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The Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches in the Midwest

When I saw this post I thought "I wonder if Kitty's will be on here." Sure enough! Nice job! It truly is a great sandwich (and cheap, I may add).

Win Two Tickets to the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

Would be most excited for Ed Mitchell. Never had the whole hog before.

The 20 Best New Sour Beers in the World

Many of these aren't new...Good list, nonetheless.

The Story of Le Bernardin's 24-Foot Seascape Painting

Would love to see more posts on restaurant interior design.

An 11-Stop Tour of Chinatown and Little Italy for Under $15 a Head

This sort of post is why I love SE. Thank you. Keep them coming!

Introducing Our New Etiquette Column, Manner Matters

An experienced server can do that in less than a minute. I've done it. It's already in the system. At even turn-and-burn restaurants the seats are numbered and you input the orders with reference to the seats. Easy.

Poll: What Do You Do With Your Crusts?

Pizza is first and foremost bread. Eat the crust! Who doesn't like bread? Dog food my ass.

A Sandwich A Day: A Featherweight Pork Loin at Kitty's Cafe in Kansas City

This truly is a great sandwich. My how I miss it...Hot sauce is a must.

The 4 Fundamentals of Latte Art

As stylish as those gifs are, a video would be more helpful. The gifs are jerky and don't supply much information.

Smoked Beers: Your Secret Weapon for Beer Pairing

If you're new to smoked beers try something that doesn't use 100% smoked malts. Freigeist does a couple. Their Abraxxxas and Hoppeditz beers are very mildly smoked (and quite delicious). Or try The Bruery's Smoking Wood. It's a great beer. If you're looking for balls to the wall smoke Haandbryggeriet's Norwegian Wood is awesome. Lastly Yeastie Boys' Rex Attitude is notorious (but I haven't tried it as a houseguest drank my bottle!). It uses 100% peated malts. I love smoked beers.

Bake the Book: The Complete Nose to Tail

A "deconstructed" pineapple upside down cake. Sounds ridiculous but came together perfectly.

Bell's Brewery Expands to New York State

Great news! Have missed Bell's since I moved to NY from the midwest. Two Hearted gets all the love but for me it's all about Bell's stouts. Kalamazoo Stout and Expedition Stout are among the best in the states. Thanks for the article.

Not Just Coffee To-Go or To-Stay: How About Both?

I usually like this column but this is absurd. I hate the American "have it all" attitude.

8 Deliciously Weird Beers We Tried at the Oregon Brewers Festival

That sure does seem like a lot of gimmick...And not just from the beard-yeast. The Dilution of Grandeur and the pecan brown do sound interesting though.

5 Great Session Beers for Hopheads

Just had Prairie Ale's Tulsa Rugby Ale and it is really good. At 5.4% (I think) it might not quite qualify as a session ale though. It's super dry and hoppy with high citrus notes and a touch of earthy funkiness (Brett?). Grab it and grill.

Where should I eat in Kentucky? Which distilleries to visit?

@calicook Does Knob Creek have a tour apart from the Beam tour?

Where should I eat in Kentucky? Which distilleries to visit?

Thanks all for the recommendations. Would love to hear more!


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