I am a very adventurous eater. I will try anything once. I also love to cook and welcome to all recipe suggestions. If you recommend me to try cooking something I will and tell you what I think.

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Canned Sardines Ideas

1) Put some avocado on a piece of bread
2) Put some sardines on top of the avocado
3) drizzle some of the oil in the sardine can on top of the bread.
4) If you can toast it for a few min so the bread gets crispy.

- you can also add a tomato or piece of cheese.

Simple Ways to Spice Up Lunch@Desk

I find lunch to be a nice break from the daily grind and like to look forward to it. What are some simple ways you have spiced up your lunch at work?

One way I have done this is by using a good tasting bread for sandwiches. Forget the calories and do something nice for your taste buds. Prepridge Farm Jewish Rye bread is my choice.

Help! I Need a Bread Pudding Recipe.

Anyone have a good bread pudding recipe? I love bread pudding, and have never tried to make it. I love is much I started blogging about it ( Now I would like to try to make it. I am interested in hearing about tips and tricks you have for making it and a good recipe.

Help me spice up my hummus

I just made hummus for the first time, and it was good, but I am now looking to make it more authentic. What are some spices and tricks I can use to give it more of a traditional middle east feel. The ingredients I have used so far are: chick peas, tahini, garlic, lemon, olive oil, and dill.

Amazing Salmon Recipe

Found this salmon recipe and it was amazing. Very simple dish to make. Great for a special occasion or just an easy cook after work. Cook it and tell me what you think.

And, make some extra butter sauce because you will want to put it on everything afterwards.

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