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Perfect Prime Rib With Red Wine Jus

My oven will go as low as 170. I've done a Standing Rib Roast that low and it took about 4 hours, but it was as tender as anything I ever made...

Video: Jim Lahey Makes No-Knead Pizza At Home

I'll bet that stone is a cordierite shelf used in firing pottery in a kiln
They're thick and can handle anything any oven is gonna dish out..
This 19 inch octagon weighs 13 pounds!

Good Mail Order Steaks?

What @ Teachertalk says...and at most Costcos you can also get PRIME beef..Loins steaks, rib steaks, even prime sirloin roasts...Yum!

Murray Lender dead at 81

Nice man....Horrid little bagels....

Jim Lahey's No Knead Pizza Dough

I'll bet that stone is a cordierite shelf used in firing pottery in a kiln
They're thick and can handle anything any oven is gonna dish out..
This 19 inch octagon weighs 13 pounds!

Rescuing my cast iron pan

Oh, and one more thing...
You want to place the pan upside down in the oven...better air circulation, around the working surface

Rescuing my cast iron pan

There is an excellent article from Cook's Illustrated about seasoning cast iron with Flax Seed oil. The Flax seed oil is important because of it high percentage of Omega 3-Fatty acids which apparently form strong covalent bonds with cast iron.

What I do ist scrub the piece until the rust and gunk is gone.

Heat oven to about 200 degrees and palce the pan in the oven for about 10-15 minute. This "opens the pores" in the metal so it can accept more oil coating.

Rub all over the pan with a very fine coat of Flax Seed oil, and place back in oven. If the oven has a timer, set it to the highest temp for 3 hours. Go to work. Come home and wipe out the pan. Heat oven back to 200 and heat pan for 10 minutes wipe with a thin layer of oil, and place back in oven at highest temp, for 3 hours.

Take out the pan, wipe it down, reheat at 200 for 10 minutes, wipe with oil, and heat it a 3rd time at highest temp, for 3 hours.

Wake up the next day, and the pan will be in perfect shape.

Griddle or Grill???

Griddle, or at least a big slab of solid metal, like a cast iron skillet or a big flat-top..That's hoe you get that really nice crust on the surface of the burger..If you want smokey flavor, throe the skillet on a bed of charcoal or wood..

Bagel in Miami?

Bagel Emporium in Coral Gables, on US 1 near U of Miami campus has always had very good bagels. Back in the 90's, as I recall, they won a few head to head taste offs vs. NYC competition...

Weekend Cook and Tell: Celebrating Sardines and Anchovies

Simple sardines are the best..

Canned skinless and boneless, a little extra virgin olive oil, and squeezed fresh lemon juice..
Serve them up on toast...Yum!

In Food Policy This Week: 5 News Bites

Canned tuna is often delicious, and economical.

Canned salmon is awfull, smells bad and tastes worse.

But you forgot canned sardines...moderately priced, delicious and stinky in a good kind of way..Very high in omega 3's and calcium.
And since they are low on the food chain, they are also low in mercury...I vote Sardines!

Anchovies are good too!

Borough Furnace

Their pans really look beautiful...

But I have no need for a cast iron church key..

Homemade Ketchup: Worth the Effort?

Love Heinz, grew up on Heinz, would never turn down Heinz, but In a blind test I think Del monte would garner a few converts...

And much less expensive..

Tramontina sets

I have a Tramontina 12 inch deep covered saute pan and I love it. Got it for about 30 bucks as a closeout at my Mal-Mart...

I say get the 10 piece because of the 12 inch skillet and the Stock Pot.

New website issues

The site looks great in Chrome and Firefox...

IE 9 is a disaster.. the formating is all off

New website issues

Ah, change of change's sake..

This web site is great because of the content. I'm not sure anything is added by changing the colors...

KFC or Popeyes?

Two thumbs up for Publix fried Chicken....Really really good.
Off topic, I rarely roast a chicken anymore since their Lemon Pepper Rotissserie is so good.

Bojangle's also has fantastic fried chicken....

Goodbye, Dumpling

How terribly sad.
Losing one's best buddy can be devastating.
I hope the pain resolves quickly.

Capers- Yes or No?

@ Saucy Johnny.. Phew! Thought I was going crazy...

Actually a few months ago I ordered Chicken piccata at a good Italian Chain Restaurant and they left out the capers...They said most people don't want them but are available at request...The waiter Brought me a little cup of capers and brine to throw onto the plate...Wasn't too bad, but the capers do taste better if they've been sauteed

Capers- Yes or No?

BTW @Tupper Cooks...want to share the recipe?

Capers- Yes or No?

Yes on the capers...Try some with fresh sliced smoked salmon...yum.

@Saucy Johnny did you leave lemon juice out of the chicken piccata recipe?

Overrated, Overpriced, Overhyped !!! Rant If You Like

Strawberry, blueberry cinnamon, or whatever noxious artificial flavor "bagel" is being sold at places that don't boil them or even cook them on premises....Yuck!

Where do we start making our food safer?

Want to make food safer? Quick and easy.. Allow Radiation sterilization.

Perishables will last longer.

And pathogens like E. coli, staph, salmonella, even parasites like Trichina..dead. No more weevils in the flour.

And no, I'm not worried about, "the unintended effects on the makeup of the submolecular compiunds, and the carcinogens", and yada yada yada.