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The Food Lab: How to Make the Best Oven-Cooked Pulled Pork

My husband uses the sous vide. He usually gets a boston butt, and will cook it for about 24 hours or more depending on his whim at 145, then chills it over night, and puts it in the weber. He's got a set up where he will use an electric coal started, a chimney and apple wood. He smokes it for a couple of hours. The pork never gets too hot and he gets a beautiful smoke ring. Then he shreds it and adds a sauce of his choosing. I usually eat it, on top of scallion pancakes, with watercress.

Stuffing on the Side: How to Make Southern Cornbread Dressing

At least there are no chopped boiled eggs in this dressing. I never did understand why one would want rubbery egg solids in dressing.

Habanero Carrot Cake From 'Sweet and Vicious'

On the pepper extract recipe. What is "&nsbp;"
I know that making the extract is not suggested because of the time frame, but I would like to know the full recipe, and possibly give it a try in the future.

Trader Joe's Kouign Amann is Almost as Good as Dominique Ansel's

I tried the muffin pan trick with a box of TJKA. I let them rise on a warm day in my oven for about 7 hours uncovered on a rimmed baking sheet. When it came time to bake, I took them out preheated the oven and took each KA and folded them up with the corners pointing up. Not the easiest thing to do and they didn't sit completely in the pan. They baked for about 35-40 min to the desired dark brown color. While they still aren't incredibly airy like a DAKA, they were still delicious. I had baked them for breakfast for Sunday, and when I woke up there was a lovely ink drawing of my happy husband. He left me one. Just barely. He knew I was looking forward to these for breakfast before heading out to work. Seems he woke up in the middle of the night and had a lovely snack. He kept raving about the caramelized sugar on the paper wrapper.

Flying With Knives: How Chefs Prepare and Travel for Food Festival Season

SFO TSA made my husband explain what a Polyscience creative series sous vide was when they scanned my carry on. This was 2 years ago the day after Thanksgiving. Probably didn't help that I had stuffed a couple of packets of Knox unflavored gelatin in the box. ATL didn't blink an eye.

How to Fix my KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I think it's normal. Years ago I had an Ultra model, and it would do this when I made brioche dough. The machine is wobbling because of the machinery inside the head vibrating. The head carries most of the mixer's weight. It's not going to break apart, though it will walk across your counter if you aren't watching it. The worst thing that happened to that kitchenaid was that the dough hook broke on a loaf of white bread. I got a replacement under warranty. I now have a professional model and occasionally I'll get a bit of wobbling from the bowl because the ingredients in the bowl are light and don't exert as much weight pressure on the pins as I'm using the mixer on high speed.

Recipes to Use Up "Failed" Rolls

How about tearing them up if they are larger than an ounce and making a baked french toast dish for breakfast? I made parker house rolls myself for Christmas and I ended up with very small rolls too. I was too lazy to pull out the scale and weigh the balls of dough so I know they were less than an ounce pre- second rising. So far my family don't mind as they are great for dipping in gravy and potatoes, and still large enough to make finger turkey sandwiches.

Gnocci: baked - boiled

drier potatoes, less gummy texture from the dough.

Parker House Roll Problem

The yeast could be old or the ambient temp in the area you were proofing the dough could have been too cool. I use America's Test Kitchen book's recipe and it tells me to preheat an oven to 200* for 10 min, then turn off and place dough in oven to proof.

Heavy Duty Freezer bag okay for pork belly sous vide?

I think you are better off using standard vacuum seal bags. From what I understand freezer bags can withstand temp up to 180*, but not for such a long immersion time.

Easy Oven-Baked Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I've just made pulled pork in the sous vide. My husband brought home a small picnic ham. We shoved it into a food saver bag, and double sealed the ends. Placed in sous vide at 168*F for 48 hours. (We had some unexpected situation come up and left it to cook for 2 days instead of 36 hours) The pork fell off the bone when we opened the bag. He made a small fire of charcoal and hickory chunks and smoked the meat in a cast iron pan at 200*F for an hour. We seasoned the meat with a little apple cider vinegar and Sonny's sweet barbeque sauce. It was absolutely fantastic and it even got better the next day.

Easy vegan recipe for students - not curry or beans?

I like to make Vietnamese spring rolls as that takes the repetitious main staples out of the mix. Use tofu for a protein if none of the guests are partaking of shrimp. Easy enough to fill up with lots of lovely late season vegetables. Shredded cucumbers, zucchinis and tomatoes.

The Food Lab: For The Best Sun Tea, Forget The Sun

I live in the south and don't really care for the sweet tea out here. It's just too sweet with brown coloring imo. I use the good stuff, like Keemun and dragon pearl, make a simple syrup in one pot, while another pot with 4 cups of water comes to a boil, add 12 tsp loose leaf tea, turn off water and let steep for 5-10 min, strain through a reusable coffee filter (only used for tea) into a gallon rubbermaid container, add the simple syrup, stir, add 4 cups ice, and QS with water to top of container. We like our tea strong with just a hint of sweetness. I usually add the mint leaves when serving.

The New $199 Sansaire Sous Vide Circulator is the Solution We've Been Waiting For

I have a Poly Science Professional Creative series sous vide machine, that was given as a birthday gift. I love my machine, and it's very similar to the Sansaire. It's bigger of course, and it has a timer display. I have yet to actually program a time setting. It just automatically starts a countdown from 24 hours even if the temp is still rising to set. It just tells me after 24 hours to start it again. I find no use for it. What mine does have are marks on the outer casing that shows the min water level and max level of submersion. Obviously the volume depends on the container I'm using. It will beep at me if the water level drops which is helpful if I've chosen not to cover the container with saran wrap and I'm on the same floor as the sous vide otherwise I wouldn't hear it. I am going to wait until the Sansaire is in production before purchasing. I think that $200-250 price point is the right price for most people interested in sous vide cooking. Those who already use a sous vide would find having an extra machine great for multiple foods. I would definitely use it for things like vegetables and my Poly Science machine would be for the meats. Mainly because of the water volume it can handle.

Deli Meat alternative recipies

Slice ham, chicken or turkey slices into small slivers and use that as your protein in a macaroni salad. I also throw in chopped bacon too. As many veggies as I have in the fridge too.

Poll: Pasta on Pizza, Way or No Way?

Gosh, this brings back memories. I remember my brother piling on leftover spaghetti onto a Boboli's crust when I was in middle school. So has this trend taken off because of all those constantly hungry teen boys?

Fruit You Loathe

Red and golden delicious apples. I just don't get the appeal. They bruise easy and taste like wet cardboard. I love most all fruits, but I hate that they aren't perfectly ripe and full of flavor, unless you happen to be at the farm at the peak of ripeness. Never had Durian so no clue about that one. My dad bought one once and it was frozen, he left it in a box by the potatoes in our pantry. My mom almost fell over and died from the smell. She refused to let him open it, and threw it in the trash. She thought her potatoes had gone bad.

Ok Let Me Have It!!!

It's not like you posted Honey Boo Boo's Sketti recipe. I think this sauce sounds tasty. I'm willing to try it out. But not tonight. I made my own spaghetti sauce.

Mexican Eats: Where to Get the Best Fish Tacos in NYC

@Chris_Hennes- Yes! Can't stand fish sticks. Heck English fish n chips are also too heavy for me.

Mexican Eats: Where to Get the Best Fish Tacos in NYC

I just can't eat a fried fish taco. I love a good grilled fish taco, the small chunks seasoned well, flaky and moist. No matter how well it's battered and fried, it's a fish stick.

Chinese Pork Buns - Char Siu Bao Recipe?

I have this book. There is a recipe in it for bbq pork. My mom says the recipes are a bit fussy, but they are authentic. She feels much better about me living so far away from a decent Chinatown because I have this book, and I can make all the recipes in it.

Seriously Asian: Chinese Chives

I have memories of Gow Choi too. My dad loved them in Seir gow. He would finely chop a full handful and mix it up with the pork and wow, only 24 dumplings made and the impact of the scent and flavor of the seir gow would set you back a few feet. I enjoy garlic chives still, but in very small doses.

Cook the Book: 'Ready for Dessert'

I'm having fun with David Chang's Compost cookies. Great way to use up the crumbly bits at the bottom of the bags