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Breakfast of Champions: Why New Jersey is Crazy for Pork Roll

Great article but I grew up in Baltimore in the 70's and we always had Taylor Ham in the fridge!

Win a Copy of 'Heritage'

Stone ground grits with good butter.

An Introduction to Sri Lankan Cuisine

I have been frustrated in my attempts at finding a good Sri Lankan cook book. Which of the ones that you mentioned is your preferred? My go to is actually Mangoes & Curry Leaves which is not a Sri Lankan book, but the recipes have come closest to what I ate in Sri Lanka.
And if you are ever in London, the Jaffna Curry House in Tooting Bec is awesome.

How to Make Foolproof Blitz Puff Pastry

Ha! I am too late! But yes, where is Candide?? LOL

We Try the New Draft Beer Flavored Jelly Beans from Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly funds some of the most right wing and reactionary causes in current american politics. something to think about when you plunk down your hard earned cash.

Roast Chicken With Saffron, Hazelnuts, and Honey From 'Ottolenghi'

2 Tablespoons of rosewater is a LOT of rosewater. 2 tsp perhaps?

Gluten Free Fried Chicken

I make buttermilk fried chicken for GF clients using a combination for cornstarch and sorghum flour in place of AP flour. Clients love it.

Cook the Book: 'Rice & Curry'

Sri Lanka is / was my all time favorite vacation. A large part of it, is the glorious food. I have been waiting for a really good Sri Lankan cook book to hit the market. I have managed in the past few years to cobble together a handful of decent recipes. Looking forward to this book.

Out of the Express Line if you have more than 10 items, please!

The register counts the no. of items scanned. Program the register to Total the bill @ 10 items. (any no. for that matter) Done. You had 12 items? You have to do without or get back in line and start over with those two. Problem solved.

Mobile Site

Funny. I typed that in. I typed m.seriouseats in, and with both kept getting an orange screen with your logo. However, your link took me where I want to be. Thanks.

Mobile Site

did that and I get a blank screen. perhaps it's all part of my iPhone's slow death.

Oakland, CA: A Likable Lunch at Dopo

Dopo is a gem . Don't spoil it by letting others in on the secret!

New Orleans: Get a Steamer on Bourbon Street at Clover Grill

Tater Tots. The only place I know that serves them and they go really well with the burger.

Pimento Cheese

Funny to see p'meno cheese become so widely accepted. I was raised on the stuff and our Northern friends and relations always looked down on it as decidedly White Trash!

Taste Test: Grapefruit Soda

A-TREAT! I haven't thought of that soda since I left school. The A-Treat Grapefruit is killer.

Cook the Book: Fojol Bros. Butter Chicken

Made this for dinner tonight. It totally rocked. Can't wait to try it reheated for breakfast tomorrow. Recipe is a keeper.

Recap: Top Chef All-Stars, Episode 15, Last Supper

With Antonia gone, I really don't care. So, the lesser of two evils is my choice. Hope that Isabella doesn't win.
That said, won't watch the finale.

Anyone ever made Worcestershire?

The Saveur recipe is a good one. The sauce is much more complex than the bottled stuff. Fruity and rich.


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