Sabich Pita Sandwich from Taim

I've had a similar sandwich at Aroma on Houston and Greene street -- it's called the "Mediterranean" over there.

Honolulu and Maui Eats --


I'm researching eats in Honolulu and Maui for an upcoming trip. This forum has provided some great recommendations, and A Passion For Food is proving to be an invaluable resource.

Quick questions:

1) If anyone has recs for Honolulu or Maui off the tops of their heads, I'd love to know about them!

2) So while I'm leaning towards the lunch plate/shave ice/cheap sushi-style of eating, my BF would like to try to go for a couple oceanside dinners during our trip. During island vacations, I usually associate "views" with mediocre food -- anyone have any recs, for either locale, that can prove me wrong?

3) .... Luaus. BF asked about this, too. Are luaus a tourist trap we should avoid? Or are there legitimate ones out there?

Thanks in advance for educating this city gal!

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