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wisconsin eats?

Serious Milwaukee Eats

How much money do you want to spend and are you looking to "dress up" or have a simple, good, meal? Sanford is recognized nationally as a great restaurant however the owner/chef also owns a place called Coquette Café that is also great.


ah yes... that makes me a 'missed postie'

Would you rather give up bacon or french fries?

I'd put bacon salt on the fries...


The best way to make coffee at home is with a Toddy and my favorite way to drink it is iced.

Office/School Birthday Treats

@brooke29 - that was where I was coming from (I neve want to make a big deal out of the day - I'd prefer it pass with no one noticing).

@chiff - you are right, I often bring in "extras" my wife has baked and enjoy that others have a morning or afternoon treat. I'm not that much of a scrooge.

What are you known for?

@wellred - Thank you!!!

What are you known for?

Deviled Eggs - I was always asked to bring them to family events (they thought I couldn't handle anything more difficult) and now it is more or less a joke.

A better question is - what is the recipie for your butterscotch brownies?

Taste shapes: Kiki and Bouba in the kitchen

I don't want to offend, but I have no clue what you are talking about…

Pink/Curing Salt in New York

The Dean & Deluca in SoHo has it...

For the record.......

@JudyV - Wow... take it easy. My comment was sarcasm, NorthernBBQer got it (nice reply btw BBQ). You were right when you said, “…are now not only 'attacking' SL, but each other! Makes you wonder. If you say the wrong thing and inadvertently offend someone, will you be next?”

Maybe if I plan to “joke” or include “sarcasm” I’ll need to title my posts as such.

Stay happy!

For the record.......

@NorthernBBQer because you pointed out my early morning spelling error, I am now going to quit.

For the record.......

don't let the perverbial door hit you in the ass

What childhood food do you wish they still made?

Food Writing/Paula Dean

Far and away the best recipe involving Paul Dean

Food Network Celeb = Restaurant Chain Spokesman?

I’ve never understood the whole “sellout” mentality – whether it was a Chef, Author, or Band. They are all in the business of what they do to make as much money as possible (just like you) and considering them less of a person/professional because they have become successful enough to better themselves (be it financial or otherwise) is a little hypocritical.

No one ever looked at you cross-eyed because of the career choices you made (or didn’t make) and it doesn’t make you any less of a professional. Kudos to Pepin, Child, Tyler, Guy, Rocco, Ming, Emeril, Alton and any chef that can branch out into other parts of the game – be it fast food, mass media sit-down dining, or their own line of cookware or seasonings.

While Bourdain can poo-poo Ray and Cora all he wants – I don’t think that either he or Ruhlman would turn down the opportunity to have their own brand of cookware (or in Bourdain’s case – a signature Zippo lighter).

Favorite Chocolate Bar

Local company Omanhene (Milwaukee, WI) deals in chocolate from Ghana. The company story is interesting and the chocolate is very good.

Worth a look if you are truly into chocolate.

Never put ____ on my pizza!

Mushrooms, tomato slices, and green peppers (which is funny because I like the green peppers with almost everything else).

Ketchup On Burgers...

If you get a burger at McDonalds in TX - does it come with ketchup?

What popular foods do you hate?

Raspberries - so awful...

Food Podcasts: Do You Listen? What's Your Favorite?

I used to never miss Good Food, on KCRW – hosted by Evan Kleiman (there are both audio and video podcasts). Essentially it is an hour long food talk show with guests and interviews. Really good stuff (although I have fallen behind in my downloaded episodes and need to catch up).

What do you do with a box of graham crackers?

As a kid I used to break them up in a bowl and pour milk over them - like a bowl of cereal. I still crave it now every once in a blue moon.

What is your favorite local microbrewery?

@frederika - there are times I wish I was. I'm in Milwaukee, WI (one time beer capital of the USA). If I was in PA, I'd have all the Yuengling I'd want...

What is your favorite local microbrewery?

Locally I've always thought Sprecher made a good product (they make a good West-African style gluten free beer) and while I know it is no "microbeer" Yuengling is crazy good - but unavailable to 75% (or more) of the USA... what a shame.

When Anxiety Is at the Table

I am not obsessive-compulsive, but am good friends with a girl that is. She thinks anyone that is bald or balding as well as any people that have cuts or scars (or anything like it) has cancer and that cancer can be transmitted by touch or via the air we breathe (like a cold).

This is only an issue when, you go to a deli and the guy serving the food is bald (she won’t take it from him and has to leave the deli). When you go to the market and the person helping you has a bandage on their hand and that person bags the veggies you just bought (she informs the person she has changed her mind and leaves abruptly). Or when your waiter or waitress has another table with a bald individual at it – leave the restaurant. Things have changed recently and life, for now, is better for her but at times it was a constant challenge.

Needless to say her diet was very limited but hanging out with her always made for good stories…


I hate the word foodie. I don’t get it. I understand the connotation and definition but why can’t it simply be: I like food, or cooking shows, or baking, etc. If you like to travel you are not a travelie. If you like shopping you are not a shoppie. If you like films you are not a filimie. If you like to read you are not a readie. You get the point. In the real world you simply say, “I like (insert interest here).”

Anyone else feel this way? I guess it just feels like a made up classification that is just unnecessary. Then again if you like foodie, are reading this and you enjoy the site you now shall be referred to as a “Serious Eatsie”.

Office/School Birthday Treats

Call me scrooge but I’ve never participated in the ‘bring in a treat to share with others on your birthday’ at work or school. I remember asking my mother in grade school, why I needed to bring in a treat on my birthday (people should be bringing me stuff!) and her reply was:

Mom: Do you eat the things people bring in for their birthdays?
Me: Yes
Mom: Well that is why you bring in a treat.

After much ribbing from co-workers a few years ago, I agreed to bring in a treat. I went to Sam’s Club and bought a case of Cup-o-Noodles and stacked them along with spoons and napkins in my cube. I then sent out a mass email asking people to “stop by for a treat to help celebrate my birthday!”

The look on people’s faces as they rounded the corner and saw the treats was priceless.

Birthday Cake

My birthday was Tuesday and I'm not a big fan of Birthday Cake (or cake in general) nor am I a fan of pie - yet I have a crazy sweet tooth. I’m wondering if anyone else has an anti-birthday cake sentiment.

What is your favorite/ultimate Birthday cake/pie/treat?

One year I made brownies, bought ice cream and everyone made their own brownie, hot fudge, sundaes. This year I ended up with a lemon angel food cake with lemon drizzle icing - simple and light.

wellred's Butterscotch Brownies

Way back on May 9th wellred posted the question what are you known for?

One of the things wellred listed as a specialty was Butterscotch Brownies. I asked for the recipe and I finally made them last night (actually, my wife did - I just hung over her shoulder). I think they are really good… I ate an entire row last night (in a two hour stretch) and had a small square in the car on the way to work this morning all the while wishing I brought a few more with me.

If you thought about making them I encourage you to do so! If you do make them I’d be interest to hear your thoughts. The recipe can be found in the original post, a link to it is above.

Food Network

How do you really feel about the departure of (first) Mario Batali and (now) Emeril Lagasse from the Food Network?

While both Mario and Emeril will live on in reruns, I don’t know if the Food Network will be better off without them. The “newer” hosts (George Duran, Guy Fieri, Amy Finley, Sandra Lee, Robin Miller, to name just a few) have never come across as chefs or personalities that I would tune in to on a normal basis.

If there was nothing on TV – I always knew I could turn on Emeril or Mario, be somewhat entertained, learn something and see some good food being prepared. I don’t think any of those things are true with the above listed hosts.

There is always PBS…

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