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Does Cooking Make You Gay?

As I said previously, I am straight, and I've always known that I was. But I've had my share of friends and family members, both male and female, who were openly gay and very well adjusted. I would not say that any of them are "diseased".

I played with my little sister as a child. I played with her toys with her and I did her makeup for her eighth-grade graduation. Then I went with my girlfriend to watch her walk the podium for her diploma. (I missed her High School Graduation due to military service)

To say that you should physically "adjust" your child's behavior for something as freakishly normal as liking a girl's toy is idiotic at best, and shamelessly ignorant at worst. My youngest son was a huge fan of Dora the Explorer for a while... It passed. he also enjoyed helping me cook, and would gladly mix pancake batter with me on Sunday mornings.

If he ends up homosexual, so be it. He's still welcome for dinner. I'll save the spankings for something serious, like causing harm to others, theft or blatant prejudice.

Does Cooking Make You Gay?

I find this topic interesting simply because I am male, I am straight, I am married, I do almost all the cooking in my household and have for years.

Food has always been an important part of my life. When I lived in California with my last wife, no one batted an eyelid at the idea that I did most of the cooking. (They just came for holidays and rained praise.) Since moving to Texas, I've seen "the look" when I mention that I do most of the cooking. It gets more pronounced when I tell people I don't have a clue what teams are playing in this year's bowl game.

But I just do what I've always done. I tell them I'm a programmer and even the burliest Texan just goes "Ahhhhhh!"


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