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14 Essential Sichuan Eats (Beyond Hot Pot) in Chengdu and Chongqing

Glad to hear I am not going crazy - a recent visit to Chengdu only had mild (at least compared to everything else!) tasting gongbaojiding! The hot pot on the other hand...I have never tasted anything with that amount of pure chili fire!

Grilling: Merguez (Or How to Make Juicy Homemade Sausage)

I have tried both seasoning my meat before grinding and after and have not found it to make any difference. I normally will season after as I will be grinding meat for multiple flavours of sausage. The only things that I have found to really matter are keeping absolutely everything cold and mixing well after grinding. Especially for brats...

Have yet to make merguez - looking forward to making it soon with this recipe! Great article!

The Food Lab Answers All Your Thanksgiving Questions

Wow - this is impressive. Thanks!

That Vegan(atarian) chili is amazing! Also I'm sure the food lab has done significant research on the optimal sweet spot for drinking - it wouldn't surprise me at all if this was a joint venture with Will Gordon Industries.

Barbecue: Smoked Cheddar and JalapeƱo Sausage

Old post, but I thought I would comment since I have made these 3 times.

1) I normally add some liquid to my sausages - I added a small amount of pale ale in line with the ratios in Charcuterie (I would estimate 1/2 a cup or slightly more, drank the rest...).

2) It is really hard not to have a cheesesplosion. It is so tasty.

3) My favorite thing to do with these is smoke them, shock them in an ice water bath, let them dry and either refrigerate or freeze them to take camping and grill them skewered over the fire. Delicious!

The Food Lab: How To Make The Ultimate Turducken

This may be one of the greatest food labs ever!

But! I don't have a vacuum sealer (I know - for shame!). Is there anyway I could get around that?

Recipe Red Flags

@Mr Nick - haha - definitely a red flag!

Recipe Red Flags

Hmmm it looks like there are many other red flags I didn't even think about!

@Zinnia1 - I think it depends on the recipe - if it is a recipe for lasagna and has less than 10 ingredients I will be a little suspicious!

Bottom Shelf Beer Olympics: Canada

Had Kokanee (a western Canadian bottom shelf macro brew) been included, it likely would have edged out Labatt by a dog-wolf hair. Plus we all know Labatt Blue is totally doping...

The Urban Gardener: Check Out My Garden

So jealous of your amazing produce already - things are much slower here up north! Tomatoes and the like are just starting to flower here but lettuce and radishes are in full swing.

Taking a temperature on a column idea: Food for athletes

It would make an interesting read, but I am not interested in the product side at all. The recipes and studies aspect could be neat though!

Serious Entertaining: A Higgs Boson Discovery Party

Well since we are talking particles here, I don't think a crumble cake would be out of place for dessert.

Is it bad if I think poutine with little particle cheese curds and the gravy that holds them all together would make an absolutely awesome main? Like these collisions it only lasts about a zillionth of a second anyways (at least in front of most people I know)

And of course, because nobody has said the classic Einstein joke yet. It is imperative that everyone have a relatively good time at this party, so you should leave nothing to chance.

New Beer: Stone Ruination 10th Anniversary IPA

Aaaah! If it is even more potent than the original Ruination then it would definitely be best enjoyed with food. Wish it was sold here!

AHT Giveaway: Omnomnomnivore T-Shirt from Threadless

Albertosaurus - it is like a small 2 tonne T-Rex! Although I might be biased based on geographic considerations...

The Urban Gardener: How to Fight Weeds Naturally

Things are going good in the garden! Beans and cucumbers are behind, but peas are growing up with beets, radishes, tomatoes, lettuce...etc. Not bad for just after the first day of summer!

Chichi's Chinese: Notes on Sweet and Sour Pork

Aaaaaah! Just when I thought I knew what I wanted to eat tonight you post this causing me to rethink prior decisions...

Thank you. I think. :)

9 Awesome French Cheeses Everyone Should Know

Oussau-Iraty is sooo tasty - something about that grassy funkiness! It is the quintessential sheep's cheese for me.

The Food Lab: The Best Way To Grill Sausages

Nice - looks like a great technique. I have had decent luck with the cooking low and slow followed by a blast but have never tried cooking them in a pan of beer on the grill. This calls for intensive investigation.

Nothing like a good homemade sausage - especially chorizo style. Yum!

The Food Lab: How to Grill a Steak, a Complete Guide

I love the idea of starting a steak at a cooler temperature and finishing it at a scorching one, but have issues in the application of this. My grill (using hardwood lump - way easier to find around here than briquettes) is at its hottest when the coals are dumped from the chimney in.

If I baby along the steak over indirect heat and then move it over - sure it will be get a nice sear but nowhere near the sear as if I slapped that sucker on the hot side to begin with. Should I simply start with more coals so I have a raging inferno the whole time?

The Urban Gardener: How Not to Kill Your Plants

@Lauren and @lemonfair - thanks for the advice last week. I have started the slow process of hardening off my plants. Almost lost my tomatoes when I left them in the sun for 2 hours. Got a little crispy but they are bouncing back.

If it is forecast to get super hot when the seedlings are in the ground - should I cover them with a pot or will I be making an easy-bake tomato oven?

The Serious Eats Progressive Mother's Day Menu

Oh wow. Well that looks delicious. I wanted to combine some of those desserts together into a super dessert course.

Making won ton soup, Kenji's amazing kung pao chicken and an asparagus dish (really want to do a Chinese-inspired asparagus dish - still working that out - ideas anyone?) for a Mother's day lunch. Yum yum.

Need advice about scotch

I will cast another vote for the Oban - it is pretty user friendly and extremely delicious. Lagavulin is great too if you are into something peaty. Congrats on your masters!

The Urban Gardener, Part One: An Introduction

Started a garden this year - double dug 2 plots: both 4' x 13' and put in 6" boards on top to compensate for the increased volume of soil. Added some compost, peat and top soil as well. Planning a vegetable garden interspersed with some flowers - sortof planted like a square foot garden.

Question: I am planning on planting tomato and cucumber plants. I have read that you should space them about a foot apart. My natural reaction is to want to plant them closer together so I can plant more, get more and eat more (greedy, I know). The location I have is in full sun. Can any experienced gardeners chime in on this?

It is my very first gardening venture outside of just herbs so I am pretty excited!

The Vegan Experience, Day 6: Calorie Control

Funny you should mention cheese - that is just about the only reason a vegetarian friend of mine is not vegan!

The Food Lab: Ultra-Crisp-Skinned Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder

Well that looks delicious. Maybe this will be a piggy Christmas...

So to make perfect cracklin from the giant pig skin sitting in my freezer I could cook it at low temperature until tender - and then blast it in a 500 degree oven?