poll: Fries on Burgers: Way or No Way?

I think the only time that fries on a burger would benefit the pairing would be if both were sub-par (overly-crispy fries, mushy/underseasoned burger? Might save them both). But if both are executed well, I'd rather have them separated.... chances are they'll get mixed up in my face hole anyway, let me decide how to enjoy the combination. But a crispy disc of hash browns? That's an entirely different beast altogether.


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