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OK every body, i am ten years old. I am not the food police or blog police or whatever. Thank you for the suggestions. And yes no spaces, i do not know why, but it is. I am able to run a website, and I can pay for it with money i have eared over my years. Oh and as for you Square_pie, my favorite dish is pasta fazool and i have made it with my mother before. I forgot how how to make it, but i do remember it is an Italian dish with beans and noodles. I am not enjoying your criticism.

Favorite meat recipes! Meat Duel! :)

My question EXACTLY is,what is your favorite meat out of the choices,steak chicken,any kind of pig meat, lamb, or fish!!!

Favorite meat recipes! Meat Duel! :)

Bt the way... I did not mean FIGHT what the meat CAME FROM. I just meant what is your favorite meat?

And yes I FORGOT FISH! sorry! }:( (:

Food net work chatting!

Oh and no i'm not an adult but i have the taste of 1 million adults!
i'm kind of embarrassed that i have not said that earlier...Sorry! =)

Food net work chatting!

Thanks everybody!and no i am not related to cooking dude


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