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Sunflower seed butter?

I adore sun butter!!! I have a stock of almond, peanut, sunflower, and cashew butters as well as tahini in the cabinet at all times. It is so nutty and complex... I'd have to say I like it better than peanut butter. I like either the vanilla naturally nutty sunflower butter or the crunchy style sunbutter best in terms of brands.

Alice Waters = Totally Out of Touch

My family owns an organic farm, and I help run the csa (community supported agriculture) program. Basically a single person can get an abundant box with a weeks worth of fresh, organic, local produce for $18 a week. Eating healthy, delicious, sustainable food really doesn't have to be difficult or expensive....

Which recipes are regulars at your house...

@Goldilox I've been looking for a good recipe for Asian lettuce wraps for ages. Care to share your favorite?

homemade vegan cheese?

@ dbcurrie
The extra water makes it thinner; I think of queso as that thin canned nacho cheese type sauce (shudder).
For the record to those haters out there: this stuff is delicious in its own right- don't think of it as cheese if you don't want to. I can't eat dairy for health reasons, but even those in my family who can are basically addicted to this stuff.


I am smoothie queen bwhahahaha!

Here's 3 favorites of mine:
chocolate covered cherry smoothie
1/2 c. frozen cherries
1 frozen banana
scant 1 c. vanilla almond milk (or any other milk/ milk alternative)
1 T. cocoa or a scoop of chocolate protein powder
1-2 ice cubes ( I like to add a tiny bit of ice for optimal texture, but not enough to water it down)
Blend and devour.

Almond joy smoothie
1 frozen banana
3/4-1 c. coconut water (I find this in whole foods...its so healthy and delicious- a perfect smoothie add in)
2 T. shredded coconut
1 T. almond butter
1-2 ice cubes
ONE of the following: 1 T. cocoa/nesquik/chocolate protein powder OR 1/2 c. frozen mango chunks

Pumpkin Pie smoothie
1 frozen banana
1/2 c. quality pumpkin puree
1 c. almond milk
1/4 t pumpkin pie spice
1 T. hemp protein powder (optional, can substitute a small handful of toasted pecans)
1-2 ice cubes
drizzle maple syrup (optional)
Blend and devour

Here's A general smoothie EQUATION:

FROZEN BANANA (ALWAYS use frozen banana- if possible I like to freeze other fruit add-ins as well, but frozen banana is the essential base to a good smoothie) + OTHER FROZEN/FRESH FRUIT +LIQUID (milk/ alternative milk [soy, almond, rice milk]/ juices/ coconut water) + A TINY BIT OF ICE + OPTIONALS (nut butters, protein powders, coconut, avocado, pumpkin, yogurt [ I like yogurt as a smoothie TOPPING but not blended in], a squeeze of lemon juice [really awakens the flavors], sweetners, spices, greens [spinach is COMPLETELY tasteless in smoothies but adds nutrients], and whatever else floats your boat!)

homemade vegan cheese?

Forgot to add:
Use either a food processor or a high-powered blender for this job!

homemade vegan cheese?

I'm not vegan, but I'm dairy free and find this to be INCREDIBLE.

1 cup raw pine nuts, soaked at least two hours, drained
3 TBSP nutritional yeast
2 TBSP fresh lemon juice
1 TBSP tahini
salt to taste ( I never measure salt...)
2 tsp onion powder
1 clove garlic
pinch of mustard powder
hot sauce to taste


Blend all ingredients with a scant 1/4 c. water until smooth and creamy. Continue adding water and blending until desired consistency is reached (1/4 c. yields a thick sauce about the texture of soft cheese while 3/4 c. yields a queso consistency).

What are your favorite Oatmeal Toppings?

Dates, tahini, and cinnamon....SO GOOD!

Do you shop Farmers' Markets or belong to a CSA?

As someone whose family owns an organic farm (Grant Family Farms in CO) I would urge those interested in local foods to join a CSA. Any farm that is not part of a huge, faceless corporation is basically struggling to exist and constantly in debt. CSA's provide stability to small farms across America allowing them to grow and thrive. Furthermore, the produce is local and fresh (ie better for your health and the environment). Finally, I think if you like to cook, you are the perfect candidate for a csa. The variety, unpredictably, and occassional glut of veggies is so inspirational! For example, I learned how to make home-made kimchi during napa cabbage season this year.

Gourmet slow cooker recipes

Just to clarify- by gourmet I don't mean super-complex or anything, I'm just not after the weird retro canned soup with a packet of dried salad dressing type recipes I've been finding all over the internet. Thanks for your help!

The Bacon Attack! (Or, the Bacon^4 Burger)

oh mi gosh ewww...this makes me sick to my stomach

Cook the Book: The Southern Italian Table

OMG @ szmansour-
I was about to rave like a lunatic about the ribolita I had in florence, and guess what? It was at trattoria mario!!! I went back for three days in a row to eat it! If only I could find a good recipe...this stuff is heaven in a bowl.

Granola--help! Please.

The secret to clusters: ditch the oil and employ water. I've seen some just sprinkle water on and form into clumps with their fingers, but I prefer using the water in apple sauce. Go to baking and search "applesauce granola"

Taste Test: Greek Yogurt

Voskos is the best Greek yogurt in existence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I CAN do it - Favorite Canned Foods

typical beans, tomatoes, olives, tuna, occassional soup
I also have a thing for jarred/canned artichoke hearts...

Do You Have a Favorite Greek Yogurt?

I can't believe no one has mentioned Voskos!!!!! It is my favorite by far! Fage and chobani are a bit too tart (almost to the point of bitterness) and Oikos is too runny. Voskos is the best on the market and actually sells you a FULL CUP (gasp) of yogurt rather than the 5.3 oz and 6 oz containers. It makes me sad there are no Trader Joe's in Colorado :-(

Cook the Book: 'What We Eat When We Eat Alone'

raw fruits and veggies; almond butter and jam/banana sandwiches;eggs with salsa, cereal/granola with lots of berries, nuts, milk, and yogurt
To be quite honest, I love eating alone- I'm free to graze/ eat strange things. I also notice I crave spicy and salty things when I'm alone...

For the laddies- Hottest Food Network Dude?

Jamie Oliver... I'm a sucker for the accent :-) and Btw I'm assuming you meant ladies rather than laddies!

Do you put toppings on corn on the cob?

I love pure unadulterated much so that I eat it raw off the cob.

Cook the Book: Easy Gluten-Free Baking

no contest. it's warm, ooey-gooey cinnamon buns ALL THE WAY!

Taste Test: Milks Not From a Cow

@dbcurrie I was simply pointing that out because so many view alternative milks as strange and cows milk as "normal." BTW a couple weeks ago I made an UTTERLY DIVINE fig-almond gelato using almond milk.
Simmer one pound very ripe (bordering on overripe)black mission figs with 1/4 cup each of lemon juice and excellent quality raw honey and the zest of a lemon until thick and jammy.
Puree with a dash of almond extract, 3-4 tablespoons creme de cassis, and 1/3-1/2 cup vanilla almond milk. Freeze in an icecream maker and serve topped with raspberries and toasted almond slivers.

I got a job at a B&B and the boss thinks I can do this!

-blueberries (fresh or dried) and lemon zest
-maple and pecans (toast pecans, use maple sugar and maple extract)
-apricots (either fresh or dried reconstituted in brandy) and almonds (with almond extract)

Taste Test: Milks Not From a Cow

Ever since I was about six, cow's milk has disgusted me. My parents begged and pleaded, but I simply was unable to gag the wretched stuff down. Later in life I learned the truth about the cow's milk which has become so standard in our society:
Basically humans are not meant to consume the milk of a cow. Cow's milk is the perfect food for baby cows, just like bat milk is the perfect food for baby bats, cat milk is the perfect food for baby cats, and giraffe milk is the perfect food for baby giraffes. While one in ten Americans are lactose intolerant, even more (an estimated 75%) are allergic to the milk protein, casein, a clear sign that human bodies are not designed to consume cow's milk. And while pasteurization kills bacteria, a researcher named Annand discovered a correlation between the rise in coronary heart disease which began in the 1920s with laws requiring milk pasteurization.

In addition, the excessive saturated fat and cholesterol are linked to obesity, upper respiratory infections, asthma, breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, and yes, osteoporosis. Dairy turns to an acid in the body; therefore, in order for blood to maintain a neutral ph, calcium is leeched from the bones. The reason so many in America today are afflicted with osteoporosis is not because they don't drink enough milk- Americans drink exponentially more milk than any other culture. This disease is actually a result of the constant acidic environment we create in our bodies with foods like dairy. If we chose to obtain our calcium from alkaline sources such as alternative milks, our bodies would actually be able to retain the calcium we consumed. It's evident that milk does not do any body any good (unless of course, it's a baby calf's body). And with all of this going against it, it is clear that dairy is not a healthy food choice.

Now I'm not trying to suggest how others should live their lives, but personally I believe that milk is not at all beneficial to health (lucky for me I've always despised it anyways). I love almond milk- especially the aforementioned almond breeze; however, this brand can get quite pricey when you're using 3-4 cups a day (on cereal, over fresh berries, as a refreshing drink with meals, in smoothies, etc.). Almond dream is a bit cheaper and tastes like almond paste, but is a bit watery to me. Often I buy a quart each of a sweetened alternative milk and the unsweetened variety and mix them as I often find the sweetened too sweet. I'm a fan of some soy, rice, and hazelnut milks as well. I agree hemp and oat are quite nasty, but hey, to each his own. One milk I haven't tried is the SO coconut milk- I;m excited to seek it out.

Cook the Book: '100 Best Vegetarian Recipes'

lentil, sweet potato, swiss chard curry....mmmm


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