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If you had to eat one nationality...

Korean or Mexican.

Raw Milk...yay or nay

@blizzardofoz63, Amen!

Raw Milk...yay or nay

interesting. i thought i'd get more yay-sayers on here.
It's surprisingly hard to find even unhomogenized milk...

i think it's fascinating that people consume all kinds of items that are industrially processed without a second thought, but when it comes to something more traditional, we're so scared...and yet incidents crop up from mass-produced food all the time.

How to Grow an Edible Garden, The Basics

Very excited about this series, too! I tried a rooftop garden in Hoboken, NJ 2 yrs. ago -- some critters got to it and demolished it before anything really had a chance. This year we live in Jersey City and have a little backyard of our own! We have 4 little veggie/herb beds and I'm going to check out all of the resources you posted! Thank you!

The Crisper Whisperer: Zuni Cafe's Radicchio Salad

The recipe doesn't tell you how to integrate the hard boiled eggs. I guess chop and toss them with everything.

Needed: great weekend lunch recipe

@Cassaendra, thanks for your great suggestions! In the veggie ciabatta sandwich, do you use fresh baby spinach, or cooked spinach?
Also, what is crumbled grilled fish?

The Crisper Whisperer: Warm Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Mmm, one of the best combos ever to be concocted!
I love to add some chopped water chestnuts to my spinach-artichoke dip. Adds some lovely crunch and subtly nutty flavor. Try it!

Chipotle Mayo - The new #1 condiment?

YUM. Keep an eye out for Spike Mendelsohn's (from Top Chef, Season 4) upcoming cookbook, The Good Stuff Cookbook. Chipotle mayo recipe, along w/lots of other simple, amazing mayo recipes. mmm

Group of 14 - NYC Restaurant Ideas?

I went with a group of about that many to Alta, on W.10th St.
It's tapas, but we ordered lots and shared everything. It was perfect.

Where to buy dried chiles?

Korean Cookbook Recommendation?

Also, try Maangchi -- she's great!

Where to buy dried chiles?

I live in Hoboken, NJ - right outside NYC so I have access to Latin markets; I just have to find them. :)

The cookbook I'm currently using keeps calling for "dried red chile (preferably Japanese), whole"

Thanks for the tips!

Book for Thai Cooking

Another good one is Su-Mei Yu's The Elements of Life. The author gives you a chart to find your Home Element and you are encouraged to make recipes based on this...fascinating stuff. Great recipes, check it out!

Bon Appetit to replace my Gourmet subscription?

The photography in BA has been so awful.
All those close-ups, everything dark and shadowy...not appealing at all!!

Need Lard in NYC

tap, this thing on?
New Yorkers aren't into lard (not going into pie crusts)?

Smoking at home without a smoker?

The Crisper Whisperer: Shrimp, Spinach, and Swiss Wrap

As a Hobokenite, I love the Hoboken shout-outs!
As a food lover, I just love reading your pieces.

Definitely remember Food 3663 (never realized what the numbers stood for, though, duh, thanks) and its quirky menu & employees. I seem to recall a veggie sandwich with vegetable cream cheese and some strange addition...pickled onions? Can't be sure, but it was weird and tasty!
I'm up for trying this curious recipe, too - thank you!

The Crisper Whisperer: Hairy Gourd Bread

Had me cracking up in my cubicle, too.

I've been getting this hairy gourd from the same CSA and using it like zucchini, but peeling it first, as I was instructed in your garage by a fellow CSA member.

Just last week I sauteed some onions, bell pepper, and peeled hairy gourd (i'm always going to call it this now, thanks!) in olive oil with s&p and nestled the veggies in a crisp tortilla with shredded cheese and some shrimp I sauteed in red enchilada sauce. Hairy gourd & shrimp quesadilla -- delicious!

Favorite Food fiction

I'm reading The Tenth Muse by Judith Jones and she mentions Anne Tyler's Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant.

NYC food writers' group

This sounds often would you want to meet?

Cook the Book: 'What We Eat When We Eat Alone'

Alone, I like to eat Korean ramen noodles with an egg, cut up hot dogs, and American cheese mixed in. Don't tell! ;)

For the laddies- Hottest Food Network Dude?

Jamie Oliver all. the. way.
And Pat Neely's pretty attractive, too, now that you mention it. :)

Scenes from Slow Food's Rainy, Porky Grill-Off at Water Taxi Beach LIC

Fun event!! Thanks for posting this write-up and great pics!
That lettuce wrap really was gorgeous and hapa-licious! :)
Find out more about Hapa Kitchen here.

Fresh Mozzarella

This is the best I've ever had.
SO delicious.

Everyday Food...

Awesome!! Congratulations - I'm going to try the salad for sure.

need NYC foodstuffs to take back home & food recs

So...this is a two-parter. I used to live in nyc, but moved to a rural town and miss the food most of all. Going up for a short visit and want to know your recommendations for foodstuffs that I should bring back home - mainstays, treats, and cooking ingredients that are hard to find in a small town. Right now I'm thinking of a few good cheeses from Murray's and some baguettes to store in the freezer. Any other ideas?? I won't have time to trek all over the city so below 23rd St. please.
Would also love ideas for places or items you think I must try if possible while there. I'll primarily be in the village and usq. I've heard about the cronut nonstop, is it really a must-try?

NYers - Citarella chicken liver pate?

Is anyone familiar with Citarella's chicken liver pate? It's a chicken liver spread that has chopped up hard-boiled egg in it...I've moved away from the city and want to recreate it at home. Anyone know the ingredients or a similar recipe?

Raw Milk...yay or nay

Curious as to how many of you consume raw milk on the reg...
I live in NJ and am thinking about getting on the bandwagon. Would love to hear some real opinions...
in addition, if you know of a resource in NJ, please let me know!

Needed: great weekend lunch recipe

Hi, everyone -- I'm having friends over for lunch tomorrow (Saturday) at my new apartment (we may eat outside if the weather's nice) and have no clue what to make! Thought I'd throw the question out to you savvy cooks and eaters -- just needs to be seasonal, pescatarian-friendly, and yummy!

Bonus: made this fish taco platter last night and it was AMAZING. A must try!

She wore a raspberry puree!

Hello --
I made Smitten Kitchen's awesome double chocolate layer cake with raspberry filling yesterday and it was delicious! Now I have a big tub of smooth, tart, sweet raspberry puree left over and I don't want to waste it! Can ya'll give me some ideas...I thought of swirling it into yogurt and on top of ice cream, but that's about it. Savory and quick 'n easy options appreciated, too (Unless it's something I can freeze, I don't really want to make more elaborate desserts what with all of this leftover cake)! Thank you!

buttermilk powder and buttermilk

ridiculous story: spotted an unopened carton of buttermilk in the fridge about to expire so decided to whip up some overnight waffles. put all dry ingredients together, then realized recipe doesn't call for buttermilk.
then decided to make buttermilk pot bread out of kneadlessly simple cookbook. again, all ingred. for first rise together, then realized the recipe calls for buttermilk powder, not buttermilk! uggh.
(yes, i realize i need to learn to read ahead!) :)

2 questions: where do i buy buttermilk powder in nyc?
also, what should i do with that carton of buttermilk??

Where to buy dried chiles?

A bunch of recipes I want to make lately are calling for dried whole chiles. [sidenote: A book I've been cooking from a ton and wholeheartedly love: Mark Peel's New Classic Family Dinners.]
I've looked for these in my local specialty foods/gourmet store, but to no avail.
Does anyone know where to find these -- either in NYC or mail-order?

Possible to find these in an ethnic grocery store for cheaper?

Need Lard in NYC

Hi, all: I did a search before posting this so I don't think my question's been posed to you all yet. I am looking to make fried chicken and need lard -- do you know the best place to pick up some high-quality lard in NYC? I won't make it to the USQ farmers market in time to try one of the stands.

What should I add to make my risotto spectacular??

I need your expert advice...
I'm making risotto for a cook-off and what I have so far is GOOD, but not mind-blowing.
I made roasted vegetable stock; slow-roasted tomatoes w/garlic, parsley, oregano; and caramelized onions & added aged goat cheese, little bit of parm-reg.
It's tasty, but I need to amp it up so I have a shot at winning! :)
I'd wanted to keep it vegetarian, but will consider adding meat, esp. seafood (just don't wanna break the bank). Also, local to east coast and seasonal is suggested.
Appreciate any and all suggestions, thanks!

San Francisco food trucks

Hi, all! I'm heading to SF at the end of the month and want to do a food truck tour there...plan to hit up as many as I can! Please share the ones you know about so I can get my map together.Thanks!

Tips on renting commercial kitchen space?

Hi, SEaters! I'm attempting to start a food business and need to rent a commercial kitchen space (I live in NJ). Does anyone have experience w/this? I've done some Googling, but wanted to throw this question out to you knowledgeable folk...Thanks!

Food trucks: Way or No Way?

How do you all feel about food trucks? There are quite a few specialty trucks (coffee, dessert, Korean BBQ in L.A., taco trucks, halal, etc.), but what would you think about a truck serving delicious, healthy, mostly vegetarian food and offering some food info, too (recipes, nutrition, where food came from, etc.) -- would this appeal? What would work, or turn you off?

Centro Vinoteca - worth it?

No, it doesn't have anything to do with Leah from Top Chef.

Ever since I saw Anne Burrell grill a ribeye on Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, I can't stop thinking about that steak and I rarely eat meat. I want it to be worth it when I do, but it's $39 a pop! I know Chef Anne doesn't work there anymore, but I imagine they still make they ribeye w/the salt/sugar rub she used on the show...
has this dish been road tested? Let me know, SE readers, so I can start thinking of a special enough occasion to treat myself!

Let's talk juice!

Not of the apple, grape, pomegranate variety, but juicing whole veggies & fruits! Who does it, what do you know about it (better in morning, lunch, eve? juice w/meal or without?), what do you push into your juicer? Like the taste? Do it for your health?

Creole/cajun in NYC?

After last night's Top Chef, I am in the mood for some creole and/or cajun cuisine -- who's with me??

I know about Great Jones St. in NYC, have only tried Great Jones Cafe so far.
What are your recommendations for good Creole/cajun food in this great city, Great Jones St. or beyond...

Need help finding rehearsal dinner spot in CT!!

Hi, all of you helpful people: I need to find a place to host a rehearsal dinner for 30 people somewhere in these Connecticut towns:
North Stonington, Stonington, Mystic, Noank, Groton and New London....(any town within 10 miles of North Stonington, CT).

I will be most grateful for any insight! Thank you!

SO MANY food blogs!!!

Serious Eaters, I know this topic has been covered repeatedly...but I think it bears repeating...
There are just SO MANY truly wonderful food blogs out there -- I literally have 149 food blogs in my bookmarks (Does anyone else use Foxmarks -- it syncs your bookmarks; Awesome)...I just counted them. Still, you only have so many hours in a day to read food do you choose which to read? Do you have your few favorites and then just bounce around? Or do you have a long list of blogs you try to catch up on weekly? Do you have any method at all?

Debate night nosh

After PumpkinBear's awesome thread about foodies' political preferences, I know many of you will be watching the last debate tonight!
I'll be attending a friend's potluck and am bringing espresso blondie brownies, homemade potato chips, and some type of dip...haven't decided yet...any good dip suggestions?
What are you all making to eat tonight while staring at the tv with bated breath?? Or will you order in?

Recipe contests: worth it?

I did a search on SE & while this topic has been brought up before, my question is different. The person before was asking about copyright and recipes. My query to you all dear readers is whether you think it's worth it to enter recipe contests. Has a SE reader ever won a recipe contest (not your employer's bake-off, although I love those, but a recognized contest w/a substantial prize)??
Does anyone have experience with this site:
Recipe Carousel
$35 to join!!

Your best goat cheese recipe

I was sent a log of goat cheese to review and I want to do something fabulous with it. Thought I'd throw it out to SE readers to get your favorite recipes using goat cheese (cooked or not).

Brooklyn Book Festival -- great eats nearby?

Anyone attending the Brooklyn Book Festival this weekend?
It's at Borough Hall Plaza, 209 Joralemon Street, near Brooklyn Heights.
Last year we ate at Frankie's Sputino and it was wonderful.
Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!