• Favorite foods: Cheeseburgers, Fried Chicken, Fried Parrotfish, Roast Duck, Hamachi Kama, a good Fried Rice w/ sunny side up eggs is my perfect breakfast.

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Open Thread: What's One Food You Wish You Liked?


Only veg I do get done with is bok choy, kang kong, and spinach.

The Ramen Rater's Top 10 Instant Noodles of 2013

Have you tried "Marutai" instant ramen with garlic oil? Best instant ramen I've ever had.

The Food Lab's Complete Guide to Dry-Aging Beef at Home

As to Dushko's comment, would this be possible with a roast bought from a supermarket (read: wet aged)? Or would it just be a waste of money?

Being stuck on a island in the middle of the pacific, there is no access to "fresh" beef...

The Food Lab: Roast Turkey Breast For A Small Gathering

A small gathering is a perfect excuse for leftovers.

The Food Lab: The Best Korean Fried Chicken

Kenji, is there a reason that there are no links to the batter recipe? Is there a specific ratio for the corn starch/salt/baking powder mix?

The Food Lab: How to Make a Chick-Fil-A Sandwich at Home

@Kenji, how does CFA's chicken (sandwiches) differ from Wendy's? I've never had CFA as the nearest one is almost 6,000 miles away.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Ice Creams in NYC

That Salted Crack Caramel ice cream haunts me, and I've never even tried it

How The Best Mapo Tofu is Made

So far my only experience with mapo dofu has been the "sweet-and-salty, heavy-on-the-beef version." I finally secured all the ingredients to make real sichuan mapo dofu. It took me almost a year to get the sichuan peppercorns. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Staff Picks: What Do You Eat When Nobody's Looking?

I used to take slices of american cheese, spread some ketchup and mayo on it, roll it up and devour two to three at a time. I also used to take leftover rice, top it with scrambled eggs and a couple slices of american cheese, microwave the whole thing until the cheese melts and mix it up. (they sound pretty gross, and they are, I was ten years old and didn't know how to cook)

Nowadays, when I'm alone I'll stop by McDonald's for fries and a coke to eat while I drive around.

TGI Fry-Day: Salt & Pepper Shrimp from Silver Seafood

I eat the whole body of the shrimp, shell and all. With the head I usually just suck out the insides. Who has the time to peel shrimp?

Kofte Kebabs with Spicy Harissa Yogurt Sauce (Minced Lamb Kebabs)

"Shish kebabs must be marinated for extended periods of time if you want flavor to penetrate beyond the very exterior."

@Kenji, I thought you disproved this theory in your "Food Lab"

Could This Havana Pizzeria Be One of the Best Restaurants in the City?

Wow! You had "Jesus" serve you pizza. Did you ask him to turn your water in to wine?

Meet the Ribeye Cap, the Tastiest Cut on the Cow

At our big family gatherings (i.e. christmas, thanksgiving, etc.), grilled steaks are usually the main event. Thanks to my grandfather, he was a steak fiend. Someone usually will by a standing rib roast and we would break it down to 2" steaks for the grill. Right before dinner, the steaks are cut up, with the ribeye cap reserved for the kitchen crew. If I'm not the one grilling, I'm the guy cutting the steaks, stealing a few extra pieces for myself.

Cereal Eats Face-Off: Honey Smacks vs. Golden Crisp

@ Leandra

I used to always choose Marshmallow Alpha Bits over Lucky Charms. Now LC is the only marshmallow cereal I go through. My all time favorite marshmallow cereal is Frosted Rice Krispies w/ Marshmallows. I don't know if they still produce it anymore

Fast Food: Wendy's New Spicy Guacamole Chicken Club Is Excellent

Ate at Wendy's the other night and my wife ordered this. There was barely any guac. Maybe a teaspoon size smear on the top bun.

Whenever I eat at Wendy's, I always request that they don't butter the buns. I hate that chemical aftertaste the butter leaves.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Put an Egg on it!

lucylew has the right idea, sunny side up over fried rice.

The Pizza Lab: How To Make Fried Pizza At Home (à la Forcella)

@Kenji, Thanks! I've been wanting to make a hollandaise for a while now but I'm always turned off by the double-boiler and whisking thing. Looks like I have some experimenting to do....

The Pizza Lab: How To Make Fried Pizza At Home (à la Forcella)

@Kenji, your pizza looks awesome, but how long do we have to wait for that book? Is your "foolproof no-whisk no-double-boiler hollandaise" technique similar to the "two-minute mayonnaise?"

An Intro to Icelandic Food

I have tried canned whale before, and I thought the same thing, tastes like a mix between canned tuna and beef.

21+ Ways to Upgrade Your Grilled Cheese

Ever since reading the grilled cheese eggsplosion article, it's the only way I make grilled cheese now. A runny yolk makes everything better in my opinion.

I think I might try doing a "Crisp-Grilled Cheese Eggsplosion" next time.