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Maple-Glazed City Ham

What if I get one of those great smoked hams that the polish butchers in either the East Village or Greenpoint sell? I'd have to carve it myself but that's part of the fun.

How to Make Japanese-Style Chicken Meatball Skewers With Sweet Soy Glaze (Tsukune)

I like to add a small amount of Sendai miso. It's full of flavor and a little bit goes a long way.

Everything You Need to Know About Balsamic Vinegar

In 2006 I visited a balsamic vinegar maker in Modena. Here's a video of a good part of the tour. At the end we tasted about half a dozen different vinegars. They were all delicious and I ended up buying a bottle that had some time in cherry wood.

Acetaia di Giorgio in Modena

What's Your Neighborhood Food Thing?

Note that the photo of the Sahadis refrigerator is out of date. They have done a major remodel and this case no longer exists. This stuff is still available but you'll have to look around to find it.

A Sandwich a Day: Potato and Poblano Torta at Choza Taqueria

Yes! This hit the spot on a very rainy day. I went to the MacDougal St. location. I will certainly be going back for more.

Chocolate Walnut Povitica

Buttery? With only 1 tablespoon of butter? Is that correct? When I make a babka dough of roughly this size I use about 1 stick of butter.

How To Make Flavored Whipped Cream

I like to add Grand Marnier (or other orange flavored liqueur) and framboise together. Maybe as much as 1.5T each per cup of cream. The same mixture is also great on any fruit salad. Sugar to taste.

Win Two Spots at Dinner by April Bloomfield and Paul Virant, Sunday October 21st

While we're dreaming:

Pep Manubens (Cal Pep, Barcelona) and Musa Daðdeviren (Çiya Sofrasý, Istanbul)

to serve the most imaginative Spanish / Turkish small plates.

Standing Room Only: Baladoché

Waffles as street food were standard fare in Poland in the mid-1970's. Cheap, fresh and delicious. Typically loaded with fresh whipped cream, fruit compotes and nuts. I stayed away from the nuts. They were usually rancid. They were also available in Holland as well at the time but cost a lot more especially because we had changed money on the black market in Poland 3:1 over the official rate making already cheap Poland seem almost free.

Cook the Book: 'A Girl and Her Pig'

It's all good but lately I've been marinating boneless pork loin for a simple roast, tacos and stir fry.

Lobster dinner in NYC?

I would go to Pearl Oyster Bar on Cornelia in the West Village.

NYC Chinatown, E. B'way between Catherine and Market?

We ended up at Ken's Asian Taste, 40 Bowery, between Canal and Bayard. This is a solid Cantonese place. We pre-ordered and ended up about $12 a person with tip. According to a Chinese reading friend the name on the awning is something like "Three Brothers".

First Look: Fort Reno, a New Barbecue Spot in Park Slope

Stopped by for a take-out dinner tonight. Friendly staff with either pulled pork or brisket and a few sides on the menu. They didn't have any small containers for their excellent house made hot sauce so they comped me an entire bottle. Nice!

AHT Giveaway: Fatty Melt Meal for Two at Rub BBQ (Plus a Look Behind the Scenes)

The most extreme burger I ever ate was one I made at home. It was an oyster-stuffed blue cheese bacon burger. I shucked 2 oysters and marinaded them in Worcestershire sauce. I then sandwiched them between 2 thinner patties, sealed the edges and grilled them.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia

I like it served by itself, sliced thinly with crusty bread and a glass of wine.

Know of a bakery that has delicious Cinnamon rolls/buns?

Although not Manhattan, the Iris Cafe in Brooklyn Heights makes the best that I've tasted (other than homemade) in a long time:

Iris Cafe

Poll: How Would You Deal With Restaurant Error?

We went to Thomas Beisl with another couple for dinner. My wife found shards of glass in the sauce of her chicken paprikash . We pointed this out to our server. She whisked it away and replaced it asap with a fresh plate.

They comped us the whole meal for the 4 of us including drinks.

We did leave a very nice tip.

We go to BAM, right across the street, a lot, and we've never been back. But with the choice of restaurants nearby it's not a problem. We especially like Bacchus on Atlantic Avenue. Real bistro fare at reasonable prices.


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