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What's for dinner tonight?

Breakfast for dinner. I'm tired, hot, and out of ideas this week. Plus, I've got some eggs I need to use up before they expire.

Disney World Opening 300-seat Pizzeria in Epcot's Italy Pavilion

I'll let you know what it's like as soon as it opens....being that l live behind Disney and subject myself to their food every now and then even after it's demise from the introduction of the Dining Plan. If you're in Orlando, skip any pizza at Disney and head over to Stefano's Italian Grille in Windermere. Best pizza in Orlando, hands down.

What's your favorite type of microwavable popcorn?

@Arnold..if you really like the Boy Scouts popcorn, you can buy it year round. It's manufactured by a company called Pops Weaver and they sell the exact same stuff in Wal-Mart under the Weaver name (in a blue box). They also sell it at Publix's under their house brand name. Sadly I know this having been born in Van Buren, Indiana (one of the cities who claims to be popcorn capital of the world) and where it's all manufactured.

UK And US, Differences Between Sausages

I think it all depends on where you live. My husband is British and we have no problems finding bangers "like home" (and yes, I've been there and know what they taste like) in Orlando. But then again, we have a huge British population and lots of British pubs and grocery stores. Luckily I've weaned him off oxo cubes and showed him how real gravy is made. Also, surprisingly, on the Disney Cruise line, their breakfast sausage is a banger, which I found extremely odd. Anyways, back to the's all about location.

Chinese Pork Buns - Char Siu Bao Recipe?

Funny Rich, that's actually the one I printed out as my first choice to try. It's too bad that I don't know of any good Chinese markets around Orlando. I'm sure they must exist, but the only ones near me just sell vegetables and fish.

What was your favorite food memories of 2009?

This is so very basic considering the amazing food I've had this year, but it was a chicken and mushroom pasty. Of course, the setting may have had something to do with it as I ate it outside Canterbury Cathedral just before Christmas Eve mass with the Archbishop of Canterbury. So much history surrounding me it was amazing.

Alton Brown Says No to Stuffing the Turkey

I just fry the turkey and make the dressing on the debate in our house.

Orlando, FL dining

The Chef's Table at Edgewater Inn in Winter Garden -- amazing!

Standing Room Only: Tropi Cuban

I had the best cuban I've had in years this weekend at The Chef's Table at the Edgewater hotel in Winter Garden, FL. For someplace with a fancy prix fixe dinner menu at night and the best wine and food pairings in Orlando, they can sure throw down with some cubans and roast beef po' boys for lunch!

I'm Cheap

I don't have a problem with our local farmer's market--it's the local Co-op that is out of control. I decided to try it last week and they charged me over $10.00 for 3, count 'em, 3 heirloom tomatoes. I also got a season pick box for $20.00 which contained 2 acorn squash, one eggplant, a bag of okra, and one mango! Really!!??? Really?? Are you crazy?

What's in your kid's lunch bag?

I'm one of those horrible parents that feeds my child junk for school lunch. If I packed half the stuff on here, the kid would starve. 8 year old wants pb&j, lays, grapes, and if she's lucky, some sort of little debbie monstrosity. I tried getting her to eat the food at school, but then she just comes home starving because all she "ate" was milk.

Curious purple vegetable in my CSA box

I slice it, salt it, and eat it. We used to grow them up North. I search the markets looking for them all the time!

Cook the Book: 'Seven Fires'

Empanadas...but the columbian ones with cornmeal instead of flour.

LaRosa's: A Tradition Cincinnatians Should Not Be Proud Of

Re: LaRosa's marketing--is it still 347-1111? I only lived in Cincy for 4 years and moved away 15 years ago! La Rosa's was our go to, but last time I had it, I was 15.

I will admit though that I was very close to ordering LaRosa's pizza kit online when the order form came with my box of Montgomery Inn sauce. I think I may just buy a whole slew of Mett's. Can't go wrong there, can ya?

Oh..and Goldstar over Skyline any day.

do you remember elementary school cafeteria food?

We had a somewhat progressive elementary school (for the time) in Tennessee. We had the option of regular hot lunch or the bar. The bar was a make your own salad and potato bar.

I usually had the salad bar, but whenever there was fried okra involved on the hot bar, I switched. I also loved the chicken nuggets dunked in honey served with green beans and a biscuit.

I think I was one of the few who didn't actually like the square pizza. But the hamburgers were glorious and served on a yeast roll with crispy tater tots.

Everything changed in middle school when I moved to Ohio. They served fish every friday and every menu item was served with french fries. They also had taco bell, mcdonald's, and spooner's pizza carted in different days of the week.

what food do you miss from childhood ?

@notamerican -- you mean Hugs? They still sell those around here. I have a battle with my daughter every time we go to the grocery store over them.

All about Arroz con Pollo

Puerto Rican style, with cilantro, sazon, bone in chicken pieces cut up, with chicken stock. Served with a side of plantanos.

Guilty Food Pleasures

7-11 Cuban sandwiches and taquito's (taquito's just added today thanks to my co-worker who had to make me eat one).

Lays BBQ Kettle cooked chips

Totino's pepperoni party pizza

Taco Bell crunchy tacos with hot sauce

What is Divinity?

I didn't realize it was a southern thing. My born and raised and lived all her life in Indiana grandmother used to make it every year for Christmas. I haven't had it since she died, but I remember how good it was!

Serious Grape: Women and Wine

Properly hold the wine glass? Wow...don't come over to my house. I have those wine glasses that don't even have a stem on them...just the top part. Why does wine need to be unapproachable and have rules? Just drink it.

National Pie Championships

Good luck Dawn! I'll be there...scarfing down pie at the "all you can eat pie" buffet.

Easter 2009: What are Your Plans?

All I know so far is the dessert---and it's coconut cake....I really need to get on this.


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