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High Fat Foods, Few Bites As Posibble

You all are great. I knew there would be things that she can't do but did not want to limit ideas. She gets sick on a bite or 2 of Ben & Jerry's and most any dairy. Sadly, this is not short term.
@Teacher... Yes, her Dr knows. This is just a tiny symptom of her overall health. But thanks for asing. ;)
As for simply eating less fat, it directly affects the assimilation of Malorone. Half the fat, half the med.

I am off to try (again) to tempt her with Bacon and Cream Cheese. Wish me well!

Kicking my Coke (Diet) Habit

@Brownie. You are closer to being right than most people know. There is an antidepressant in it that is addictive. I was once a (Diet Coke)user. That soda is evil. My friend and I honestly had serious withdrawal issues. Her Dr actually gave her lower dose anitdepressant to help her step down form her 12-pack a day habit. Sad. very sad. But true.

Hot Dog of the Week: Thanksgiving Dog

Burgerville is a NW regional chain that served up a haute dog. for the life of me I cant remember what was on it.... cranberry something and......

Hot Dog of the Week: Puka Dog

The Poipu location could be improved, but I crave these things. They were so good. I suddenly need to go back to HI. Tonight. ha

What makes you feel better?

B&J NYsuper fudge chunk or Coffe Heath
fried egg sandwich
coffee with a generous squirt of caramel sauce and tons of heavy whipping cream

The Simplicity of a Subway Breakfast

Fast food or not, I adore Subway's $5 footlongs. I make about 3 meals out of it and enjoy every minute. The BLT is best for me - just enough bacon to be there but not so much junky deli meat to give me heartburn. And I pile it high with veggies. Vegetables people!! What other fast food gives you that??

Regional Fast Food Chains

Cafe Yumm! is soo soo good. ^^
Burgerville is even better - imho. 'course, I love meat too.
The fries come from ID potatoes. The hazelnuts for the shakes come from OR, the strawberries for the fresh S. shakes come from a farm very near me, the oinions for the rings come from Walla Walla WA, the cheese for the burgers comes from Tillamook - NW OR shore, the yukon gold fries come from ID, the pumpkin for the fall shakes are from Corvallis, OR, and so thi list goes.
Honestly, I have never seen a chain, much less fast food chain, with such an emphasis on local/regional food.

And now that we have mentioned Bugerville and CY, I will have a hard time deciding where to eat tomorrow when I am out... O wait, There is no B in the town I am going to. Yay. One less decision to make. :)

Oven Rack Cleaning

Letting them lay on the grass (overnight) on a night with lots of dew does wonders!!!

You live where?

Born and raised in Lima, OH.
Now I live quite near Eugene, OR.

Grocery Shopping?

I used to be a checker. It is hard work. Harder than it looks.
Definitely have fave lines and must-avoid lines.
As for gas, you should move to Oregon. All gas is pumped for you. State law.

On the Hunt for Cocoa Peeps

Mizbee: A store very near me has them according to the finder. I will be there later this week. I would love to send them to you... ??

On the Hunt for Cocoa Peeps

I have never torched Peeps, but we did roast them over an open fire like good old fashioned marshmallows. mm mmm good.

Oral Surgery - What the heck do I eat?

I am going to bookmark this page. I have oral surgery coming right after i have this baby (June) and have enough milk pumped to feed while I am on those splendid pills. :) I was recently wondering about food options to help keep my milk up... Thanks for the wonderful mix of ideas from all of you!!

I don't have a ___ in my kitchen and I don't want one.

I don't have a microwave. I got grossed out by them a couple years ago. I have missed it exactly 2 times in the last 3 years.

What to do with: leftovers you don't want

If something does not go over well at this house, I have a dog who will eat almost anything and chickens who are next in line.

Tall Order: Dessert with No Dairy, Sugar, Gluten, or Nuts?

Gluten free oats are easy to find...

I have been through this kind of diet stuff/stress. Simply ask her what she would like. She may just be dying for someone to care enough to make her suppoer instead of her having to kill her brain trying to do it. She will gladly give you intsructions, I am certain. Above all else, DO NOT turn your nose up at what she may or may not be eating in your presence. In fact, if you really love her, eat what she eats while you are together. I got so so weary of hearing dumb jokes about milking rice to make milk... (farm kids all around me and I had to drink something not from a their kind of farm)

If she can have the stuff, the fruit salad sound soo soo wonderful!!

'Culinary Slumming'

"Secrets" are so much fun. Especially when you read everyone else's. I feel exceedingly normal and even healthy after reading this list! Ha

Sardine w/ tons of different topping options is probably my highest prized, never-get-to-eat-but-pig-when-they-come food item.

Served: Christmas with Restaurant People

I am not a Jew, But I also have a fun-without-the-stress Christmas. You're right, it's great. :)
Merry Christmas!

Coconut: Way or No Way?

Way way way! Esp coconut shrimp. I am a sucker for that.

Is This Breakfast? The Pretzel Croissant

How can a croissants not be worthy of breakfast?

Death of the Girl Scout Cookie?

Hillary/ChewOnThat, You must be my evil twin. :-)

My thighs do not thank them. They are wasting away wondering when the next set of rations will come in. (harumph. as if)

Thins Mints and Samoa are sooo the best cookies ever. tears...

Sweet Potato Fries -- Who Likes These Things?

If you make your own sweet potato fries you may think them much better. You photo looks very ... well like you described it. But it is also NOTHING like my own creation. I bake them and make melted honey-butter to dip them in and one nice potato goes for about 3 - 4 people. And soggy is not part of the equation. Nor are dull coatings.

What's the best dinner anyone has ever cooked for you?

Last night. I am stil dreaming of it. The neighbors invited us for dinner. "nothing fancy, just some of the kids came home"
Baked Sweet Potatoes with a caramel sauce - the pot. were very! moist
Baked Chicken that we all sat around and "fought" over the few bits left
Corn - tasted fresh even though it has been frozen for 6 wks
Fresh Dill Pickles
Fresh Cranberry Sauce - the raw kind with apple and orange
Butter Rolls w/ orange something glazed on before and after rolling
Williamsburg Orange Cake
Home Made Ice Cream

May we go back to yesterday? I'm hungry.

Pizza With a Knife & Fork?

I use a fork because I can't eat the crust (allergies) but in my next life I am picking it up and eating away.

anybody have a hot cocoa mix recipe?

Easiest thing in the world. Equal parts:

Carnation Dry Milk
Nestle Quik
CoffeeMate Creamer

1/4 - 1/3 cup with 1 cup HOT water. Marshmallows optional.

If you try to cheat and use off brand you will regret it. I promise. It makes all the difference in the world.
I mix this by the pound and put it back in the containers the stuff came in. Great storage. Also kids love bags of it to take home.